How Can I Start An Online Business Today.

Are you ready to work for yourself and be in charge of your own future, and start an online business Today?

The Cost Involved

Starting an online business is very easy and takes away the hassle of maybe buying a franchise business, the cost of renting retail space, business rates, and all the fixed costs that go with a bricks and mortar business.

Maybe you haven’t got the funds available to pursue an offline business, but you do have, to start an online business today.start-an-online-business.

To start an online business will cost you absolutely nothing to get started.( Sorry forgot about the £10 per year for your domain name.)

But after that there will be no extra costs involved, to get you up and running.

Ready Made Customers

With an online business, you already have the potential customer base of over 2 billion shoppers every single day of the week, instead of hoping and praying that someone will walk through the door of your high street shop.


Your Topic

But, like any business, you will still need a vision of what you want your business to be.

You need to find a niche ( a group of people that relate to your vision).

 Your Niche is a topic that either you can sell, or write about and monetize it with advertisers that pertain to your website.

There are thousands of niches that you could find.

But choosing something that you are passionate about, which will make life so much simpler when you come to fill out your website with content.

Below I have compiled a list of over 100 niche’s to give you some idea of what you could be looking for.

 Acne,  Adoption, Anger Management,  Anti-Ageing,  Antiquing,  Anxiety,  Archaeology, Astronomy
Back Pain,  Backpacking, Bass Fishing, Become A Nurse, Bird Training/Train Your Bird to Talk,
Boating & Sailing, Bowling, Boxing, Camping and Hiking, Ceramics, Cheerleading, Chess, Chicken Coops
Classic Cars, Cooking/Recipes, Copywriting, Decorating, Divorce, Dog Training, Drop shipping,
Eating Disorders, Gambling, Gardening, Get Your Ex Back, Golf, Greenhouses, Hair Loss, Headaches
Hiking, Honeymoons, Horse Racing, Horses Training, How To Be Confident, How To Budget
How to Learn French, How to Learn German, How to Learn Guitar, How to Learn Italian
How to Learn Spanish, How to Play the Piano, How to Play the Violin, Hunting, Insurance(home/auto/life/pet), Interior Design, Invest In Gold, Knitting, Landscaping
Lawn Care, Learn The Guitar, Learn To Dance, Learn To Sing, Life Coaching, Low Fat Recipes
Magic, Marriage Advice, Martial Arts, Massage, Memory Improvement, Menopause, Model Trains
Motherhood, Motivation, Mountain Biking, Organic Food, Parenting, Photography,Poker, Pottery
Pregnancy, Psychic, Psychology, Public Domain, Quilting, Racquetball, Rafting, Relationships/Dating
Rugby, Running, Saltwater Fishing, Scrap-booking, Scuba Diving, Self-Sustainability (solar power/wind-power/water filtration), Single Parenting, Skateboarding, Skiing, Snorkelling, Snowboarding
Stop Snoring, Stop smoking, Surfing, Swimming, Tattoo Removal, Tennis, Time Management
UFOs, Volleyball, Wedding Planning, Wedding Speeches, Weight Loss, Weight Training, Wine Making
Woodworking, Wrestling, Yoga


Your Website Domain Name

To build a website you first have to choose a domain name.

A domain name is exclusive to you, so choose one that pertains to what you want to build your website around. There are lots of domain name registrars to choose from, some of which are, GoDaddy, Namecheap,123(mainly UK based) and 

Let’s Build A Website

So now you have decided what you want to tell the world about, you have to have a website, a shop window,  to show off all your goodies.

Now I can feel your panic setting in, “How do I make a website”?

I promise you that is the easiest part of your business.

There are plenty of programs on the net that will offer you a free website builder, but if you really want a tried and tested one here is my #1 recommendation.

This video will explain exactly how you can have your own website up and running within 30 seconds.

Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds


You now have your website main frame built and you are ready to add content and start an online business today.

start your own online business


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