How To Start An Internet Business At Home – In 12 Parts.

As we enter another new year the chances are that the numbers of people that venture out in pursuit of how to start an Internet business at home will definitely see a rise.

The Rise Of Internet Access

By mid-2017 3,885 million people had access to the internet which equates to  51.7 % of the world population and there are no signs of that figure decreasing any time soon.

There are now 1.8 billion websites and counting, with 330 million active registered Domain names.

Registered Domains account for a lot less than websites due to the fact that companies or individuals will buy up Domain names and never use them. For example, a company that owns a .com Domain would more than likely buy the .org and .net Domains simply to stop someone else buying them.

So with the explosion of the internet and online shopping still ballooning, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon seeking to take advantage of the vast amount of money (Over 2.1 Trillion $$ in 2017) that is being spent over the internet now, by creating their own Online Business.

Gaining Knowledge

The problem is that very few of these micro-entrepreneurs have the knowledge needed to succeed at a  sustainable rate to give them a worthwhile living.

The whole point of achieving an Online Business is to give yourself a lifestyle that knocks the socks of a 9-5 job.Lifestyle

So it is essential that lessons are learned and you have the knowledge to give yourself every chance of success in a dog eat dog online world.

12 Parts Of The Series

I have created this series of posts that will hopefully show you How To Start An Internet Business At Home, and I have tried to keep it as simple as possible so that even if you are a novice to the online world you shouldn’t have any problem following my steps.

The series comes in 12 parts starting off with exactly what you should be building your online business around.

Part 1, Choosing a Niche, A Passion or an Interest

 Part 2, Choosing a Domain Name, keep it simple but explains what your website is all about

 Part 3, Choosing a Website Builder, probably the easiest part of your venture.

 Part 4, Making Your Website SEO Friendly so that your site can be indexed by the search engines

 Part 5,  Structuring Your Website to allow the search engine bots to crawl your site efficiently.

Part 6, Adding Content, what to do and what not to do.

 Part 7,  Using Images to give some interest to your website.

Part 8,  CTA’s and where to use them.

Part 9,  Search Engine Optimisation, probably the most important part of attracting visitors to your site.

Part 10, Making Your Website Easy To Read, avoiding over complications.

Part 11 Monetising, the fun bit and how to make money.

Part 12  Refreshing and Updating

Find out why you should be starting an Online Business by watching This Video


Kick the 9-5 Habit

I hope you find this series informative and if you would like to comment on any part of my site please leave your comments in the box provided.

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