Building The Foundation Of An Online Business

What is the foundation of an online business?

A fundamental foundation of an online business is no more than building a solid base to work from.

It reminds me of the story of two men who were sent to build a house.

The first man looked for the easy route and found a plot of sand, believing it would be easier to dig and build his house.

Whereas the second man being more patient and not in such a rush found a rocky hill to build his house and although he knew it would take longer, he also knew it would last so much longer.

Sure enough, his plan was born out just a few weeks later when a torrential storm swept through the town where both houses were built and the first man’s house was swept away.

You have to lay solid foundations so that everything built above those foundations remains solid and in place without collapsing.


Why fundamental foundation is important

A solid foundation sets you up for success. It gives you a path to follow from start to finish. It lays out the procedure to take on every article you eventually post to your website.


To Start Building A Plan There Are 3 Pillars That Support Your Foundation

  1. Continuing Education

Never ever believe that you have learned everything there is to know about online business. You can never stop learning


Educating yourself on how to run your business.Be a wise old owl

It’s all very well knowing how to set up a website, but you have to realise that your website is your business.

So by just creating a website and thinking “That is it, I’m on Google everything is going to be fine”. Not so!!.

Running an online business from home is no different than running an offline business.

You have to let people know what you are all about and to do this you have to place your business in prominent positions.

Now starting up obviously you need to keep your budget to a minimum.

So I’m not suggesting that you go full steam ahead into advertising(although that is the most profitable way to get traffic to your site and traffic means $$), but you can get your presence known by creating social media fan pages.

A Facebook page, which is free, Pinterest, Flipboard, Google+, Twitter and even Snapchat. All these are free to use and will give your business great presence.

  • Learning about SEO

SEO changes almost day to day, Google alters their algorithms continually and it is very wise to keep up with them

Basic SEO is a must for all Business owners and the more you get yourself educated in the correct initial steps you must take to even have a chance of getting your site ranked on page 1 of Google, the better your chances you will have of success.

  •   Learning about writing

Learning the skills of writing an engaging post does come with experience and trial and error.

But I have found that writing naturally, writing as you speak often or not will create a less boring read for your viewers.

Trying to emulate William Shakespeare is going to give you all sorts of headaches and it really isn’t necessary.

Having said that telling a story within your content is always a good idea, people love stories and if you can get your point over in an interesting and engaging way by incorporating your topic into a storyline, the chances of you hitting the jackpot just became that much better.

But bearing in mind that grammar, punctuation, and spelling will also have a great impact on holding your viewer’s attention.

  •     Learning about the psychology of business

Influence and Persuasion

You can Lead a horse to the water butt but you can’t make him drink.A Horse

But how about dropping a couple of carrots in the water!!

Offering something for nothing works a treat. Everyone loves a freebie. So speculate to accumulate.

Learning how to apply psychological tactics like influence and persuasion are going to impact on sales and trust.

You become an authority at communicating the captivating message of what you have to offer the world and you can sell with complete sincerity.

Using clever business psychology strategies in your sales and marketing efforts will bring in happy, satisfied and returning customers.

It could mean everything to your success.

Food For Thought

Learning something new every day.

Make it a daily task to seek out something that you are not sure about and learn as much as you can about it.

This is what this section is all about LEARNING. Never give up on learning  

“A foolish man thinks he knows everything. A wise man knows he doesn’t.”

A quote by Amanda Hocking.


  1. Niche Knowledge

Knowing your niche isn’t just about reading an article about your particular topic and then writing some blurb about it.

This is going to get you absolutely nowhere.

There are going to be 1000’s upon 1000’s of other websites that are going to have exactly the same blurb only with different words to get to the same result.

To be an Authority in your niche takes a hell of a lot more research and time immersing yourself within that niche to become an author.

An author of any niche knows their topic inside out and back to front.

They can write pages and pages plus article upon article and still find more information.Knowledge is power

Ok I take the point that with a mini niche it’s all about finding a trending gadget or item of clothing or the latest high-tech running shoes, writing a quick review adding a few images and bob’s your uncle you got yourself a money making machine that’s going to last……..well until the fad goes cold.

Finding a niche that is going to give you a sustainable income for years to come is a different kettle of fish altogether and this is where being an author within that niche is so important.

You have to gain so much knowledge that it is going to be possible to keep your business alive for years to come.

Choose a niche from experience, something that you are passionate about.

Unless you are absolutely absorbed within that niche, you are not going to become an authority.

The fact that you are involved within your niche every day means that you can immerse yourself into it so much easier and put pen to paper or in this case fingers to keyboard is going to be second nature.

You will write original quality content and your business will have a solid foundation to last for a very long time.

  3.Online Business Planning

A business-planBefore anything is built an architect will have a plan a blueprint of how they are going to manufacture their structure from the ground up.

It’s exactly the same with a business, whether offline or online, you have to start with a plan of action.

How you achieve your plan is completely up to you whether it be a spreadsheet, or just written down on a notepad or even sticky notes on your office wall, mapping out your plan of action is paramount to building your foundation.

Your Plan Of Action should be:

  • Niche selection

Take your time with this and follow the points that I have given you above, it really will make your life so much easier.

  • Domain buying

When you go searching to buy a domain name try and find one with a .com extension.

If you really like the name you have come up with and you find the .com already taken, the next best TLD (Top Level Domain) is a .org or a .net.

Going forward if you can come up with a .com this will indicate to search engines that you are the “brand” owner and as you add more content to your website, you are going to find ranking under your targeted keywords is going to become easier.

  • Website building

Basically, the easiest part of your setup once you have found a good website builder.

There is no need to go paying to have a website built as there are some very good free options out there.

All this is doing is creating the foundation of your website with all the back office stuff done for you. 

Once it is set up you are ready to rock and roll.

  • Basic Pages  About.  Privacy Policy. Contact.

Setting up your 3 basic pages on your site should be pretty straightforward.

An About Me page telling the world who you are and what your intentions are going to be.

The Privacy Policy a must for all websites.

A contact page where your readers can get in contact with you should they have any questions.

  • Keyword selection

Before you start to write any content you have to start with a targeted keyword.

This is what your article/page is going to be revolved around.

A top-notch keyword research tool is going to be the most used weapon in your armoury for getting your website found by interested parties.   

  • Content creation

This is where your hard work starts. Creating quality original content and lots of it. is going to be key to your success.

So off to work you go letting the world know your take on the niche you have decided on.

  • Call to Action

Once you have created your great content, the reader needs to know what to do next.

Your call to Action buttons should be well thought out.

Make them inviting, make them attractive, make them so that your viewer wants to take the next step.

  • Social media accounts

An important part of any Business plan is getting your voice heard.

This is where Social Media will have a large impact on your business.

Open accounts at least on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Flipboard.

  • Build social  engagement/  how can I help you, let me know if I can help you/ no selling in your face

Building your social engagement is also going to be a major part of your success.

Joining groups within the social media platforms will give you the opportunity of connecting with other members within your niche for interactive questions and answers.

Social engagement is all about “How can I help you”, “Let me know if I can help you”,  The last thing a community wants is being bombarded with a sales pitch.

  • Open Video account

A video account with YouTube is going to be a vital ingredient to have in your armoury.

Open an account to keep in your pocket for future use.

  • Email marketing/ Autoresponder

Having an Autoresponder Email account is essential.

If you have heard the term “Grow your List” this is where it all starts.

Start with a free version to get you off the ground. Google – Free Autoresponder, there are plenty of them out there.

  • Paid marketing

This is something you may want to consider at a later date.

But I include it in your Fundamental Plan of Success because you will find that paid advertising can be very powerful.

  • Sample action plan

This is my plan of action that I refer to each and every time I start a new website.

After a while, it will become second nature but it is always handy to have it mapped out somewhere to refer back to.

Last Word

Putting your plan into action doesn’t have to be done in any specific time frame. Don’t rush this part take your time creating your business. It isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon so take one step at a time.


Know your end product. — (Start with the end in mind)

Learn the steps to take to get there — (learn what it takes)

Get on the road — (immerse yourself in the work)


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