How To Start An Internet Business At Home – Part 12 – How To Update A Website

In the final part of this 12 part series How To Start An Internet Business At Home, I want to talk to you about How To Update A Website and also The importance of updating a website.


To make sure your website ranks continuously in the SERP’s takes regular maintenance.
It’s not enough to write great content and expect it to stay on page 1 of the SERP’s month in and month to update a website
Any statistics that may be incorporated into that article may well be out of date 3 months down the line, therefore the Search Engines don’t see this as up to date information and your post starts to slip down the charts and onto page 2, then onto page 3 eventually disappearing into oblivion.
Things change very rapidly in the Online World and keeping up to date with these changes will build trust not only with your readers but with the search engines as well.
If your readers are relying on your posts to keep them informed, it’s only right that you should be giving them the most up to date information available.
If you have posts that are between 6 months and a year old, go back over them and freshen them up.
Make sure all the information is relevant to the now time, have a look at the images, could they be more relevant and most importantly check any statistics to make sure they are correct at the time of republishing.
Another area that you should concentrate on is your Affiliate Links or Ads. Are they up to date and still relevant in today’s market?
Keeping content updated helps to build up your Domain Authority, which shows the search engines that your site is an authority in your chosen niche, this leads to better rankings.

Keeping Your Website Fresh

Updating old content is all well and good, but don’t get bogged down with it and lose concentration on producing new content.
Adding content at least twice a week keeps your website fresh, and Google loves new fresh content.
Fresh content every week keeps your website moving along without becoming stagnant.

Updating Keyword Strategy

Keywords are another area that should be kept up to date. 
New keywords/phrases appear every day on search engines and although a keyword may have been great for ranking purposes a few months ago that may not be the case today.
With Google’s Hummingbird algorithm in full flow now LSI keywords and indexing are becoming a prominent feature in the SERP’s ranking and shouldn’t be ignored. 

Your Website’s Design

How long ago did you build your website?
How are the design and structure?
Updating the design of your website is so easy nowadays with new technology hitting our screens every day.
Have an unbiased look at your site and ask yourself if it is clean looking, attractive and most of all is it easy to navigate
What about the colours you are using, do you still think they work? 


In this day and age of mobile devices, it is more important than ever to have your website Mobile Friendly.
Google, in particular, is placing more emphasis on ranking mobile-friendly sites than those that aren’t responsive.
Maybe the theme you used to build your site wasn’t responsive, so now is the time to search out a responsive theme.
Over 60% of searches are now done on a mobile device, if your site is not responsive you are leaving money on the table.


Keeping your website updated on a regular basis is so important not only for regular visitors but for new visitors as well.
There’s nothing more damaging to your overall success that to show readers outdated content and a site that hasn’t had fresh content for quite some time.
An updated website will get your site crawled on a more regular basis.The search engines love new fresh content and they want their customers to have the luxury of finding the latest information there is available.
This, in turn, helps with the rankings.
Here is a short video explaining why refreshing and updating your website is so important.

I hope this Part 12 Refreshing and Updating has given you an insight on how to keep your website in tip-top order.

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