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Jaaxy Keyword ResearchTool Review

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Overall Ranking: 10/10

Price:  $0 free version,

            $19p/m Pro Version,

            $49p/m Enterprise Version

Owners: Kyle+Carson (Wealthy Affiliate University)

Website: jaaxy.com



Keyword research is paramount for any webmaster wanting to get free traffic from the top search engines. Without powerful keyword research, you are just feeling in the dark.

You need to know exactly what your target audience is looking for, and then get an indication of how many are looking for it and also how many other sites are vying for the same audience.

In my Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review, I’d like to reveal to you why, in my opinion, I believe it to be the best Keyword Research tool on the Internet for starting an online business from home.


All the pro’s of this keyword research tool are what you get out of it and the power of the program itself.

  • Very user-friendly and easy interface to work with
  • Clear and uncluttered
  • No software to install, Jaaxy is an online application
  • No upsells, everything is included in one price.
  • Superb support 24/7
  • You can rely on the results, the technology used, makes them very accurate
  • Gives you domain availability for any keyword.

Cons?  You could get overwhelmed with the amount of information that Jaaxy can provide.

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is one of the finest online keyword research tools on the internet that will reduce your keyword research time and efforts down to a bare minimum. If you are starting a new website or just going to research the next article for your site, Jaaxy is going to be your friend.

Jaaxy crawls and collects search data from the three major engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and displays it in an easy to understand format.

If you have ever used Google Keyword Planner you are probably thinking that the results are completely different in terms of search criteria. This is because GKP is a tool geared towards AdWords advertisers, giving you the competition of advertisers rather than websites.

With Jaaxy, the search data that is gathered is aimed totally at site ranking and niche pursuant.

It provides information about high traffic keyword competition with lots of other useful information.

I make no apologies here for being obsessed with Jaaxy and keywords. It has to be every bloggers aim to get as much organic traffic as possible in a natural way, and by writing for human beings and not search engines, finding those elusive keyphrases that people type into their search bar to find solutions to their queries is always going to be the hardest task.

Jaaxy makes that task so much simpler.

That’s why I use it every day to find the best keywords to use.


This program is superb for anyone seeking organic traffic from all search engines. From newbies who are just starting their adventure into the Online Business world to seasoned professionals that need more than just a Keyword Research Tool.


A full set of training videos is implemented with each section of Jaaxy to explain exactly how that section works and how to get the best results from it.


Live support and technical support is on hand 24/7/365. This comes from the owners as well, they aren’t in the background when queries arise they are there on hand to lend their support.


There are 3 levels of pricing, the free version where you get 30 searches and full use of the Pro level, the next level is Pro level @ $19 p/month which gives unlimited searches and full use of all Pro features and then there is the Enterprise level @$49 p/month, with one or two added extras aimed at the more advanced webmasters.

Free Plan (Price: $0)

This would be an ideal opportunity for you to seek out how Jaaxy works, what it does and to establish if it is a program that you would be willing to pay a monthly fee for.

It offers you 30 search queries of any kind (Keywords, Alphabet Soup, Search Analysis and Affiliate Programs).




Pro Plan (Price: $19/month)

This is the plan that has everything you need to start your keyword research experience. It is designed for those new to internet marketing, but more experienced internet marketers could also benefit from this plan.

For $19 a month you’ll get:

  • 3 times faster research (compared to the free plan)
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • QSR Keyword competition
  • Domain availability
  • SEO Power analysis
  • Site/Post Rankings
  • Keyword lists
  • Brainstorm feature
  • To-do lists
  • 2 open search tabs option

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Enterprise Plan (Price: $47/month)

This is the jewel in the crown. This plan gives you, even more power and extra features.

Enterprise Plan was designed for the more advanced internet marketers who need to compile huge lists of keywords for their blogs and websites.

It has all the Pro plan features and even more:

  • Works 5 times faster than the free plan.
  • Instant competition analysis
  • Instant domain availability information
  • Data sorting.
  • Up to 5 tabbed searches
  • The Alphabet Soup search shows up to 50 results.

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Check this comparison chart to better understand the differences between Jaaxy’s pricing plans.

Jaaxy Options


 Jaaxy Pro’s

Jaaxy is a very powerful tool with a host of awesome features. Which include:

  • Very user-friendly easy to use interface.
  • Gives results very quickly, using powerful servers.
  • Given results are very accurate.
  • It’s an online application, meaning you can log in from any computer.
  • It is mobile friendly, so it can be used on any device.
  • Web-based, No software to download or install.
  • Updates/upgrades are done automatically. You’ve always got the latest version.
  • The ability in finding high traffic keywords with low competition from other websites.
  • Draws it’s data directly from Google, Bing and Yahoo then combine it with its own sophisticated data.
  • Has easy to follow training in text and video format.
  • Support 24/7.
  • Can be used by all levels of internet marketers, and other online business entrepreneurs.


Jaaxy Con’s

Like all tools, Jaaxy has room for improvement. The best part is that the Jaaxy team is always introducing new features and making the existent ones even better.

  • There is no facility for targeting local or global searches.
  • There is no option for language selection of the searcher
  • The basic pricing plan of $19 may be a little high for those just starting out, although there isn’t a contract so you can unsubscribe anytime.
  • With so many features included, there will be some that you will not use so much.



Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that has been built with the Internet marketer in mind to give them an advantage over their competitors’  marketing endeavors. By using Jaaxy you are no longer guessing on which keyword real people are searching for. This is a must tool for starting an online business from home.

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