Tips On Choosing The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is like choosing a name for your company. You should give it a lot of thought and careful consideration. Let’s pick out some useful tips on choosing the right domain name for you.

  • Branding  Your Domain Name

Your domain name is who you are on the Internet, make sure you come up with a name that not only reflects your business/niche but is also easy to remember and promote.

It really doesn’t matter what your niche/business is, your website domain name will have an effect on your brand. 

There have even been instances where some companies have even changed their company name, to their website domain name. That may give you food for thought.

  •  Keep it short

The ideal length for a good Domain Name is around 12-13 characters.

The maximum number of characters allowed before the “.” in a domain name is 63 characters, but using that length of name, is really not recommended.

  •  Using keywords.

The use of keywords in your domain name is useful but not absolutely necessary. 

If you do use a keyword find one that will describe your business or the services you offer. 

For example, if your site is all about health issues, you could consider “”.

If the domain name you search for isn’t available play around with the words until you find one that is. 

Not only is this good practice for SEO it also helps customers recognise what your website is all about.

  •  Make it Stick.

When choosing the right Domain Name make it easy to remember is essential.

When you consider that there are millions of registered domain names out there and you are looking to have your business etched into your customer’s minds.

Once you’ve come up with a name, bounce it off your family and friends to see how they perceive it, does it make sense and does it sound appealing.

  •  Use an appropriate TLD name extension

Top Level Domain (TLD) name extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .net, following your web address.

They have specific uses, so use one that reflects your business.

The .com domain extension is by far the most popular, but finding a domain name with a .com extension could prove to be harder than you think, so be prepared to explore other TLDs such as .net, These work just as efficiently.

A  TLD is the most generic part of a domain name and all domain names are required to have one.

The most common TLDs are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

In days gone by these top level domain names did have specific meanings  .com was solely for commercial sites, .net was used for hubs on the network system and .org was for any organization that didn’t fall into the first three categories.

But also in the early days of domain name registration, there was very little overseeing in who got to use which top-level domain and, very soon this system was abused. Many companies that were not necessarily commercial very soon realised that .com names were the most desirable of all the TLDs

Other More Specific TLDs

More specific TLDs come in the form of ccTLD which are top-level domains that are related to a specific country. They are always two letters long, and obviously, every country has its own extension. Some ccTLDs you might see include:

  • .us – United States
  • .uk – United Kingdom
  • .de – Germany
  • .fr – France
  • .au – Australia
  • .ca – Canada
  • .dk – Denmark
  •  Avoid Trademarks.

Like any business, choosing your own domain name should not include using someone else’s name or trademark, that is a no go. Just make sure that whatever you come up with doesn’t incorporate copyrighted material. you could be in for a very expensive legal battle.

  •  Protect and build your brand

If you want to be the sole owner of the name that you register, it may be a good idea to also purchase the other extensions that are available. If you have the .com version there is nothing stopping someone else buying the .net or .org version. Once bought these domain extensions can then be pointed to your main Domain Name.

  • Domain Value

There are aspects of a domain that gives it more value. Normally people looking to buy a domain want one that is established and has some success attached to it. Success is defined as site visitors, page views and sales.

Changing ownership of any website shouldn’t have a great impact on the success of it as long as the new owner continues to add quality content in keeping with sites niche, customers probably wouldn’t even notice the change.

Valuing a Domain does depend on certain criteria.

  • A shorter Domain will hold more value. One word Domains being the optimum.
  • The age of the Domain will have a great bearing on its value. Obviously, Domains that have been live for any length of time will rank higher in search engines, and so this puts more value on them.
  • A Domain name that is easy to write and remember, will have a better chance of selling, than one that is complicated in its format, spelling, the use of numbers or hyphens etc.
  • The Domain extension also comes into play. As previously stated the best extension for a domain is .com, and as most browsers default to .com, most users will assume that is the name of the domain. So the same domain name with a .com extension rather than .net or .org will attract more value.

What Steps Can You Take to Improve Your Domain’s Value?

The simple answer to this is to improve your sites rankings, get more visitors to your site. 

The more engagement you can establish between your site and customers the higher your rankings will be, hence the more valuable your domain will become. Getting more customers isn’t rocket science:

  • Take steps to improve your SEO with both onpage and offpage, if your customers can find the site in search they will visit it more often.
  • Quality content is always a big ranking point, the more content you add the better chance you have of climbing up the ranking ladder. Visitors want information, so the more you give them the more authoritative your site will be and a better chance you have of them revisiting your site.
  • Get your site seen through other mediums. Marketing your site through social media is a valuable resource in letting people know that your site exists.

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