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How To Start a Small Online Business

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First of all to start your own work from home business you have to start with the main ingredient and that is YOU.
If you want to be truly successful with your OWN business then the intuition has to come from your own skills and mindset.

Don't rely on "Work from home" ads that are going to entice you in to filling in surveys, watching online videos, giving your opinion on other websites or stuffing envelopes.
These type of work from home jobs are time consuming, working for a pittance and you are making someone else rich.

Your immediate thought should be on the skills or talent that you yourself possess.

Think ME, MY, MINE.

Do you have a certain skill that you can teach to others?
What rocks your boat, an interest or passion that you really can't wait to get home to do
Or maybe there is an area that you feel really strongly about, the environment, green issues, parenting.

This is where your mindset should be focused when thinking about how to start a work from home business.

There are certain traits and qualities that all successful home based business owners possess.
They have self motivation, they are self-reliant, they have the ability to persevere, they definitely have initiative, and they also have the ability to pick themselves up when things get tough.

Setting Out Your Stall

Now is the time to decide which path you will take for your business.
Sit down with a piece of paper and pen and make a list of all the things that you are interested in, or what your passions are.
This is going to determine the type of Business you undertake.
For instance if you have a gift for teaching people then a home based tuition course that you can sell on websites like Udemy.
Maybe you have always wanted to own your own shop, this can be done with your own website through ecommerce and sites like Shopify
Could communication be your thing, start a personal blog to connect with people with the same interests and place ads on it.
These are all areas that are feasible, and almost any idea that you come up with can be turned into a successful online business.   

Being Self Employed

This is one of the biggest tasks you will face as a Home Based Business Owner.

Being self employed isn't for everyone, and some people either don't have the application to be their own boss or just don't know how to handle it.
Being self employed is a completely different scenario from being an employee.
Firstly you have to wear several different hats.

  • Self Motivator
    When you are working for someone else, you have someone above you to tell you what to do or how to do it. Being self employed the onus is completely on you to 

  • Make Your Own Plans
    Maybe as an employee you were used to someone else coming up with new projects and planning ahead to see that project got of the ground. No more all that is now down to you.

  • Book Keeper
    When you were employed by someone else, they had their own accounts department that took care of all the invoicing and payments. Hopefully you won't have to many invoices to pay but you still have to keep a tally of the money you earn, to send of to the dreaded tax man at the end of the year.

  • No Sickies or Time Off
    This is where your self motivation also comes into play. As a self employed person every minute of the day is a minute of production, so taking time off is a valuable asset that is going to be very rare in the early stages of your start up.   

Everyone would love a better work and life balance and working from home enables you to achieve it.

Get to see more of your family, along with saving money on commuting and a lifestyle that many dream of all over the world.

"Running an Online Business" can help you find a real online, home-based job that will help you fulfil that dream.

In particular, we can help you learn all you need to know about Affiliate Marketing- a type of performance-based marketing which rewards you for each visitor or customer to your website.

Basically, if your website appeals to plenty of people, then more advertisers will be interested- which means more commission for you. 

Training and Support

At Running an Online Business we believe anyone can succeed at Affiliate Marketing as long as they have the right training.

Our members have praised our supportive environment and the trustworthy, reliable information we provide.

We strive to please by offering clients a genuine chance of making money online- no scams or underhand tactics.

There is also a community feel to our website which appeals to many different kinds of people.

No matter where you are in the world, we can open up your eyes to new opportunities.

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