How To Write Good Content For A Website – Naturally and Unique

There’s no getting away from it since Google introduced their Panda algorithm back in 2011, how to write good content for a website is now the be all and end all in getting anywhere near page 1 let alone topping it.

So writing natural quality content must be top of the agenda when going in search of getting your site ranked.

But it also has to have a great user experience.

Write For Humans Not Search Engines

It has to be content that an ordinary person finds exactly what they are searching for but also content that they can understand. 

If a technical term is going to be used within the article that you are writing and you don’t give an explanation of that term, link to an outside source that explains exactly what you mean without the reader guessing what the word means.

The more the reader is confused by technicalities and words that can only be found in the Oxford Dictionary the less chance you have of them actually staying on your site.

Explaining to your reader that “when writing an article you should aim for a chiliad of words”, would have a much better user experience when written “when writing you should aim for a thousand words” or explaining that their article should be clearly expressed is so much better than saying “their article should be luculent”.

Writing an article or blog should be yours, it should be personal, write it in the same way you would chat to your mates down the pub over a beer or two. 

Never try to disguise your personality by using words or terms that may be alien to your audience.

They are real people looking for real answers to the problems they have got, not to be infused by words or phrases they don’t understand.

Make it Fun and Unique

Always enjoy your writing, have fun with it and even add some humour to it.

If you can engage your reader with your style of writing you are half way there in achieving that elusive page 1 ranking.

By writing out content that people enjoy reading while they are learning, will give a greater chance of them returning to your site for more information when needed.

This will hance the traffic flow to your site, the more traffic you get the more chance of earnings.

Remember, if someone loses interest and skips to the next site without fully reading your content, then all your hard work and any benefit of writing that content will be lost.

People that engage with you, will trust you and your content and your conversion rate will increase.

Writing Quality engaging content should be fun, try to keep it that way.


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