Why Do Online Businesses Fail – 16 Probable Reasons

Do you wonder “why internet businesses fail”?

Are you wondering why your business is not getting leads or sales from your website?

Here are 16 probable reasons that will make your online business fail.



You Lack Belief.

Do you believe in yourself, do you have the confidence to succeed at the highest level.

If you don’t have the confidence in your own ability that is going to reflect on the work you produce and is the main factor why your online business is failing.

Have faith in what you believe in, no matter what your friends or family tell you, that you will not make it, that you are hitting your head up against a brick wall, take no notice of negativity. 

Negative people will only believe that it can’t be done, believe it can be done and go for it.



You Lack Patience

Patience is a virtue. Don’t expect your work to produce results overnight. it just doesn’t happen. There are too many people that want to Get Rich Quick, it just doesn’t happen.

Work hard on your business and have patience, the results will come.

After producing a post or page, the first thing you must do is let the search engines know that it is complete.

Go into Google Search Console >>crawl>>Fetch as Google add the URL of your page/post and request indexing.

This way you will speed up the process of Google indexing your article rather than waiting for your site map to do its job.

It can take up to a week before search engines get around to crawling your site again so don’t panic, it will happen.



You Are Not Fully Committed

These are 2 questions to ask yourself why your online business is failing.How committed are you to what you are doing.

How committed are you to what you are doing?

How much time are you giving to your business.?

If you are just playing at the game and only working on your site once a week you will not achieve anything.

Any business whether it be online of offline needs your full attention and that means working on it every day for as much time you can give it.

Success isn’t easy, you have to work hard to get success.



You Want To Go It Alone

Are you trying to do everything yourself?

Scanning through the internet to find the answers to problems that you encounter.

Every entrepreneur when starting out had some form of education in running an online business, whether it be from a tutorial course that took them right from grass roots, or getting help from a mentor that guided them through the basics and beyond.

Trying to achieve everything on your own is going to waste so much of your time, especially when there are some very good teaching programs that will help you every step of the way.

Learn from those that have the knowledge and have achieved the success that you are looking for.



You Have Short Sighted Expectations And Want To Get Rich Quick

Your expectations are too high at the beginning of your venture.

You are 2/3 months into your project and you are looking for results already.

The average website can take 6/12 months to get established and produce significant results.

As a newbie, you can’t expect to get the results that someone who has been trading for longer than you, it’s common sense.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people. Set your goals realistically, earn your first dollar and go from there.

If you can earn $1 you can earn $10 and if you can earn $10 you can earn $100.

But to expect to earn $100 in your first 2/3 months is setting your expectations too high and all this will do is lose motivation.

You should be looking to be in this for the long haul. Running an Online Business is a marathon, not a sprint.



You Are Getting Distracted By The Shiny Object Syndrome.

We’ve all been there, along comes that must have offer of that sounds too good to be true and the problem is, it probably is but in your attempt to run before you can walk you get tempted to give it a try only to find that you are left up to the creek without a paddle.

A complete waste of your time and probably a lot of your money.

Stick to what you know and the lessons that your teaching program tells you. It is going to be far more beneficial to you in the long run instead of chasing those shiny objects.



You Are Afraid of investment

You are afraid to invest some money into your business.

Any business worth its salt has to have some investment at some time.

An investment will have to be made in certain area’s of your business, to give you the best product to earn you the best return.

Investing an extra $10 to get you a better front page design for your website is going to earn you more than the $10 you have paid out to outsource to someone that has a better understanding of what should and what should not be placed on your landing page.

If you don’t have the skills to produce certain aspects of your business don’t be afraid to spend some money to get the perfect finished article. It will make the difference in your success.



You Try To Cut Corners For A Quick Fix

You are looking to cut corners to make a quick killing.

Looking for the short term is not going to produce the long term results you should be aiming for.

It’s all well and good taking a strategy that will last you 2/3 months and maybe earn a couple of hundred dollars but that’s all it will ever be.

You should be concentrating on your long term business, a sustainable business that is going to be still earning you money in 2 years, 5 years even 10 years from now.

That is what you are in business for, the long term strategy that is going to last a lifetime, not just for today or tomorrow.



You Don’t Listen To Advice From Successful People

You are learning from the wrong people is another reason why your online business is failing.

This again comes down to losing patience and looking for the quick fix.

You hear about Joe Bloggs who has just told you how he has earnt $200 from this awesome program and off you go and want to know how he did it so you can earn $200 as well.

But that $200 is all Joe Bloggs has earned in the last year or so and that’s all he will ever earn because he is looking for the shiny object deal that comes crashing down after 2/3 months.

Why would you want to listen to a guy that is maybe earning $500 a month when there are real people to learn from with multi-million dollar online business’s

Learn from people that have the success, that have the knowledge to give you that is going to give you a worthwhile knowledge into how to grow a very successful business.

If you are going to listen and learn from people that are knowledgeable, listen to what they say and act on it.



You Can’t Deal With Failure

Everybody that is very successful has failed. Failure is part and parcel of success.

Failure is a learning curve, you get feedback on your failures and then you correct the errors and move on.

If you are afraid of failure you are a loser, only winners are not afraid of losing.



You Have A Fear Of Rejection

You have this fear of being rejected by others that really have no idea what you are trying to achieve.

This goes back to having belief in yourself.

There are always people that are out to give you negative feedback, negative vibes, trying to hold you back on your long term vision.

There are going to be people in your quest to be successful that aren’t going to believe in you that is human nature, they are disbelievers and their only purpose in life is to have a negative attitude to anybody that has a purpose to fulfil their life’s ambition to make a good life.

They will tell you how stupid they think your venture is or how you won’t make it work. Don’t get caught up in the negativity of these people and fear the rejection they are showing.

It is your project and no matter what other people think of you and your goals in life, the fear of being rejected by them will only reflect on your personal belief and your business.

Look at the life that these people who are putting you down and ask yourself “Do I want the life they have got”.

Believe in yourself.



You Have A Negative Mindset And Attitude

You have a negative attitude and consequently, your mindset is such that you stop believing in yourself.

Having a negative attitude and mindset about putting in the work that is required to make a success of yourself is only going to disrupt your progress.

You have to have a positive attitude of where you believe you are going to end up and get you mindset geared towards that goal.



You Forget About Keeping On Learning

You have given up learning.

If you ask why your online business is failing, keep on learning,

You have been taught how you got this far and now you need to learn how to get to the next stage in your career.

Online business is an ever-evolving learning curve.

You have to look at the changes in your business that are going to make you become better, become more successful.

Look to improve on everything you have learned so far.

You can never stop learning to make yourself and your business better.



You Don’t Learn To Adapt To Changes

You are not keeping up with the constant changes that are forever evolving around the platforms that you are working with.

The internet is constantly changing, every day there is something new that crops up within the search engines and if you don’t keep up with the changes you are going to be left behind and your business will suffer very quickly.

Look ahead and anticipate the changes so that you are on top of the game when they happen.

By anticipating any changes that you know are going to happen and acting on them fast is going to give you a head start over your competition.

So learn how to adapt to changes, don’t ignore them because it is you and your business that will suffer.



You Are Not Surrounding Yourself With Successful People

You have to connect with people that are more successful than you are.

If you interact and follow people that are on your own level you are not going to improve yourself. You will stay at the same level you are now and will not move forward.

By surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs that are more successful than you are is going to enhance your knowledge and move you towards the next level of where you ultimately want to be.

If you keep doing next year what you are doing this year you will have the same results next year as you have this year and your business will become stagnant.



You Give Up

The biggest reason why your online business is failing.

You have been at it solid for 3/4 months and don’t see any results, so you wake up one morning and think “I’ve had enough of this” throw in the towel and walk away.

Well bully for you, that’s the easy way out.

could this be why your online business is failing

Obviously giving up on your dream is the easy way out when you believe that you can’t hack it.

Are you really going to go through the rest of your life thinking “What if”

What if Steve Jobs had given up when he was told the Mackintosh wasn’t going to work.

And Thomas Edison had given up because he found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.

How about if Bill Gates had given up after dropping out of Harvard and failing with Traf-O-Data.

What if Harland Sanders had given up because over a thousand restaurants turned him away with his chicken recipe.

There are many many failed people in this world that didn’t give up and went on to enormous success because they believed in themselves and didn’t give up.

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If your Online Business is not performing as you want it too, I hope these pointers help you realise what it takes to become a success in the Online World.

If you would like to get in on the conversation please leave your comments below and I will be only too happy to converse with you.


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