How Do You Start Affiliate Marketing


There's a new revolution going on and it's called the Online World.
Anything and everything is now being sold and bought on the Internet, and every major company has an Affiliate program.
An Affiliate program that is designed to attract salesmen/women to help the company sell their goods.
Back in the day a company would employ a sales team to go spread the word and they would get paid a salary + a bonus called a commission.
The commision was paid for the amount of sales they generated.
They were Affiliated to that company. 


Door to Door Salesman

Nowadays with the new revolution going, on more and more of these companies are dispensing with their sales force.
They are moving over to paying online salesmen/woman.
They are offering Affiliations to ordinary people who want to build a website around that Niche Market, and pay those persons a commission for every sale that they generate through their website.
And of course, the great benefit to the company is that their Affiliated websites are working 24/7/365.

open 24hrs

Websites are open 24hrs a day 365 days a year

So how do we start Affiliate Marketing? 

Well first and foremost is choosing the topic/subject/item that you want to promote.

What I will say here is that which ever course you take, make sure it is something that you have knowledge about, something that you are passionate about and something that you will have little trouble in writing articles about.

The company that you are going to be associated with are going to want to see that you do actually know what you are talking about.

Gone are the days whereby it was ok to build an excuse for a website, plonk some images from an affiliated company on it and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.
The search engines put paid to that.

Now to have any chance of survival your work has got to be ranked fairly high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), or at least if you are sending social media readers to your website, they have got to be impressed.

Although there are a few ways that Affiliate Marketing can be achieved without a website, like a Facebook fan page, Instagram, and even a YouTube channel, I just feel that a website gives you more satisfaction in actually building your own Online Business.

Creating a Website

Creating your website is going to be the easiest of all your tasks and will take less than a minute to accomplish.
You are going to need a website builder, and there are quite a few free ones that you can choose from.
But for the purposes of this article I shall be showing you one that I believe in and use for all my sites.

SiteRubix is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and comes free with both the free membership and the premium membership.

The first thing you will encounter is whether you want to build your website with a free domain or a domain you own.
The free domain option is really for people that are giving Wealthy Affiliate a try out with their free 7 day introduction offer.

So assuming you have your own domain, you pop that into the own domain box and the give your website a name, which can be the same as your domain name only with gaps between the words.

Next step you will choose a theme(which can be changed to your liking further down the road), and the press build my website.
This is where the magic happens.
Within 60 seconds wordpress has done all its back office stuff and you are left with a fully functional, beautiful looking website ready for you to start adding content.

This video was made by a member of Wealthy Affiliate. (Sharing is Caring), to show you the full process.

Here you are, have a go for yourself and let me know what you think of it.

Adding Content

Now the hard work starts.

Affiliate Marketing is all about selling another companies items and receiving a commission in return.
Therefore you have to engage with your audience in such a way that they click on your promotional link and buy the item you are promoting.
There are a few ways this can be done, but I shall attempt to describe two of the easiest forms of linking.
There's a text link and there's an image link.
But before you can start to add any Affiliate links you have to produce quality content.
To help you understand more about how to start Affiliate Marketing, I shall use the Niche  of Dogs.
The Niche of Dogs is very broad, but it can be broken down into subsets, and I'll concentrate on "Training" as an example, to show you how to add your content.

Each article you write is going to be concentrated around a Keyword, and that keyword is going to be the difference in people finding your work and your article not seeing the light of day.


So for your first "Post" let's assume you are going to write an article on "How to train your dog to sit".
The first thing you need to do, is to establish what your targeted audience is searching for.
Are they searching for "How to train your dog to sit", are they searching for "Ways to train your dog to sit" or maybe " Training your dog to sit", "Even "How to train A dog to sit

Establishing the most popular phrase that surfers use to find the answer that they are searching for is going to help you enormously.
Getting your work on the first pages of the search engines is your primary aim to get constant traffic.

Constant traffic= more eyes on your work, more eyes on your work =  more chances of sales, resulting in more money in your bank account.

Finding those elusive phrases can be tiresome if you don't know how to go about it.
Luckily we have a friend called a "Keyword Research Tool" and this is going to tell us whether the keyword is worth pursuing or not.

My chosen Keyword Research Tool is Jaaxy, so let's put the phrases we have come up with into Jaaxy and see what the results are. 

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

What you should be looking for with your Keyword Research is the Average number of searches per month, the number of competing websites for that keyword and the % chance of ranking for that keyword.

If you can find Keywords with >100 monthly searches and <100 competing websites, you are on your way to finding a good keyword that is going to give every chance of ranking well.

I have placed these examples in the order I think are best to worse, and as you can see the first example has 366 average searches per month, only 76 competing websites for that keyword and has a 89% chance of reaching page 1 in Google.

Whereas the last example has little or no-one searching for it on a monthly basis, although only 4 competing websites it isn't much use if nobody uses that phrase to find their answer.


So now that you have established a good keyword, you need to start writing an article targeting that keyword.
It's important that the keyword you choose is also the title of your post.

This has two benefits.

Your Title or Headline is what shows up in the search engine results pages and readers can skim through to exactly what they are looking for.
It also helps the search engines crawl your site a lot quicker.

The headline you use can be upto 60 characters long including spaces, this will make sure the full title shows in the SERPs, so add something more enticing with the space you have left.

For example "How to train a dog to sit" has 25 characters so you could add "with ease and quick results", which is still within your 60 character length but adds a bit of enticement.

Now the writing of your post.

As an authority of your niche, you should have no problem in writing a post of at least 1000 words, 850 is ok but the longer the article the better Google likes it, as it is giving your reader more information on the answer to the question they are asking.

Write naturally and don't try to force your keyword into the post.

If you can place it in the first paragraph and then towards the end of you post, that would be sufficient.
The search engines don't like to see a post full of keywords, as this only makes them believe that you are trying to over optimise your work to gain ranking juice.

Once you have finished writing it's time to publish your work onto the Internet, but before hitting the publish button, you should proofread your work to check for spelling mistakes, grammar errors etc.

Here is a list of 25 Points To Check Before Publishing

Publish your post and rinse and repeat.
Once you have got 3/4 articles written then is the time to start thinking about applying to companies for an Affiliation.

Affiliate Companies

To find companies that have an Affiliate program is basically a Google search.
Type your keyword or niche into the search bar and add "+affiliate" without the speech marks.
This is what you will find.
I have used the keyword "How to train a dog" and added +Affiliate.

How to train a dog Affiliate programs

I couldn't screenshot all the entries but I promise you they go all the way to the bottom of the page and then some.
There are over 200 companies that have affiliate programs for dog training.
So the choice is yours.
Apply to 3/4 companies as each will have different items to promote, also if you get disapproved by 1/2 you have the others to fall back on.
Once you been approved and you have your unique ID number, it's time to start promoting.
You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned the largest and biggest Online Retail company in the world, Amazon.
Amazon stocks over 353 million products and if you wanted to join them it is a fairly simple task once you have a website up and running.
But their T's + C's are quite stringent.
Apart from the fact that if you haven't made 3 sales in the first 6 months they close your account down, no questions asked.

I know of individuals that promoted through Amazon and filled their sites with links from products only to have the rug pulled from under their feet and left with no business.

Yes, you can reapply and get accepted, but your Unique ID will have changed so all the links you may have on your site would have to be re-applied, not a pretty job.
Just thought I would give you a heads up.

So applying links to your posts.

Adding Affiliate Links. 

With every item that you promote through your website, there is going to be a Unique ID code related specifically to your account.
When a customer clicks on that link they are taken through to the companies website, if and when they make a purchase the company knows it was a link from your website and pays you a commission.
The commission is added to your account and paid out either when you reach a pre-arranged threshold or as and when the arrangement with them has been met.
Normally on a monthly cycle.

How To Add The Links

For the purpose of this article, I can only show you the process of adding links from Amazon, as I am not affiliated with any pet companies so I can't screenshot their process.
But the process for adding links from any company will be the same.
There are two ways to add links to your content.
A Text link and an Image link.

Adding a Text Link

Within your content, you are going to highlight a piece of text for example "How to train a dog"...

Highlighting Text

Then pop over to your Affiliate company to grab your Affiliate code, in this case I am using Amazon.

Affiliate Code

Back to your highlighted text "How to train a dog" and click the link icon at the top of your text editor

Link Icon

Place the Affiliate code into the box that opens up below the textAdding a Text Link

Place the Affiliate code into the box that opens up below the text

The next thing you want to do is to make sure that your link opens up on a new page.

To do this click on the gear icon next to the blue arrow

gear icon

and check the "Open link in new tab"

Open link in new tab

Back to the post you are working on and "Save"

Adding an Image Link

This is virtually the same process, only this time you are going to be using the "Text" mode for editing.

Text Mode

First of all, in the Visual editor choose the line that you want to add your image, and add 4/5 "X"

Pinpoint image position

Then switch over to "Text" mode and you will find it easier to find the position that you want to add your image.

Finding position to place image

Pop over to your Affiliate company and grab the link for the image you want to show.

Link to Image

Amazon gives you a choice of the size of the image and a selection of images to use. Some Affiliate Companies may not have that option.
Back to your post and in the text editor find the XXXX and highlight them, and paste the code there.

Back to "Visual" mode and click on the image, the positioning bar will appear to enable you to place your image to the left, centre or right.
You will also see the Edit icon (a pencil shape) where you can check the "open link in new tab".

Positioning of Image

Now you have your links in place when readers click on either link they will be taken to the corresponding page of your Affiliates website, make a purchase and you get yourself a commission.
Happy Days!! 

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