Starting A Free Website (Learn Before You Buy)

Starting Out.

If you are thinking about giving the Online World a try but you are just dipping your toes into the water, the last thing you need is to be paying out money to see if it works. Being able to create your own website free is the sensible solution.
You can then decide in your own time whether it is for you, or you are cut out for what it takes. 

You Start Out With An Idea

The first step to start any project is an idea.

Why do you want to start a website?

Because a friend of yours has one?
Because everyone else seems to have one so it only makes sense to have one?
Because you want to earn extra cash to supplement your income?

There are many different types of website:

A blog is a personal website that you keep updated at regular intervals, with your personal choice of content. 

A business website is a website that tells the world all about your Bricks and Mortar business.​

This is probably the most popular of all websites.
A niche website is a site that focuses on a smaller group of people in a larger market. 
You will normally be solving a problem with quality content around that particular product or item.
For example:
The Food and or Cooking Niche, a smaller group could be:

Mexican Cooking
Coffee Lovers
Wine Making
Raw Food
Slow Cooking
Bread Making
Cooking and Baking Ware

This is just a small list of some of the Niches in the food and cooking industry, but hopefully you get the idea.

This type of example can be mirrored in almost any topic/subject you can think of.
Her's a list of Some Popular Niches.
Created by Jack Cao (Wealthy Affiliate Member)

An ecommerce website is a one that you advertise and sell directly to your audience, normally promoting larger companies products and normally in the form of an Online Store.

Educational websites take the form of informing your audience how to do things. The education can come in different forms of media from text articles, videos or images that explain the process. Typical educational websites would be, Recipe websites, How to... websites, even Early Learning websites. 

Media or Entertainment:
These type of websites are sites that contain current affairs, weather, sports and entertainment, and known as Dynamic sites because they are updated on a regular basis, maybe 2/3 times a day, with up to date articles or videos.

A Personal website is exactly what it does.
You create a free website and share pictures, thoughts, or any other personal ideas you may have, a bit like a Facebook page.

A Portfolio website is a way of showcasing your creativity to the outside world.
It can be a way of advertising your skills to certain interested parties.
If you are an expert photographer, a Portfolio of your work is a great way of showing prospective clients your work, or if you are a web designer, placing your Portfolio on such freelance sites as Fiverr and Upwork, to receive gigs for payment.

Where To Start

No matter which type of website you are looking to build, whether it be a niche website, an e-commerce website or to build a social network website, your starting point is going to be the same.
You need to find yourself a good Website Builder.

Choosing A Website Builder

A very good website builder is going to let you be in control of how your website looks, performs and uses a CMS (Content Management System) that makes it easy to add and design content in your own way., and doesn't add a watermark.
Many of the so called Free website builders will add advertising watermarks to your website, unless you pay for their premium package.

I use a site builder  called SiteRubix.
I use it for all my websites because it gives me the flexibility I need and uses WordPress as its CMS.
WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world.

Why do I believe in SiteRubix?
Because it is going to give you a full 24/7 support and free hosting, it builds the main frame for you( that's all the bits and pieces in the background), and with two or three clicks of your mouse, you will have your free website ready to go in under 60 seconds, with out watermarks.

4 Simple Steps To Build Your Free Website

Building your free website with SiteRubix couldn't be easier.

Step 1.  You Will Be Choosing a Domain Name

The Domain name you choose will be the Internet address of your website.
With SiteRubix, you are given the choice of building your website with a free domain(That is a subdomain of SiteRubix) or a domain name of your own. ( SiteRubix is  the platform of Wealthy Affiliate and to use your own Domain Name you have to be a premium member, as free hosting of all your websites comes with the membership.)
The beauty here is that if you choose a free domain to start with, SiteRubix gives you the opportunity of, not only buying that domain at a later date but also transferring everything you have created on your website over to your new domain at the touch of a button, if you choose to opt for premium membership at a later date.

When you come to Choosing your own Domain name for your website, (at a later date,) it can take a little bit of juggling around with words depending on the name you are trying to buy to get the name of your choice.
Ideally, you should be looking for your Domain Name with an extension of .com but the main part should reflect the topic of your website.

For the sake of this post we will concentrate on the free Domain, and all it has to offer.
So once you have chosen your Domain Name and SiteRubix has told you that it is available....

Step 2.  You Will Be Naming your website.

The name of your website can be the same as your domain name with spaces, but normally the name of your website will be something you choose to identify with, it could be My Golfing World for example, the name of your site is what people see when they go to your website from a search engine, so make it relevant to your niche. 

Step 3. You Choose What you want your website to look like.

 The next step to do is choose a look for your site (A theme), again there are multiple choices from within the SiteRubix website builder program to pick from. 

You will find that most WordPress themes are responsive but if you are choosing a theme independently, it is important to choose a theme that is responsive to whichever device your surfers are using. ie: Laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

More and more surfers are using mobile devices now than ever before and Google is noticing this with more emphasis being placed on ranking if your website is mobile friendly.

Step 4. You hit the "Build my website" button.

 and in under a minute you have a website all ready to start adding your great content to.

This video will show you exactly how it is possible to make your free website.

Easiest Way To Build a Website in Under

There really is nothing to match it, once you have watched the video, try it for yourself for free, with no obligation.

Free For Ever

Once you have built your website with SiteRubix, you have your very own website that you can build out, and it remains yours for a lifetime as long as you keep it engaged.

5 Important points to observe in creating a successful Website.

1. Speed & Load Time

The quicker that your website loads up onto any device that a user uses, the more chance you have of having that user stay on your site, and the better for conversions

2. Professional Design & Look

Try to give your site a professional look, give it some flare, keep the user interested by adding images etc, a site with just text can become boring and not that attention holding

3. Easy to Navigate

Make sure you guide the user to where you want them to go easily, there's nothing worse than having a cluttered site where the user is confused as to what to do next

4. Uses a CMS

A good content management system, I personally use WordPress, simply because it is a very user-friendly system, it is very easily installed, no technical knowledge needed, it has over a thousand web templates to choose from and very good help and support.

5. Quality website content

Content is key to any good website, surfers to your website want information for what they are looking for, and quality content.
You need to inform them.

Although SiteRubix is Free with 10 awesome lessons to get you started, at some point you may want to advance your website experience to another level.
 I highly recommend you take a look inside Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete platform and everything you need to run a successful website/online business all in under one roof.

If you would like to read my review of this program which will also give you more information please feel free to visit:

My Review of Wealthy Affiliate

or better still watch the video below

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

The Free Website Builder

Enjoy and remember if you have any comments or questions about my page please free to leave your contribution in the comment box below.

Thank you.


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