6 Simple Steps That Will Help Improve Your Online Presence

There are many ways to increase traffic for your website. 

To give your website every chance to succeed you have to have maximum search engine presence and the higher your page ranks the better likelihood you have of getting those sought after clicks.

So how can you improve your chances of reaching page 1 and maintaining your website’s search engine visibility?

The most obvious way, of course, is to have a paid advert from Google Adwords, guaranteeing your content gets seen on page 1.

For the most part, if you are just starting out and your budget won’t stretch to that type of strategy then obtaining free advertising as ways to increase traffic for your website is going to be your only option and that is getting your post or page ranking on page 1 of the search engines.

Now that may be easier said than done, so here are 6 simple steps that will help improve your online presence.

Write for the Reader

Your Search Engine Optimisation is not only for the big 3, it is also for your seeking viewers. 

In fact, to be perfectly honest, your SEO should be aimed at your audience and not at the search engines

The main objective of any search engine is to give the most up to date information that a surfer may be seeking for their search.

Therefore your article must have value in answering that exact question.

When writing an article for your chosen subject, always keep in mind you are writing for your human counterparts, so make the answer to the question they are asking interesting and light-hearted to keep their attention span alive.

Talking To A Friend

The way I find works for me is that I imagine there is a friend sitting opposite me who has just asked the question that I am about to write an answer to.

I write as if I am explaining the answer to them.

This gives your site that human proof aspect and not as if it has been churned out by a robot.

It gives a better user experience and Google will love you for it.

Make It Easy

Your information should be easy to read and understand. 

Using a good size font that a reader doesn’t have to squint their eyes up to read is a must.

Remember your audience isn’t only going to be people with 20 20 vision and making it hard for them to read your content is going to result in a back button click to look for a page that is readable.

An optimum size should be around 12/14 pts.

Try to get the purpose of your page out very quickly in the first couple of sentences so that it appears above the fold, that is the part of your site that is visible as soon as a surfer lands on your page.

This helps the reader get a feel of the information you are giving them before they have to scroll.

Always break up long paragraphs up into smaller 2 sentence blocks.

Having a page that is full of text without a break is boring and will very soon entice the reader to click off your site and look somewhere else.

Bullet points would be another very good way of breaking up your text.

Eventually, you will start to see your blog/article begin to climb the ladder to the first page of search engines.


Using relevant images should also be used as ways to increase traffic to your website. 

Not only do they break up the monotony of text but they are also visually attractive, people love pictures.

But also keep in mind that search engine bots only crawl text, so you must tell the spiders what the image is all about by adding a description of the image in the Alt Text box, using a keyword here would be beneficial.

Creating your website with the user in mind optimises it for the search engines and adds other ways to increase traffic for your website.

Targeted Keywords.

These are paramount in achieving ways to increase traffic to your website

Each page or post on your site should have a targeted keyword/phrase.

It may seem like you need a crystal ball to accomplish this, but trying to anticipate what your potential reader is going to key into the search bar to find what they are looking for is important.

The more defined your keyword is the less competition you will be up against.

Think of it this way:

Keyword >> Callaway Golf Clubs

Targeted Keyword  >> Callaway Big Bertha Driver

1,260,000 Competing Pages

Even more Targeted >> Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

53,400 Competing Pages

By adding more specifications to your keyword, you are giving yourself a whole lot better chance of getting your article found rather than a 1 or 2-word keyword phrase which is very broad.

Using long tailed keywords as in “Great Big Bertha Epic Driver”, you are giving your surfers a very specific search term that gives them exactly what they are looking for and with fewer competing pages, your chances are greatly enhanced.

Don’t forget each page or post has a dedicated keyword and only that keyword should be focused on. Using a top keyword research tool will help enormously.

Obviously, your keyword has to be the center of any planned out article, but overdoing it is not so wise.

Your keyword should appear in your Title, then in the 1st paragraph and if need be every 1000 words or so, that is going to be enough for you get a pat on the back from Google.

A User-Friendly Site Navigation.

An easy to follow site navigation is going to keep your visitors attached to your site and because search engines track the time a visitor stays on a results page they assume your site was helpful for the keywords they searched for.

This will help with a higher ranking for your site.

So guiding them around your site with internal links to another piece of information, keeps them moving around your site and increases the time spent getting the information they are looking for.

Page Titles and Meta Description That Attract.

Search engines don’t only crawl your home page, they crawl all internal links and a descriptive page title helps them understand what the article is all about.

Just using a generic title isn’t going to do your site a lot of favours.

Visitors will enter your website at any point from a keyword they have keyed into the search engine, so make sure the title for each page is relevant to the content it contains.

With a user experience approach, the best titles are explanatory and concise and easily understood by the visitor.

Using your targeted keyword within the title guarantees the surfer will land on the exact page they are hoping to get answers from.

Quality Page Meta Descriptions.

Using your page Meta Description is another awesome way of getting visitors to your site.Meta Description

Search engines use these meta descriptions as the text below the heading of the search result.

If you don’t add a meta description they will use the first few lines of text that show up on your page.

But sometimes your targeted keyword isn’t in the first couple of lines on your page so by using the Meta description will give you a better opportunity to incorporate your keyword into the message and give your visitor a broader idea of your article and boost your rankings.

Original Quality Optimised Content.

With all the tips that I have spelled out for you above, it still remains, the best strategy for boosting your search engine rankings is quality content and lots of it.

Google loves original quality content and the reason is that people are asking more and more sublime questions.

Google is in the business of answering those questions in such a way that the reader is left in no doubt about the authenticity of the answer.

 Writing original quality content is going to be a task that you are going to have to overcome if you want ways to increase traffic for your website and get your page/post on the coveted page 1 of any search engine.

There are going to be thousands of sites answering the same questions that you are going to be competing for, so you have to make your blog more interesting, more informative and human proof.

To Roundup

So there you have it. I am sure if you follow these guidelines they will give you ways to increase traffic for your website and your search engine presence will substantially increase. 

Don’t expect results overnight though, like everything to do with getting your website ranked takes time. So have a little patience and the fruits of your efforts will blossom.

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