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How To Start With An Affiliate Marketing Business

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The whole world has gone internet mad. Virtually everything can now be done online, from talking to one another to writing to one another, doing our shopping even financial services can be done online. So it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing an online business as their chosen lifestyle.  With that in mind, I want to share with you how to start with an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing is probably the most popular and easiest Online Business to establish

how to start with an affiliate marketing business

What is Affiliate Marketing and how to get started

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is advertising a companies product on your website and earning a commission.
You earn a commission on any sales that you generate from your own website.

That’s the easy part, the harder part is creating that website to monetize.

What you need to get started

A Laptop/Desktop computer/Smart Phone
An Internet connection.

From there you need to create a Website.

There are many platforms within this business that will teach you how to create an online business, but because you are just starting out it makes sense to find one that will not cost you the earth and deliver on all its promises.
Creating your first online business can be quite costly if you are not aware of what you need and what you don’t need and for that reason, I will be recommending a program 
that I regard as the best Affiliate Marketing training school on the internet.
It will give you every opportunity(A whole week, in fact) to try it out before you make any commitment. 

If you want to be successful in the Internet Marketing Business, then you should not compromise.

Starting a business online is very much like starting a business offline.

If you were looking to start a business offline in your local town. You would come up with an idea of what you wanted to do.

You would do some research on the competition around you. Then you would look for good premises (Platform), where the rent is not extortionate.

You would look for good suppliers to be able to buy from so that you can sell on.

Then with hard work, you would slowly but surely build up your business so that it earns you a living.

It is exactly the same with an Internet Business.

Here are 10 Tips On How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing
with thanks to Leoemery
. (Member of Wealthy Affiliate)

Most Affiliate companies won’t allow you to advertise their products unless your website is up and running with quality content, don’t forget you are their middleman so they would want a fairly good site that people will visit to enable the “customers” to buy their products.
I cover more on this topic in the Best way to build a website.

How It Works

The first task is deciding what it is that you want to build your website around.
This becomes your Niche and can be absolutely anything that takes your fancy.
Ideally, you want to choose a topic that you are really interested in or have a passion for, the reason for this is that you are going to have to write quality content about the subject to attract readers.
The better equipped you are in the knowledge of your chosen niche, the easier it will become to write about it. 
To give you an idea of some popular Niches would be:
Health issues, Green issues, Sport, Romance, Wealth, Video games, Hi-Fi, the list is endless.
I wrote an article on Choosing The Perfect Niche it may give you some inspiration for your choice.

Before you apply to become an Affiliate of any company, they need to see that your website is going to be of benefit to their customers.
Therefore it is essential that you start to build out your website with quality content before you seek out companies that have Affiliate programs that fit your choice.
Start off by writing 3/4 articles on your chosen niche, all with unique keywords and publish them.   
Once you have your site established in the search engines, you can start to apply to companies to become an Affiliate.

Applying To Become An Affiliate

Finding Affiliate companies is quite a simple exercise, for example, there is Amazon, the largest Online marketplace in the world.
But finding a company for a unique item rather that Amazon that houses thousands upon thousands of saleable goods, you need to enter the item into the search bar and add “+ affiliate”.
The search would look something like this: Callaway Golf Clubs+Affiliate.

This will produce a list of Affiliate programs that handle the Affiliation to Callaway Golf Clubs.
Once you apply and get accepted, you will have access to the promotional segments(Banners etc.) that you can place on your website. 
Each image that you acquire from your Affiliate program will hold a unique ID code integrated into the code for the item you are advertising.
When a reader clicks on the image this will take them to the company’s website, and if they then ultimately buy an item from that company your unique ID code is attached to that sale. The company then pays you a commission for that sale.
Commission rates can vary from company to company, some pay a high as 75%, whereas others can be as low as 3%.


For any newbie wanting to get into the Online Business, Affiliate Marketing is going to be the easiest and to start with the most profitable with very little outlay.
The biggest hurdle is producing a quality website and learning the best practices to get their site high in the search engine rankings, using the right keywords and best SEO structure.


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