How To Add An Image To WordPress

Adding Images to your pages or posts makes for a better user experience and helps to keep your viewers attention. Here I will show you how to add an image to WordPress.

A large post that is all text becomes boring and quickly loses the interest of the reader.

Finding an image/photo.

The image you are looking for obviously has to pertain to the topic of your blog and there are three ways you can do this.

Google Images, Free Stock Images or Paid Stock Images.

Google is somewhat sparse in providing the relevant images if you use it in the correct way without the chance of being slapped or even sued.

When searching  Google images it is advisable to search under “Labelled for reuse”, any other search leaves you open for all sorts of slaps on the images

Type into the search bar the subject of the image you are looking for, go to images, highlighted in Blue above and then to search tools, open the “labelled for reuse” tab and you are free to use any of the images that appear.

Free stock images of which there is a tonne of sites that provide this option, is probably the best way to go.

Personally, I use Pixabay, there are hundreds of images on a wide range of subjects that can be downloaded and used on your website free of charge.

Paid stock images are exactly what they say you pay a fee to use any and as many pictures or photos, you want.

Normally these are of higher quality. Some of the sites include: Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Stock Adobe

Downloading to Your Media file.

Once you have found the image/photo it’s a case of downloading it to your media file.

With Google images just click on the image right click and “save image as” name the image and save.

Depending on how you have your download files setup it should go to your Downloads file.

You then have to open up the media file of the website you want the image to be added.

Click add new and search file this should take you to your downloads file, find the image you have just downloaded and highlight it, at the bottom of the box click open.

Your image is now in your media file.

Add Image to Blog.

On the page or /post you want to add an image, place the cursor where you want the image to appear and click.

If you want it as a full-page image, before your content, place the cursor in a clear space above the content.

If you are looking to place the image within your content place the cursor where you want the image to appear and click.

Click add media and from your media file and click on the image you want to add.

Making Image Google Friendly

Remember that search engine bots can’t read images, they have to be told what the image is all about.

So to the right of the media library, you have the attachment details of the image you have just selected, this is where you tell them what the image is about.

In the “alt text” box describe the image in 2 or 3 words, using a keyword is always beneficial.

Now you have your image ready to insert into your page/post just click “add image”. It will appear where you have decided you want it.

If you want to move the image to another part of your blog, this is easily done by using the edit section.

Just click on the image and you will find the edit panel open up.

image alignment





You have the option of moving the image to the left of your blog, to the right, to the centre or with No  Alignment, anywhere you want within your blog.

Now you have your image safely embedded into your blog.

Save as draft before you publish it and view your post or page to see how it looks after publishing.

This way you can make any alterations that may be needed before you go ahead and publish it.

I hope this has helped you to understand how to add an image to WordPress.

If you have any queries or comments I would encourage you to leave them in the box below and I will gladly come back to you.

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