Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program 2019 – An Online Business Teaching Program

Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program 2019 – An Online Business Teaching Program

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Review of  The Wealthy Affiliate Program.

An Online Business Training Academy

And Why it is my #1 recommendation to Start a Profitable Online Business.

Program Details

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University.

Price: $0 starter program (Click here to join for free). Plus optional Premium program $49 a month. (1st Month bonus price $19)

Ideal for: Complete beginners-advanced.

Final Rating: 9 out of 10

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate

There are a lot of “Make money online” sites on the net, some legit and a lot not so legit.

I suppose I have an advantage with this review on Wealthy Affiliate, as I  am already a  member.

I will give you an unbiased view, as there isn’t any point in glossing over the program if there are damp patches.

So this review is from my very own experience of this Company.

I will leave it up to you to make your own mind up whether it is a scam or whether it is a truly awesome program.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

This program is for anyone and everyone, young and old, that’s how it has been set up. 

No matter if you have no experience what so ever or you are an experienced pro, here you will find something for everyone.

This program is overflowing with training and information on how to build an online business and ultimately how to make money online.

This program is fast becoming a very highly rated and one of the most popular teaching programs online. It also boasts over 300,000 members.

I think one of the best selling points of this program is the fact they offer a 100% free starter pack, which gives you access to the premium package for a full 7 days.

This does actually give you a very good idea of how the program works and exactly what you will get for your premium membership.


owners of Wealthy Affiliate
Kyle and Carson Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

This Company has been established since 2005 and since those early days, the owners have built a platform that, as a complete novice at this type of thing I am really learning about Affiliate Marketing and exactly how the whole process works.

The impressive part right from the beginning was that I wasn’t forced to part with a penny.

It gave me 7 days to have a look at the program to understand what I was letting myself in for.

After 7 days of being a starter member,  I was offered a reduced first months fee.

This gave me, even more time to get involved.

But had I decided that this wasn’t for me, no hassle I could have just walked away not pay another penny, and life goes on.

Progress After 1 Week

Within the first week, I had my own domain, my own website with hosting, and had built my first page on that website.

That was from knowing nothing at all about how to go about building a website, and I am being very honest with you there.

Just see how easy it is to build your own website at Wealthy Affiliate.

I decided I liked what I was achieving here and made the decision to go premium at the introductory price.

This gave me another month of using all the premium tools and everything that goes with it to see if this company was everything that it made itself out to be.

No Upsells

I was wondering if there were any hidden extra’s, which is what I found with other companies in the same line of business, there wasn’t.

I’ve now been here since December 2014.

I suppose if you are looking for something perfect you are going to be looking for a long long time, is anything perfect?

Although Wealthy Affiliate does have an overall ranking of 98/100, not too sure where they lose the other 2 because as of yet I’ve not found anything that’s detrimental to them.

Don’t forget this is my own opinion and at the time of writing this review, I’m new to Affiliate Marketing. 

Maybe I’m missing where they lose the 2 points.

If you have got this far in this review you are probably at the same stage as I was going into this type of business.

Not too sure who to sign up with, and what am I going to get for my money, and is it all worth it?

Let me lay out what you get with Wealthy Affiliate.

What you get

    1. Completely free startup pack with no hidden agenda
    1. You get 2 websites that Wealthy Affiliate host and they are yours to do whatever you want with.
    1. Plus 7 whole days to think about subscribing to the discounted premium membership.
    1. Probably the most comprehensive training program on the Internet
    1. You get to communicate with a community of 100,000’s for advice and help on any subject.
  1. And you get all this is within the free startup pack.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Yes, all this they give to you for $0 that’s how confident they are in their own product.

As a complete novice I followed their 7-day course and on day 3 I was absolutely ecstatic to find that a keyword I had found using the best keyword tool, actually got ranked in Google on page 2.

I have also built 4 websites, that are earning me more than my monthly subscription.

I found the lessons very easy to follow, especially as there are videos explaining every step in detail, which makes life so much easier.

Another thing I found very interesting is a tutorial webinar every week

If there is a better platform for starting a business online I challenge you to find it!!

This program is a no-brainer.

I make you one promise, if you can boil a kettle, you can achieve an ongoing business with Wealthy Affiliate, they are that comprehensive in their training.

There’s more to this company than just a program for building a business.

There is a community of over 800,000 people all willing to help everyone else to achieve what they are all there for.

Amongst those thousands are the owners Kyle and Carson who integrate with the membership every day helping whoever needs their help.

Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

The first thing that I think I should point out is that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a make money online program.

It is a program that gives you all the tools and teachings of How To Make Money Online.

There are no promises made and you will not be led into a false notion that you are going to be making thousands of $$ overnight.

Wealthy Affiliate encourages you to be an individual and create your own unique website turning it into an online business.

The lessons provided are geared towards you as an individual following those lessons to a T and then taking action on what you have learned.

So how much money you can earn with Wealthy Affiliate is completely up to the individual, there are no fast and hard statistics on how much each person will make.

Below you will see just some of the success stories that come out of Wealthy Affiliate, these show that the program surely does work with time and dedication.

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing 2018 - How I Earned $4k in 1 Month

Read this members story here

My 2 Months Progress - What an amazing experience thus far!

Read this members story here

I got another Job all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Read the members story here

10 Years with Wealthy Affiliate

Read the members story here

I could go on adding thousands of success stories there are so many but what this does prove is that once you learn the basics of making money online it is completely up to you as an individual how far you want to go

So how much does all this cost?

Free start up
From day 1 $0  a free starter pack with all the tools to use and the community to help, you can continue being a starter member for as long as you like, but if you decide to go premium within the first 7 days you will be charged $19 for the first month.

From month 2 and ongoing with no extra outlay it will cost you $49. This is an all-inclusive charge.  You can compare other separate charges here. 

If you like it so much and think you may stay then there is a yearly discount rate of $359. Which works out at an amazing $29.92 a month. That’s a 39% saving on your monthly outlay.

Update: January 2019.
If the yearly membership may be a little too much at this time, but you feel you would really like to give this a go and save some money, then you can now join on a 6 monthly based fee at a price of just $234 for the 6 months. which works out at $39 per month, saving you $60 on the monthly fee.


For these costs, everything is included, and that is everything.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

The Training Programs.

The training within Wealthy Affiliate is broken down into 5 easy to follow stages, with text and video instruction.

Level 1

Getting Started (included in the free membership) 

Like all good tutorials, the training at Wealthy Affiliate starts right from ground zero, with the basics.

The first thing this level does is shows you how to find your way around the program. Then it moves on to how to go about finding your Business subject ( your niche) and building your first website.

See an outline of the course below.

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1 -

Here’s what some members had to say about the Level 1 Training

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1 - Member Reviews

Level 2

Building your own traffic producing website

You will soon come to realise that without traffic you cannot produce an online business.

Regardless of the nature of your online business Traffic is the root of all success.
Level 2 consists of another 10 lessons starting off with choosing your own Domain Name.

It will then take you through building out your website using your own Domain and setting up your website to attract relevant traffic.

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2 - Course Description

Members Reviews.

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2 - Member Reviews

Level 3

Making Money!

Level 3 gets you into the fun bit, making money online.

In this section, lessons will teach you how to monetize your website getting the best possible results. This training is all about how you can earn as much money as possible from your site.

The course takes you from finding the best affiliate products to getting the right type of targeted audiences for your website.

Course Description

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money! Level 3 -Course Description

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money! Level 3 -Course Benefits

What the Members Say

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money! Level 3 - Members Reviews

Level 4

Mastering social engagement 

Level 4 travels into social media and how to get free traffic and targeted visitors to your site.

Social media really does offer a great way to get a free, targeted audience to your site, and this section offers lessons to teach you the best social sites to use and how to use them effectively for best results.

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Mastering Social Engagement Level 4 - Course description

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Mastering Social Engagement Level 4 -Course benefits

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Mastering Social Engagement Level 4 -Members Reviews

Level 5

Achieving maximum success through content creation 

In Level 5 they cover probably the most important subject of a successful and profitable website – CONTENT.

Although content was covered initially in an earlier lesson, here you will learn how to take those skills and knowledge to another level by scaling your business through content in the most effective and efficient way.

The Business of Content - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation Level 5 - Course Description

The Business of Content - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation Level 5 - Course benefits

The Business of Content - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation Level 5 - members reviews

SiteRubix – Where everything comes together.

SiteRubix Platform

The SiteRubix Platform is the central hub for everything to do with your Online Business.

SiteRubix Manager Manager

SiteManager. Your Personal Website Base

The SiteManager is where you build, manage, make improvements, and access your websites that are built at Wealthy Affiliate

 All your websites come with their own screenshots, information about your websites installed, security features and update information.

SiteRubix Site Builder Builder

SiteBuilder. Simple But Powerful.

SiteBuilder is a leading website creation tool that will have you up and running with your very own WordPress websites in literally seconds. Watch the video for proof.

Site builder speed challenge

No matter if you are building your first website or subsequent sites, this is where you start to get your WordPress website installed properly. This means you get the best security, and quality WordPress specific hosting, with a platform that you can trust.

You can build 2 websites on the free domain or 2 free sites on any domain of your choice. As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get the option to build 25 FREE websites and 25 websites with your own domain names.

SiteRubix Domains Domains

All Your Domain Needs Under One Roof!

When buying a domain name within the SiteRubix platform, everything is included, that’s  EVERYTHING. There are no upsells like every other domain service out there. What you get with your Wealthy Affiliate domains is everything that is required to build a website – including privacy.

  • You get full privacy and domain protection.
  • You get full email accounts included with each domain purchase.

With SiteDomains everything is included all in one place…at ONE price.

SiteRubix Site Content


SiteContent is the latest feature added to the SiteRubix platform.

This is a valuable tool for creating Site Content for search engine SEO rankings with its algorithm that checks for authenticity and prevents plagiarism.

There are many features within SiteContent including Spell check, adding images from over thousands of already uploaded free to use varieties, word count, ready-made templates or create your own template,  create the body of the article and add links if need be as well as format the content with Headings – H1, H2, H3, Paragraph P, Bold B, Italics i, Underline U, URL Link, Bullet Lists 123,

Automatically add to your website.

It is so easy to create content now and you don’t have to log in to Word Press first to create it!

Using SiteContent will speed up the process and streamline writing content for your website, be it a Post or Page within WordPress.

SiteRubix Site Content Feedback

SiteFeedback. A Community Helping You To Create Awesome Websites.

Site feedback is where you request reviews and feedback on your websites from other members of Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a credit based system of give and take which gives everyone a platform to monitor the progress of their hard work.

To earn credits you offer feedback on other websites, and you use these credits to ask for feedback on your site. Simply choose the website you want to get feedback for, click a button and you will get helpful, honest and constructive feedback for your website.

SiteRubix Site Comments Comments

Getting comments on your website is so important to an active website, the more comments you get the more you going to come across as having a much more active website to your visitors, this is also going get much better rankings in Google.

Again this is a credit based function of give and take to get other members to comment on the context of your articles rather than as in feedback they comment on your site in general ie:  layout, aesthetics etc.

The metrics that Google looks at when determining your rank include engagement within their search results. If you are actively getting comments on your website, then you will definitely improve your rankings.

SiteRubix SIte Email E-Mail

This function is only available with your own domain, SiteRubix is a sub-Domain, therefore, doesn’t have an email function.

 With Site Email, you can set up your website email address, but also forward that address to your main email provider. 

SiteRubix Site Support Support

SiteSupport. Build Your Websites With Confidence.

SiteSupport is the technical support for your websites built here at Wealthy Affiliate and is the lifeline for your website.

You will run into technical issues at some point in building and maintaining your website. It happens, but with SiteSupport you can rest assured with the knowledge that if and when anything goes wrong, your site is monitored and maintained 24/7/365 behind the scenes. So if something breaks SiteSupport will go into your website fix it and you will be back up and running without fuss in the shortest possible time.

SiteRubix Site Health Health

SiteHealth. Now You Can See How Good Your Website Is Performing.

Site Health is a real-time analysis of your website in all aspects including content, user engagement, your activity, and quality of your site.

Site Health will give you a very clear focus of where you need to improve your site and where you are doing things well. This is a complex algorithm that has been developed based on what makes a website “healthy” and successful.

This is a perspective of your website NEVER incorporated by any other website builder in the world and is something that will be of benefit to your site tremendously!

If there is another website builder in the world that is that advanced I have yet to come across it. 

Have a go for yourself, it’s free and it will show you exactly what I have been talking about.

Jaaxy – The Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy for Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital part of any successful Online Business, and now without leaving the Wealthy Affiliate platform, they have incorporated one of the finest Keyword Research programs for use by starter membership and premium membership alike.

Jaaxy membership options

Try Jaaxy for yourself.

To see what Jaaxy can do for you check out my Review of Jaaxy

The Social Side of Wealthy Affiliate

The lessons and knowledge base of Wealthy Affiliate aside there is also a very active social side to the program.

Once you decide to become a premium member a whole new world opens up with the integration of the members.

Members Area

Wealthy Affiliate -Members Area


13 Classrooms with more Questions and Answers and Pieces of training.

Live Chat

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat Area

Members here ask and receive questions and answers or just socialize with other members.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Pros & Cons:


  • Provides training in simple form from the ground up for internet marketing.
  • Simple and easy step-by-step training with tutorials and videos. 
  • Very user-friendly for the newcomer.
  • Provides support 24/7 
  • 2 free websites. 
  • Costs $0 to join (Really is Free! no Finacial details asked for). Join here.
  • Gives you access to a top quality community for help and support.
  • 24-7 live chat for social or business interaction.
  • Want to learn to make money legitimately? It’s here.
  • The owners have their members at heart and strive to make them successful. 


  • For beginners there is possibly information overload, but the more the program is used this soon evaporates.
  • There are some members of this program that I find will trash other Tutorial sites with no experience in trying out those sites, just for their own promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.


There are other sites out there that will give you an insight into Creating your own online business, but I will only promote what I believe to be true from the experience I have within this program.

The Wealthy Affiliate owners also offer an incentive for those premium members that promote the website and achieve 300 sales in a calendar year.

A fully paid Wealthy Affiliate Conference trip to Las Vegas, all expenses paid.  This is how it panned out in 2017.

with thanks to Roope Kiuttu – WA Super Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is, without a doubt, my #1 recommendation for building your online business.

If you’re looking to make that extra flow of income online or perhaps going the full hog and do it full time like me, I believe that this is probably the best place to learn exactly how to do it and get everything you need under one roof and at one price with no upsells.

Your key to success is gaining proper guidance (which WA provides) and then taking action on what you learn.

These are the only 2 ingredients you need to see results from your efforts.

If you have ANY questions about WA that you would like to discuss with me you can leave a comment in the box below and I will be only too pleased to discuss your queries with you. 

I hope I’ve given you a good insight into what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

You can see more Questions and Answers about this awesome program right here.

Is it a scam?

How can it be a scam? you aren’t being forced to part with any money.

The decision is completely in your hands. No, definitely not, it really is the way forward for anyone interested in starting an online business from scratch,

I’ve done this review from my own experience with them and have given an in-depth and honest appraisal of how I portray Wealthy Affiliate.

I have written an Ebook on exactly how this program works and what to expect before you sign up.

Read more here

“Simply the Best, Better than all the Rest”.

My #1 recommendation.

Feel free to contact me, at my personal profile page within Wealthy Affiliate and I will be more than happy to answer your questions before you decide to join up.

Here’s your chance to try out Wealthy Affiliate under no obligation.

Wealthy Affiliate signup page

Enjoy and remember if you have any comments or questions about my page please free to leave your contribution in the comment box below.

   email address

18 thoughts on “Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program 2019 – An Online Business Teaching Program”

  1. Great information about WA. It’s tough for newbies with so many scams out there making it hard to tell if anything is actually legit.

    WA sounds like one of the top places to learn on how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

    I think making money online comes down to hard work and good training.

    • Hi Dave thanks very much for your comments.

      Make Money Online is a tough niche to pursue and your right it does take hard work and the best training that is possible to get, which is why I believe Wealthy Affiliate to be the place to get all the knowledge and training under one roof.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hi, I was looking for something like that. I’ve heard about a Wealthy Affiliate before. I’m still learning, but I’m thinking about the future and I do not want to live like most people. Making money online seems to be what I want to do in my life. Affiliate marketing looks interesting. I registered at the Wealthy Affiliate and I sincerely recommend it to everyone. Site made in 1 minute and many valuable knowledge. Thanks for this information.

    • Hi Michael, 

      Glad you found some interest in my site.Make money online is a very competitive niche, but I also believe that with the training and expertise found at Wealthy Affiliate, there is no better place to learn everything needed to succeed in the Online world.

      Thanks again for dropping by.


  3. I really appreciate how you interact with your readers. Really bringing the reader into what you have written and allowing them to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is really about. Even though I am currently a member, there are some things that I still don’t know about WA. And this review has definitely helped me get the just.

    Thank you for this insight,


    • Hi Emonne,

      Iv’e tried to make this review as thorough as possible so as to let people know the true force of Wealthy Affiliate.

      There is a tremendous amount of information within WA and because new items are added on a regular basis, it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all. So I’m pleased I have managed to help you in some way.

      Thanks very much for stopping by.


  4. Yeah you’re right there are ALOT of make money online fast scams online, I’ve even been apart of one. But so far what I see in this company is that there aren’t any false promises. It seems like you’re going to have to put in alot of time and effort, which is more realistic than the company that offered me $7,000 in just 2 weeks after signing up lol.

    I just have one question though, say I do signup and go premium, what happens to my website if I cancel the membership?

    • Hi Gabe, thanks for taking the time to view my website. For sure one thing you won’t get from Wealthy Affiliate is false promises, they will give you all the information needed to build an Online Business and then it is upto the individual to take action and work hard towards their goal of success.

      If you do sign up and go premium and then decide to cancel down the road, your websites will stay active for 30 days from cancellation giving you plenty of time to move it to another hosting company and carry on building out your business.

      Thanks again for your comments


  5. I already knew what Wealthy Affiliate is as I am a member of WA for more than a year now. I am very pleased by this program. Still your very detailed and organized review make me remember all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. it really is a legitimate program which gives you a lot more than you pay for.
    By the was what is your social media plugin?

    • Hi thanks very much for stopping by.

      As a member of WA you already know the enormous benefits that Wealthy Affiliate offer so I really do appreciate you taking the time to endorse my review.

      The plugin is Mashshare.

  6. Thank you for an excellent review. You left nothing for questions. It is a very nice and detailed review put in a very organized sequence. With all the junk we get in terms of making money on the internet, it is nice to see a legitimate system out there that can genuinely assist people on their online journey.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Fadi,  thanks for stopping by.

      When you are looking to start an online business you need to be sure you are getting the correct advice.

      With so many programs out there that offer “Ways to start an Online Business” it becomes a bit of a lottery choosing the right one if you are not sure what you are looking for.

      This was the main motivation behind producing a fully comprehensive review of what I believe to be the finest teaching program for getting a business up and running on the Internet.

      People need to know exactly what they are getting for their money with nothing left to chance.

      I appreciate your time and comment.

  7. Wealthy Affiliate sound just like what I have been searching for, I have had this desire to start my own online business but I have no idea where to start?

    What concerns me the most right now is if I become a member of Wealthy Affiliate and build my websites what happens to my websites if I have to cancel my membership for any reason?

    Do i lose all the work I put into my websites or can I still promote them if I am not a member?

    • Hi Jeffrey, thanks for stopping by.

      Starting your own Online Business is fairly straight forward if you have the knowledge and support of a credible teaching program, and to be honest with you anybody, no matter what age gender or intelligence they posses can be successful.

      If you became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and at some given time decided to cancel your membership, WA give you a generous 30 days from cancellation to move your site(s) to another hosting company. (Don’t forget WA hosting is free with Premium membership).

      Once you have transferred your site all your work will still be intact to continue working on it as before.

      Points to note when changing over is to check out the hidden items that you got with WA ie:security (SSL is free with WA) free Email integration and spam protection.

      Otherwise everything is made quite simple for the transfer.

      Hope I have put your mind at rest and thanks again for stopping by.

      Gordon (

  8. Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for writing and letting us know more about Wealthy Affiliate.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start when it comes to making money online
    Keep it up Gordon. Waiting to hear more from you.

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