How To Create A Profitable Website

Anyone can make a website, it is that easy. But learning how to create a profitable website is entirely another question.

Here are major factors that you should follow to get your basic website into that full-time business.

A Niche.

Choosing A Niche

First and foremost you have to establish what business you want. You need to come up with a niche.

A niche is simply an audience. 

Surfers are your audience and surfers look for stuff online, for example, what did you last search for in Google? That was a niche.

If you had a bricks and mortar business your niche would be a Candy Store, a Clothes shop, a sports outlet, a health store etc. 

These are niches selling to people that want Candy or clothes or sporting articles or healthy living etc.

So choosing your niche has got to be something that is popular but also that you yourself are passionate about. 

The more you know about that subject you are going to choose the better chance you will have to actually make your website perform for you, to earn you a living.

If you are passionate and knowledgeable about your niche the better content you will be able to write about.

Domain Name

Business Domain NamesOnce you have settled on the topic of your website, you are going to need a Domain

A domain is the address of your website that gets you identified within the internet, it is the address to your website files.

So you need to try and come up with a name that is easy to remember but describes your website topic.

Using this article as an example “How to Build a Profitable Website .com” would cover both aspects to a T, but to get a domain name that specific isn’t going to be easy.

All the most memorable names are probably already in use, so you have to be a little bit creative in your wording.

Using top level extensions, like .com, .net and .org are the most desirable, so when you come up with a name try all three and see which is available.

Website builder

building a websiteA Website builder is going to be the least of your problems.

Basically, any website builder is going to produce the back office tools and a Content Management System that allows you to construct a website of your own making without having to use coding.


web-hostingWhen buying a domain name you don’t necessarily have to have it hosted with that supplier.

You can have your website files hosted with one company, and have a domain registered with another.

All you need to do to connect the two is point your domain’s DNS (Domain Name Server) to the address of your hosting company.


Do your research.

Unless you are 100% sure of the article you are about to write about, it is paramount you do some research on it to guide your readers in the right direction.

Giving out false information will harm your authoritativeness within your niche, your rankings will drop as people will believe that you really don’t know what you are talking about.

You have the largest encyclopaedia in the world at your fingertips. See how many results came up when I typed in “How to build a website”

how to build a website

 Research does take time but is well worth the effort.

Reading up and absorbing information from different authoritative sites in your niche will help you produce unique content.

 Quality Content

Content-is-KingHow to make a profitable website is all about quality content.

This isn’t all about feeding information to readers about a certain subject.

It has to be put across in an interesting manner, that includes humour, images, easy to understand explanations and impeccable grammar.

The biggest turn off for a reader is an article that is written in poor grammar.

It is another sign of substandard authority of your site.

Your content must be unique, written in your own words.

Don’t even think about copy and pasting an article from another website to your own.

Google has very stringent views on such activities and your website will eventually be struck from their index.


White space on your article is so so important to keep your viewers attention.

Don’t keep typing and typing so you end up with a block of text with a number of sentences. 

Break them down into smaller paragraphs.

Not only will it look more attractive on the page it will also keep the viewers from getting bored in reading the article.


Info-text graphic - keywordsKeywords are crucial if you want to get traffic landing on your site.

But it can also be a lottery finding the right keywords/phrases that a surfer is going to type into their search engine to find the information they are looking for and that just happens to be a post you have written, covering that subject.

It’s no good just plucking a word or phrase out of the air that you think every other surfer will use to search for your topic.

It doesn’t work like that, People have some peculiar thoughts when typing into a search bar to find what they are looking for.

With that in mind, we have keyword research platforms.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is very good for finding the keywords that are trending and most popular but as a webmaster, you need to know how many other websites are competing for that keyword. 

Personally, I use a Keyword Research Platform called Jaaxy.

This particular program will tell me how many websites are actually competing for that keyword, how much traffic I can expect to gain from it if I reach page 1 on Google, how popular that keyword is and whether or not it is wise to use it or look for an alternative. 

It will also give me alternative suggestions that may be a lot more beneficial. 

That’s the sort of help in searching for the right keyword/phrase you should be looking for.

Read more about Jaaxy here.


SEOSearch Engine Optimisation is exactly that.

Optimising your website so that Search Engine bots can crawl your content for indexing.

SEO is all about getting free advertising for your website in the form of Google placing your site in front of every other website in your niche by showing it on the front page of its SERPS ( Search Engine Results Pages).

You should always bear in mind that when the search engines crawl your site, it is a computer doing this and not a human.

So everything has to be made easy for the computer to recognise what is going on in the pages and posts of your site.

It is no good adding an image to your post and not letting the bot know what that image is all about.

Bots can only read text not pictures.

Even text embedded into pictures returns a blank portion of your page to the search engine crawlers.

So when adding an image you should always use the  alt text attribute to describe your image.

Telling the world what your site is all about, comes about by the Preview Snippet that the search engines place in their search listings.

You need to make sure your Preview Snippet contains a descriptive headline which will say exactly what your site is all about and then a meta description of what your site is going to offer to potential readers.


Read more about Why Search Engine Optimisation is so important.

Social Media

Any webmaster that is looking to be successful should be using Social Media in some form or another to get their message across.

The second largest search engine behind Google is YouTube.

YouTube  youtube logois used by 1,300,000,000 people every month, there are over 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute of every day and with nearly 5,000,000,000(5 billion) videos being watched each and every day.

There’s no wonder that video marketing is fast becoming the way forward for companies to advertise their products.

But you shouldn’t lose sight of the impact that other social media platforms can have on the visibility of your website.


Facebook  is still the most popular social platform, especially with the 18-35-year-old users.

With more than 1.6 billion users each month, it certainly is a must for webmasters to create a business page to advertise their product.

Other popular platforms that shouldn’t be ignored include:

twitter logo

Twitter with over 300.000,000 monthly users.


LinkedIn linkedin logo more of a business social platform but still with a monthly usage of over 200,000,000.


Pinterest pinterest logois very popular image and video sharing social platform which can be linked back to your own website. With a monthly usage of around 250,000,000. a very worthwhile platform to explore.


google + logoGoogle+ has its own social platform as well which is used by approximately 120,000,000.  Google+‘s every month.


Other notable social platform sites are:

 Tumblr   tumblr logoa social blogging platform with an average of  110,000.000. users



instagram logoInstagram is another photo and video sharing app and is hugely popular with around 100,000,000 monthly users.


Redditreddit logo is more of a social news and sharing platform but still attracts around 85,000,000. users each month.


Each and every one of these social platforms, if used to their potential can significantly increase visitors to your website.

If you want to build a profitable website, it is going to take more than just making a website and sitting back and waiting.

You need to work hard and use all the facilities available to give yourself the chance of a successful online career.

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