How To Start An Internet Business At Home – Part 4 – Making A Website SEO Friendly

Getting Your Website Ready For Search Engines

So now that you have the topic of your website(Your Niche) you have bought your Domain name and you have built your website mainframe, you now have the task of how to make a website SEO friendly to the top search engines.
This is different from optimizing each page and post, that will be covered in another part(part 9 Search engine Optimization).
No, this is making your website consistent, making it easier for search engine bots to bots

There are 3 main search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Google, being the largest search engine, obviously has the largest share of the search market with approximately 64% and over 95% of all searches from mobile items (Phones, Tablets iPads), then comes Bing with 20% and Yahoo with around 13%.
You need to tell these search engines exactly what is going on within your website, for them to be able to rank it.

Why do you want rankings in the search engines? Simple…

Because website rankings produce Targeted Traffic and Targeted Traffic produces Revenue!
Getting your site ranked is the first step in creating an online revenue stream.

Making A Website SEO Friendly isn’t as complicated as it may seem, there are plugins that automate the process and make life a lot easier.
The two plugins that you can choose between are AIO SEO (All In One) and Yoast SEO, they both do the basic tasks for your website, although Yoast will give you a few extra options when it comes to On-page SEO.

For this article, we will be showing the basic functions that you can set and forget in All In One SEO plugin.


A SitemapA sitemap is exactly what it says on the tin, it is a listing of your website’s activity so that the search engines have the most up to date version of your site.
Every time you post a new article or make an alteration to a previously posted article your sitemap will send the information to the search engines automatically.

Home Title

Your Home Title should be as close as possible to the purpose of your website. This will not show up on your website but will be used by search engines as a clickable tag in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
Ideally, you want to keep the length down to around 40-60 characters.
Google will shorten any Home title that exceeds the optimum length, and if a surfer can only see half of the title they are not going to get a proper idea of your what you are trying to tell them.

Home description

A home description is telling the search engines what your site is all about, your visions and your expectations of what you want your website to achieve. Again there is an optimum length you should bear in mind before the search engines show the …. at the end of your description.
Try to keep within 160 characters to prevent this happening.Home page settings

They are the 3 most important sections to complete in Making A Website SEO Friendly, ready for you to add your unique quality content.

I hope this Part 4  Making A Website SEO Friendly has given you an insight of how important this is. 

If you have any comments about this or any other part of this series please leave them in the box below.

Kick the 9-5 Habit

In Part 5 we will be discussing the Structuring Of Your Website.

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4 thoughts on “How To Start An Internet Business At Home – Part 4 – Making A Website SEO Friendly”

  1. I think home description is quite important but I just could not find a good description for my site. Of course I know about my goals etc. but I am just too hesitant to write it. Do you have any suggestions for me and can I talk about my goals with my site rather than what is all about? Since 160 characters are not much at all.

    • Hi Fukan.
      The home description is a brief explanation of what your website is about and maybe how you plan on helping people with it. It doesn’t have to be a full blown post, and it isn’t set in stone. You can always come back to it later and re-write it. The only goals that you should be talking about in your Home description is your intention for helping people.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You know what? I have never really put any effort into Yahoo or Bing. I think a while back I did add my sitemap for one of my websites to Bing but I have 6 websites now. I know that Google may be the biggest search engine but it is not the only one so it may be worth my while adding my other websites to Bing and all of them to Yahoo. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hi Lynne, thanks for stopping by. Getting exposure for our websites is one of the major tasks we face. So using all the facilities available should be a must. When you think that Bing and Yahoo equate to over 30% of searches on the internet, it makes sense to use those platforms.
      Thanks for your comment. 


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