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A 12 part series of How to Setup and Run an Online Business

How To Start An Internet Business At Home-Pt 10 Readability Of A Website

To understand Readability, you first have to understand eye movements, perception, and visibility. Readability is making it easier for a reader to comprehend the written text. Readability is not only the legibility of the written word but how easy it is to read especially for those with average or low reading comprehension. Remembering that your […]

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How To Start An Internet Business At Home – Pt 5 – How To Structure A Website

This part is all about How to structure a website for better SEO. Of all the Google Algorithms, User Experience is high on its list and structuring your website carefully is a very important part of User Experience. The better your site structure, the chances of higher SERPs rankings become a reality. Why Site Structure […]

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How To Start An Internet Business At Home – Pt 3 – Choosing A Website Builder

Choosing a website builder that makes creating a website fairly simple is the biggest challenge you face. Whether you are starting a new business or wish to expand your existing one online, you realize that having a professional looking and a smooth functioning website is a necessity in today’s world. In this case, you are […]

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