10 Targeted Steps Showing How To Build A Profitable Online Business

Getting into the world of online business and even more so, how to build a profitable online business can be a hard learning curve.

97% of people that try fail, why? because they get caught up in the shiny object syndrome and believe that buying into a program that is going to make them millionaires overnight will solve all their problems.

Not True!!

Basically, there is only one way to start and maintain a profitable online business and that is to be your own instigator.

Be your own boss, don’t buy into someone else’s project to make them rich.

Create your own business with a credible teaching program to make yourself financially free.

There are many sites that portray to help you Start a Successful Online Business and it is all about opinions as to which ones are good and which ones not so helpful.

But whichever one you choose there are basic steps to follow and in my opinion, these are the 10 targeted steps to start a successful online business that I have followed and gained the most success from.
learn to build a succesful online business

1. A Passionate Niche

Obviously, you are going to want to make your mind up what the topic of your online business is going to be and you really want to be thinking in terms of a subject that you are passionate about.

You are going to be writing out a lot of content pertaining to your topic so don’t choose one that you will be stuck for words after 2/3 posts or pages.

The subject you choose is what’s commonly known as a niche and a niche is basically the audience that you want to connect with to be able to inform and subsequently sell to.

Whether it be from your own product line or through Affiliate programs.

Let me just say, that virtually any niche can be turned into a successful online business.


2. Memorable Domain Name

Once you have decided the direction you want to take regarding your business the next step is acquiring a Domain Name for your website.

Your Domain Name is the address for your online presence so that potential customers know where to find you.

So try to come up with a name that is easy to remember or tells the internet world what you are all about.

Buying your Domain Name is pretty simple as there are many Domain Registrars out there and it will normally cost you around $15/£12 for one year’s registration, renewable each and every year.

You can buy a registration for longer than a year which does reduce the cost and will also give you more authoritative presence with the search engines.

They will see that you are a serious webmaster and this, in turn, will have a slight impact on your rankings.

Domain extensions, that’s the last 3 letters following your name and the dot, come in various forms, .com, .net, .org being the 3 most used.

When searching for your Domain Name try to get hold of a .com as these carry more weight within the search engines, although .net and .org don’t lag too far behind.

If the .com version is not available don’t give up hope and go for second best, play around with the name you have chosen and see if there is a suitable .com available with a different take on your chosen name.


3. Good Website Builder

Any online business has to have a shop window and your shop window comes in the form of a website.

Website builders are tools that allow the building of websites without any manual code.

This part of the proceedings is the easiest by far as everything is done for you with just 2/3 clicks of a mouse, at least that’s all the back office stuff, the mechanics that make your website work. The actual physical work of adding posts/pages will be done by yourself.

Most website builders will give you free themes ( how your website will look) and instructions on how to build out your website.

Most of the big website builders are free to use with conditions and among those conditions is the fact that their logo or ad will be displayed on your website at all times. To remove these you will be looking to pay from £2.50/$3 – £15/$18 per month, so that decision is in your hands.

My personal recommendation is SiteRubix, which is free to use and comes with 2 websites and free hosting. You also get lessons on every aspect of creating your website in text and video form.

siteRubix website builder

4. Website Hosting

Website Hosting or Webspace is where all the files you create on your website live and this is the “Disk Space” that hosting companies allot to you when you sign up to their services.

Web space is a “Home” for your website files. To be able to manage a website, you need a place for your website files to live.

Normally Domain Registrars will host your website free of charge, but if you decide to Host your site elsewhere you could be looking at maybe $3 or $4 per month for their services.


5. A good education

Having chosen your Niche, bought your Domain Name and built the main frame of your website, you are now in a position to go to work and put all your idea’s into practice so that you can get your website out into the big wide cyber world, let people see what you have created and start to earn an income from it.

But I’m afraid it is not quite that easy.

To have any chance of a profitable online business you have to have surfers visiting your site( Traffic) and to get visitors you need to be seen.

There are many ways that a website can be found on the internet, through organic searches( Search Engine Result Page), paid advertising, social media, word of mouth even business cards.

But having the knowledge to implement these processes is paramount to building a profitable online business.

By seeking out a credible teaching program that will educate you in all aspects of building and maintaining an online business is going to be key to your progress into the world of Online Business.


6. A Mentor/s

Always be prepared to listen and take action on those that are authorities within your niche.

Search your competitors and learn from what they are doing and saying. After all, they have built a profitable online business themselves so they know what they are talking about.

If you find someone that you feel you can trust and like their work, join their Email list and get frequent information and tips that will help you to create your own content.


7. Commitment

Any successful business whether it be offline( Bricks and Mortar) or online( The Internet) has an owner that is committed to what they are doing every single day.

It will do you no good whatsoever if you just play at the game, doing work on your business 2/3 times a week or writing out content once a month.

You have to commit yourself to “work” every day and set aside at least 2/3 hours minimum, to have any chance of starting to earn an income and build a profitable online business.

The more time you commit to your business the faster you will start to see results and begin the journey to a profitable online business.


8. Patience

This is probably the biggest task that anyone starting an online business has to contend with.

Like any business, again offline or online, takes time to get established and just because there are around 2.5 billion people surfing the internet every single day doesn’t mean that they are going to come across your site on the first day, week or even month.

There are 180 million websites out there and every one of them is trying to do exactly what you are doing, but the difference is the majority of them have been established a lot longer than your site.

So be patient, work hard and climb the ladder to success rung by rung. Patience is a Virtue


9. Monetising Your Site

Monetising your website is personal preference.

If you are building a site to sell your own goods ie, self-written Ebooks, handicraft, information or maybe even a record store you will need to incorporate a shopping cart and also purchase an  SSL certificate which encrypts any personal information that is collected from your potential buyers for security reasons.

The most popular way of monetizing a niche website is through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is basically advertising a companies goods that pertain to your niche and get paid a commission for every sale that is made when someone buys something from that company via your link.


10. Continued Updating

Never believe that your work is complete with an online business.

The internet is evolving every single day and it is up to you to keep up with the progress that is continuing.

Your website should also be kept up to date as well, older posts or pages need to be re-visited so that any information is current and not outdated

Google is changing it’s algorithms on a regular basis to make the internet a better user experience for all surfers, giving them the information that is relevant and up to date.

Therefore to maintain your positioning in the search pages your website must conform with the changes that arise at any given time.

Maintenance of your website gives increased value towards a profitable online business

making money online isn't magic




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    • Hello Kathy,If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate with your own domain, then most certainly they offer a hosting service that is absolutely free within the membership criteria. Not sure why anyone would want to go anywhere else!! Just another option to this amazing site.
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