A Credible Teaching Program For Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate a Credible Teaching Program For Affiliate Marketing

Let’s put the myth to bed.


Wealthy Affiliate is the leading online business credible teaching program for Affiliate Marketing and those people who want to start and run a successful business online.

So who is Wealthy Affiliate and how useful would their program be to a complete newbie?

Read this assessment to the end and you’ll find a complete analysis of what’s in it for you, from starter pack to premium membership to ongoing use of their products and services, right through to the money-making potential in building a successful online business.

Simply put Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training in the world.

It’s all here so you can understand and judge for yourself.


a community of people

An online business is all about networking and connecting with people and there will be no finer community to air your thoughts and get the most diverse answers to the hardest problems you face with your business than at Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s what WA gives you for the online business world.

Of course, you are going to find other programs that also offer the network system but few are as close-knit as the WA community.

The connections you will make are the best mixture of people there are to help you, after all, everyone has to start at the beginning and they have all been there and done that.

With a community of like-minded people working with you and helping you to solve the mysteries of making money online, the process suddenly gets a whole lot easier…and faster.

By having a cornucopia of knowledge from thousands of online ventures carried out by other members, you’re going to multiply your efforts by thousands.

And with things like how to get genuine customers to visit your website and how to rank in the big search engines a.k.a. Google, Bing & Yahoo, it really does take a great deal of know how to stay in touch and being able to achieve these goals.

The Instant chat feature can turn into an eye-opening experience with conversations on topics that help you put your online marketing efforts to their best use and become more efficient, more productive at what you do, simply by learning from others within the Wealthy Affiliate community.




There is no other system that teaches you with the vast array of lessons you get from the Wealthy Affiliate Academy courses…

Here’s what you’ll get just to get you started.

  • “Getting Started” training course(10 Lessons)
  • 2 great-looking websites (Free)
  • hosting for your 2 websites (Free)
  • beginners video training course

Expert training on:

  •  SEO
  • Keyword research
  •  website development
  •  WordPress
  • social media marketing
  • local marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • certification courses- 60 lessons in all (Premium Membership for all 60)

The knowledge that you will be gaining about online marketing will be forever useful for your online business lifetime.

You’ll be learning proven formulas and ideas which are applicable to so many different situations in marketing and online business and all within the free starter pack.




Obviously, not everything comes free within the Wealthy Affiliate starter pack.

Premium members get access to everything.

The free starter membership is to give you a taste of being a WA member and the opportunity to feel your way around and decide your own fate.

You can stay free for as long as you like, but to access the top levels of service, products and courses a Premium membership is needed.

The free Starter membership gives you 7 days of full premium support.

For more advanced online entrepreneurs, the Premium level is more attractive since they’ll be able to benefit from the more advanced courses.

Also, as your own websites grow and begin to see revenue, you’ll want the Premium level so you can learn to continue to grow your business.

Premium Membership

with their premium membership subscription, everything comes in one package, there aren’t any upsells, you do not pay for any extra’s. This is what you get:

  • live help & support 24/7
  • hosting for unlimited websites with 24/7 support
  • live video training
  • website backup
  • website security package
  • forum
  • Premium video training (Weekly Courses)
  • All Premium courses
  • premium bonus offers
  • continued Affiliate Bootcamp training
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • private messaging


  1. Free to start, no credit card required.( Free Account Setup Required)
  2. No Additional purchasing of anything – no upsells.
  3. User-friendly for total newbies (try the Affiliate Bootcamp) or seasoned entrepreneurs
  4. Premium Membership is very reasonably priced ($19 first month, $47 after that)
  5. No obligation to sell WA to others but the affiliate program pays a generous 45% commission rate 
  6. Over 10 years experience and updated at regular intervals.


  1. A lot of time needs to be invested in getting through the courses and viewing the training videos, etc. It is very much a learning curve if you come to WA as a complete newbie.
  2. The free Starter Pack is excellent for newbies but pretty much irrelevant for those who know a thing or two about online marketing. Upgrading would be the order of the day in order to see any benefit, but then at only $19 for the first month, it may be worth seeing if it is all worthwhile.
  3. There are No money-back guarantees, but of course with the free starter level membership that allows you to try out the system before parting with any upgrade monies.
  4. Spamming other members is a no go, you can lose your membership with no refund and if you paid for a year it could be expensive. WA is a spam free zone and that’s the way they want to keep it

So there you have it, hope I have given you a really in-depth look inside Wealthy Affiliate and to be honest you have nothing to lose by just checking it out for yourself.

The starter pack is free and there is absolutely no obligation to upgrade.


Just click on the image to give yourself the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.



It’s very straightforward with no hidden costs, it really doesn’t  matter what happens in the end, at least you will  have learned a lot about how to start an online business.

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