Optimizing Images for A Website

Image reduction

Using and Optimizing images for a website for the Modern Marketer Optimizing images for a website is essential to any online business when hoping to increase potential buyers with an engaging visual display. But Image optimization will also have a great bearing on website load time, a big ranking factor in search engines. Optimised images … Read moreOptimizing Images for A Website

The Purpose Of A Website​

the purpose of a website

The Purpose of a Website should be to help and inform people of a question or interest that they may have. The purpose of a website will differ depending on its target audience. While some websites are geared towards offering useful information, others are geared towards selling products and services, while others still are designed … Read moreThe Purpose Of A Website​

Earn Revenue

Wealthy Affiliate -Earn Revenue

STEP 4 Once you have an audience (traffic), one way you can drive revenue to your website is through special programs called “affiliate programs” which are completely free to join. Affiliate programs allow you to promote pretty much anything you can imagine without having to own or create the product yourself. No inventory. No shipping. … Read moreEarn Revenue

Build A Website

Wealthy Affiliate - Build a Website

STEP 2 Building your very own website is SIMPLE within Wealthy Affiliate. The process takes less than 30 seconds to build a beautiful looking, mobile-ready, and revenue ready website. Your website is going to be the foundation of your business and what will ultimately lead to a successful venture. Think of your website as your … Read moreBuild A Website

Choose An Interest

Wealthy Affiliate -Choose an Interest

STEP 1 You must have a bucket load of Interests. What is your big passion? We all have hobbies or one thing that gets us really excited and motivated when we think about it. There are MILLIONS of different ideas that you could potentially tap into online and we are going to help you come … Read moreChoose An Interest

Building The Foundation Of An Online Business

the foundation of an online business

What is the foundation of an online business? A fundamental foundation of an online business is no more than building a solid base to work from. It reminds me of the story of two men who were sent to build a house. The first man looked for the easy route and found a plot of sand, … Read moreBuilding The Foundation Of An Online Business

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