12 Ways Get More Traffic For Your Website – Positive Tips For 2019

12 Ways Get More Traffic For Your Website – Positive Tips For 2019

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The lifeblood of any Online Business is Traffic, but the question we all ask is “How to get more traffic for your website”.
Without people looking at our websites, we have no business, so it is imperative that we make every effort to get our message across to as many people as possible in the best ways possible.
I have been in the online business now for a few years and have strived to find the best ways to attract visitors to my website, and here are what I believe to be the most beneficial ways of doing just that.

1. Quality Content.

Without a doubt, unique quality content is going to be the catalyst for success.creating-great-content
The more you update your website the more traffic you will receive.
It’s a known fact that search engines will place a higher priority on rankings for sites that have fresh up to date content.
Update your website at least twice a week, by either adding fresh content or even updating aged content that is more than a year old.

2. Promoting Content

Writing great content and just posting it on your website isn’t going to be enough to expect your traffic to grow.
You are relying on the ranking system of search engines to get your work noticed from being on page 1.
Using social media to get your message across is a great source of traffic. Use as many social media networks as you can but a must to include are, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google+.

3. Write Titles That Entice.

Believe it or not, the title you use for your articles can become just as important as the ingredients of your content.
Think back to when you last surfed the net looking for a certain something and the heading that attracted your attention.
A title should be both informative and enticing. Give them a bit of oomph, make your readers want to click on your heading.

4. Finding And Using Keywords Correctly.

Before we get into the proper use of Keywords, let’s establish what a Keyword is.
A Keyword or Keyphrase is a description of what the surfer types into the search bar to find an answer or information on the query they have.

You are probably thinking “How on earth am I supposed to know what someone is going to type into a search bar”, luckily we have a crystal ball in the form of a Keyword Research Tool.
A Keyword Research Tool is going to be one of your most valuable pieces of equipment in getting your content high up in the SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages ) and your target audience being able to find it. This results in traffic to your site and the more traffic = more conversions = more revenue.
As a rule of thumb, I will try to find keywords that have the 100/100 strategy, over 100 monthly searches and below 100 competition, or as near as possible.
It won’t do you a lot of good if the keyword has thousands of searches a month but then has hundreds of websites competing for that keyword.
Just by playing around with the words in your keyword, can have the desired effect.Targeted-Keywords


By changing the two words “To” and “For” gives a dramatic change in competition, from over 200 to just 21.

Each post you create for your website should have a unique Keyword, and you want to place that Keyword firstly in the title, then in the first 140 characters of your post and once more towards the end.
At least one image within your post should contain your keyword.

5. Stick to your niche.

Don’t confuse your audience by going off on a tangent by including off-topic content.
Yes, you may get traffic pertaining to that particular topic, but once your reader has fathomed out that your website is not about cats at all, in fact, it is about dogs, they are quickly going to hit the back button thinking they have come to the wrong site.
Know your targeted audience and stick with it. You will build trust with your audience in the knowledge that your site is an authoritative website within your niche.

6. Include Images.

Images are so so important to your website and attracting visitors.
Not only are you going to make your content more appealing to your readers, but each image you choose to place on your site should also have a keyword included in the Alt Text. creative commons license
This not only helps partially sighted readers that will use a screen reader, but it also tells the search engines what the image is all about. (Remember that search engines can’t “see” images, they can only crawl text.)
Choose your images wisely, make sure that any image you use is good to use.
There are some images that appear on the internet that are subject to copyright and hefty fines can be imposed for illegal use.

7. Use links.

Search engines absolutely adore websites that link to other more authoritative websites, giving the reader a wider knowledge of the search query.
These are outbound links and they also serve another valuable purpose, in as much as the website you link to may well pick up on the gesture and link back to your website.
This creates more ranking juice for your site and more ranking juice creates more exposure which will, in turn, attract more visitors.
Once you have got visitors clicking on your site, you are going to want to keep them interested and therefore internal links are a very useful way of doing this.
By using text links to other posts that relate to the content you are writing about keeps the reader active on your site, and search engines see this as a positive sign that your site is informative to the search query, resulting in better rankings, which will get you more traffic.

8. Using video.

Always keep in mind that Google owns YouTube, therefore having your own YouTube channel where you can upload videos pertaining to your website, is going to drive traffic to your site.
Fact is, that when you compare text and videos, videos get ranked easily and faster than mere text. Search engines take videos in high authority.
Try to incorporate a short video that you have created yourself within your post, to give the reader a better user experience, then upload it to your YouTube channel with a link back to your website.

9. Add social sharing buttons.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media is a great free way of getting your content out to the wide-open world.

Social sharing buttons are a must to invite people to share your content across the social media spectrum.

10. Invite readers to leave comments.

Comments on your site may seem trivial to you but they have a great impact on ranking.
The more comments your site receives, the more search engines are going to see that visitors are engaging with you making your site authoritative.
This, in turn, is going to help your rankings, and the higher your ranking the more traffic you are going to see.

11. Invite guest contributors.

Don’t be afraid to ask other website owners to contribute to your site.
Have a search for other websites within your niche, and if you like what you read, reach out to them inviting them to write a guest post for your site.
Most will be only too pleased to do this as they are going to get exposure to their work and in turn may even return the favour by asking you to write for them.
Guest posting opens up more avenues of traffic for you and is going to give your website the added bonus of connecting with a wider network.

12. Paid Advertising.

Ok, this may be beyond your budget, but it is certainly worthwhile considering.
Facebook is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms available and for as little as $10 a post can be “Boosted” increasing the reach by some margin.
If you are struggling to attract the traffic numbers you are looking for, small ads may give you a significant boost.


These are my top 12 tips for attracting more traffic, but once you have gone through the painstaking tasks of getting people to visit your site, make sure you keep hold of them.
User experience plays a major role in keeping your readers engaged, so keep in mind that you are writing for human beings and not everyone has the same intelligence levels.
Make your content easy to read and understand.
Use plenty of white space and subheadings where appropriate.
Bulleted or numbered lists make your content more easily digested.

But most of all enjoy what you do because if you don’t, this will reflect in your work and readers will notice it.

Have fun and go get that traffic.


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11 thoughts on “12 Ways Get More Traffic For Your Website – Positive Tips For 2019”

  1. Thanks for sharing the information, as a rocky I need all the advice I can get. I have been trying to get traffic to my website but it hasn’t been easy  I have been missing out on updating /publishing content at least twice a week and other tips you have given, I will definitely work on them.  

    • Thank you for stopping by Euphrasia, it isn’t the easiest task in the world, attracting people to your website, but with consistency and hopefully some of the tips I give out here, it will make life a little easier.

  2. Well, I think that Content is KING and will continue to be for many years to come. You need to have good quality content as it makes for a better user experience. Otherwise, you might get people to your site, but if your content is of poor quality they will hit the back button fast, and therefore you will have failed since, in my opinion, the purpose having a website is to monetize on it.

    Also, I think that Videos are the future of internet marketing. YouTube is the #1 site when it comes to video sharing. I use it on a regular basis, especially when I’m looking for tips on how to do things. Thank you for the tip about adding your videos to your YouTube’s channel. I have a few websites which contain many videos, but I haven’t added them to my YouTube channel because I always thought that you could only add the videos that you made. I will definitely add those videos now with a link back to my site for sure!

    Social media is also very important for getting traffic to your site. However, it could be a huge “time waste” trap in my opinion. You can get caught up for hours at the time if you’re not careful. Which is why when I publish a new post, I share it on social media (G+, FB, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest) and that’s it. I don’t spend much time on social media, except for Facebook which is my main social media and I try to spend no more than 30 minutes/day engaging with my followers.

    • Hi Sonia, thanks for stopping by, content is always going to be king as Google points out, great unique content is going to get your work ranked, but getting people to read your content is another problem.
      I think there is a confusion about video usage and uploading to your own channel, yes only videos produced by yourself can be placed on your channel, with that in mind I have rephrased that particular sentence.

      I want to thank you once again for leaving your comment and wish yo all the very best for the future


  3. I thank you for all this great information on how to get more traffic to my website. That is the biggest thing I have been working on for the last couple of months building my traffic and it seems to be a very hard job by using some of the methods that you mentioned in your article I will be able to work a little bit more on changing some of my methods. I think my titles need to be more captivating for my readers.

    Thank you again for this very informative article I really appreciate all the information you share.

  4. I appreciate this advice more than you know. I have been trying to get traffic to my website for so long. I have tried some of those techniques, and I have just felt like an absolute failure. Thank you for giving me new hope. I am definitely going to dive in, try harder and get the traffic I need. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Mel, attracting traffic to your site is always going to be quite a big task with so many algorithms that Google place on ranking, but hopefully I have given you some valuable pointers to help you achieve your goals.

      Thank you very much for stopping by, and all the very best for the future.


  5. I recently start experimenting with paid ads. Not necessarily on FB but through other means such as PTC. I find them to be dirt cheap and sometimes effective. other ways is by submitting your URLs to other sites that will get you noticed on the pages and social media. then there is social links app for your WP sites. Summo social share app is just awesome. with these few things that i have mentioned, i manage to get a reasonable amount of eyeballs

  6. Hi Gordon – thanks for sharing this useful article. As a relatively new affiliate marketer, I am always looking to improve traffic to my website. I was interested to see what you said about the use of Alt Text on images. I have actually used the same phrase on all my images, which obviously isn’t ideal! I will go back through them and add keywords. Thanks for that useful tip. All the best, Diane

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much for stopping, it is pleasing that you got some benefit from my post. 

      Images are an important part of your on-page SEO and you should be using the keyword that is relevant to your post on at least one image.

      All the best and I wish you every success


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