How Can I Start An Online Business

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I am assuming you are here because you are wondering How Can I Start An Online Business and be honest, you are not really sure where to go or what to do. I am right, aren’t I?

Well let me tell you it isn’t easy, but there again given the chance and the right education, it isn’t rocket science either.

Most people who start out with the idea of making a living from the internet fail, and I’m guessing you will be one of them and my reason behind that statement is that you have no idea where to start, or what it takes to succeed.

So What Does it Take?

First and foremost it takes dedication, it takes motivation and it takes patience.have patience

As in an offline business it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes hard work and if you are not familiar with how to start an online business, it takes education.



First, you have to have a good website builder.

build your own website
Build Your Website

I mean A GOOD website builder, one that does all the back office(the technical stuff) for you and leaves you with a website that is ready to build out.

Then you have to optimize that website for the search engines, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Sounds complicated, I know, but given the right direction, it isn’t as mind-boggling as it sounds.



Then learn how to get traffic to your website with keywords and great content.


Now here’s the big one.

To make a living with any online business opportunity you need customers, and your customers come from surfers looking at your website.

But how do they find your business?

They find it by what they type into their search engine, the words that they type to find what they are looking for, the KEYWORDS.

Think back to the last time you looked for something on the internet.

What did you type into the search bar to get what you were looking for, that’s right, they were your keywords, and all the sites listed that Google or whoever you use came up with, used a keyword that you typed in to get you to their site.

But that’s not all.

Great Content

 When you found the site you were looking for was it interesting? did it hold your attention or did you just skip over it because it was boring with not a lot of the information you were looking for?

The content of that website was inadequate.

Any content you produce on your website is what holds your reader’s attention.

It has to be interesting, well laid out but above all informative.

People search the internet for information and if you cant give them what they are looking for you won’t hold their attention and subsequently lose business.

Making Money Online

Then after all your hard work you have got to learn how to earn money from your website.

make money online_

There are many many ways to earn money from your website, probably too many to go into here and now, but the most popular way is through Affiliate Marketing, that’s advertising other company’s  merchandise on your website,

Depending on your Niche ( The topic of your website) will depend on your Affiliate advertising.

affiliate marketing

For example, if you have a sporty website,  you go and find companies ( on the internet, of course) that sell merchandise that fit your Niche and join their Affiliate program.

You obtain a code from the article you want to promote and add it to your site.

Then if and when someone clicks on that link and buys something from your promoted advert you get paid a commission.


Amazon is probably the biggest Affiliate Marketing company around, but apart from them, there are literally thousands of companies in all Niches that have Affiliate programs.

A Credible Teaching Program

All this doesn’t come easy to someone who wouldn’t know where to start, but it isn’t as hard as you may think.

Find yourself a credible teaching program that guarantees success if you are willing to learn and work hard at it.

But when you have found a program that gives you all the help and support to get started, make sure you are going to get a free look around before you make any commitment.

Look for a program that gives you the online business opportunity of starting for free

Hope you now have a better idea starting an online business and understand the pitfalls.

Nothing comes easy when you are aiming for a better life, but with self-motivation and dedication you can achieve it. I did it and you know what?  It really is worth it.

I did it and you know what?  It really is worth it.

So what is holding you back? Get going, there’s no time like the present.

Start your own online business now.

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8 thoughts on “How Can I Start An Online Business”

  1. Awesome Gdodd ,

    You have really taught me how I can start my online business now. I have been looking for ways to start my own online business over the years.
    and have been trying to figure out just how to go about it but to no avail.

    So I’m very glad I found your article today. Of course, as you rightly said I now it will take time and some dedication, however, I know that if I do not give up and put in some effort, it will surely pay off in time.

    I’m going to start with your recommended teaching program – Wealthy Affiliate right now and learn how to build my website and then proceed with my online business.

    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with me

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for stopping by and pleased you found my website helpful.

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best Online business Teaching program that you will find on the internet and I wish you all the very best going forward. 

  2. A few things that I learned from starting my own online business is that you must allow yourself to make mistakes in the early stages. Most of us started as beginners; not knowing how to handle the web stuff, much less understand internet jargon that makes little sense.

    But if you keep learning, you’ll slowly understand why things are the way they are. You’ll have better clarity of what you are doing and the rest is just creating a system that works for your on a daily basis.

    • This is so true Cathy, I am a great believer in the fact that you can never stop learning. The internet is evolving every day and every day something new will come to light that needs attention.

      Thank you very much for your comment.

  3. I never really realized how simple it could be to start something like this up online – you lay it out so well it feels as if anyone can attempt it!
    But at the same time it also feels like there is a lot more work involved – how many years have you been doing this and how long did it take you to become successful in you field?

    • Thanks very much for your comment Chris. Yes is it that easy to get started if you have the right tutorial program with all the help and support that is needed. But it does also take hard work to keep up with your competitors each and every day.

  4. Hi there,

    Brilliant post and thanks for sharing it. To open your own business (online or offline business). To succeed it takes a lot of hard work, determination, patience, and perseverance and positive attitude especially when the chips are down and working real hard and seeing no or little return, little sales, not much coin coming in.
    You still just gotta push on with it and keep going where and when others would trown in the towel and give up.

    • Thank you very much for your positive comment Derek. I think people should have a broader idea of what it takes to run an online business without the notion that it happens easily and overnight, which is where WA’s training comes into it’s own.


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