How To Write And Publish An Ebook

The Benefits of How To Write And Publish An Ebook

When you compare publishing eBooks with traditional paperback/hardback books the benefits are quite substantial.

The cost to publish an Ebook is virtually zero, there is no middleman to take a cut and there aren’t any post and packaging costs. Plus the fact that your audience can be targeted to your own specific market, 

When it comes to promoting your book, this becomes fairly easy as you can offer it on your own website or advertise it through social media at an affordable cost.

They can also be given away free as good opt-in bait.

Once written you have no worries about production costs as it becomes a PDF file which lays in a folder on your computer to be used as and when you want.

Top Tips on How To Write And Publish An Ebook

Learning How To Write And Publish An Ebook has slight differences from writing a paperback/hardback book, so I will lay out the criteria for publishing a successful Ebook.

  •  Your Topic

Firstly you need to identify your audience.

When you have decided upon the niche you want to target, identify the needs of that niche and write your topic based on those facts.

Obviously, your topic is going to be your personal choice. ty of your writing will flow with the confidence you have from the knowledge of your subject.

Choosing a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about is of the utmost importance, as the quality of your writing will flow with the confidence you have from the knowledge of your subject.

  • Is The Length Important?

Not really, there are no hard and fast rules about the length of an ebook. 

I’ve heard it said that the minimum word length should be in excess of 40,000 words, but if you can get your subject across with quality content in 20,000 words then that’s fine too.

What you should avoid is trying to fill pages with giffgaff just to get the word count up.

Don’t be shackled by any solid preset word limit.

Write your book with an organised and concise flow and as long as you have unique and quality content, then it is of no consequence whether you have 6/7 pages or 20/30. 

The value of any Ebook is in the unique content and creation not in the length.

  • The Title Of Any Ebook is The Selling Point.

The first thing that any prospective buyer/reader is confronted with is the front page cover and with the Ebook market being so competitive your cover page has got have that X-factor.

ebook coverDo some research on the title of your book and then be creative with the cover.

There are many good Ebook Cover programs out there where you can come up with your own eye-catching design, so go ahead and make your cover page a step above the rest.


  • Your Unique Content

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before but I think it is worth noting that with the high level of competition within the ebook market, filling out your book with unique content is going to be the be all and end all to the overall success you are seeking to achieve.

This is where a topic of your own passion and knowledge will give you certain aspects that other books don’t have.

You should write in your own style and give your own opinions, this will give that unique content that you are looking for. 

Research other Ebooks within your niche and see what they have written,

Maybe some of the information they give is old hat now and you could update that information. Always be on the lookout for new and relevant information to make your book the latest model out there.

  • Sections

Sections of your book should be precise and laid out correctly.

They should include an Index(Table of Content), a section about yourself (About the Author) and most importantly your copyright information.

You don’t want anyone else reproducing your book and making money from your hard work.

  • Editing

The biggest turn off for any reader is grammatical errors.

You have just written the best Ebook in the world, with all your unique content and images and you are so proud of it, BUT if it is filled with grammatical errors.

All your hard work will be for nothing, your book will just find its way to the big Ebook library in the sky never to see the light of day again.

You must come across as a professional writer and professional writers have their work proofread several times before it goes to publication.

Now I am not suggesting that you get a proofreader in to check over your work, but by using a good editing program like Grammarly is highly recommended.  

You would be surprised how little errors occurring all over the page can have such an impact on a reader.

You will come across as unprofessional and untidy in your writing, then they start to wonder whether the actual content is accurate.

  • Format

Whether you are going to sell your book or use it as an opt-in on your website, you are going to have to  save it in PDF format.

I personally use Open Office to produce the structure of the book and then save it as a PDF. Open Office is a free download and has all the tools and toys of Microsoft Word.

  •  Wrapping Up

    Hopefully, I have given you a good insight into writing and producing an Ebook that is going to bring you success in whichever way you use it.

  • By following the criteria I have shown you here I have no doubts that with a good marketing strategy you are going to have a product that you will be proud of and that will bring you the added bonus of a great Ebook author.

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