Lacking Traffic? Here are 7 Reasons Why.

 For your online business to succeed you have to have traffic, without traffic you have no customers and with no customers, you have no business. Here is how to get more website traffic

 I sympathise with your frustrations, it can be the hardest thing in the world to get people to find your website, but all is not lost, there are ways that can help you increase your visibility within the search engines, so If you are lacking traffic here are 7 reasons why.

1. It’s not mobile friendly

Since the beginning of 2016 Google announced that mobile devices were surpassing desktop usage when it comes to searching the internet and with that in mind Google now puts more emphasis on websites that are mobile-friendly rather than desktop usage

So as the mobile usage gathers pace around the world, so will the trend towards portable friendly

Your website has to be optimized for mobile users. It has to be Mobile Friendly

Going forward onto 2017 if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are going to find it even harder to realise your dream of a successful online business.

Google is making these changes for the benefit of the millions of people using mobile devices to give them a better user experience.

So unless you conform to the changes you are going to find it more and more difficult to attract visitors to your site.

Check your site for mobile usage, make sure you are using a responsive theme/design and that any action buttons are large enough for the surfer to be able to use.

You can use Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test to make sure your site is optimized.

If you are struggling to see your site performing this has got to be near top of the list on how to get more website traffic.


 2. Quality content

When you start to think about your next article or project for your site, stop and think about the people you want to reach out to.

You have customers out there that have a problem and they are looking for an answer that will give them a solution they can understand and trust.

Write from the heart, write in the same manner that you would chat with a friend who is sitting right next to you.

After all, that is exactly what you are trying to succeed in doing, you want your reader to be your friend and trust your opinion. Unique quality content wins every time.quality content

Researching the keyword that your article is answering is a valuable way of how to get more website traffic and finding out how your competition is replying to the problem.

This way you can get a feel of whats good and whats not so good in relation to the problem you are going to solve and then enhance on the answers already given.

This will make your content fresh and hopefully, add better value for your readers.

Always keep in mind that you are writing for real life people and they are looking for real-life answers.


3. Your website loads too slowly.

Surfers won’t hang around for a website that is taking forever to load up.

Basically, if your site isn’t up on their screens within 3/4 seconds 49% of those customers will hit the back button and resume their search for another site.a tortoise

There are so many reasons that your site could be loading slower than it should.

A heavy theme, too many plugins, your images aren’t optimised, plus technical terms like javascript and  ccs loading before the main body, which is all to geekish to go into, but there are also online programs that will test your site for load time and page speed and give you all the information you need to speed it up.

Personally, I would recommend using Google’s own tool Page Speed Insights, as it is free to use but others include Pingdom and GTmetrix.


 4. Not Showing Vital Information.

Trust in any business is essential and when a customer is looking for a website to fulfil their needs, they also need to know that the site is legitimate and trustworthy.

It is vitally important you introduce your business with an “About us” page, by telling prospective customers all about your business and your intentions to better their lives.

By providing things like your email address, telephone number and a location of your business will give the customer a sense of legitimacy in your us

If you are building a website for your bricks and mortar business provide a map section that pinpoints your location and your hours of trading.

Also provide Social Media plugins, that can be shared, giving your business more exposure.


5. It doesn’t have clear calls-to-action

Surfers need direction, they need to know where to go next.

It really isn’t very beneficial to you if you have produced an awesome landing page with every bit of information regarding your business only to leave your customer with nothing else to do but go in search of another site that is offering the same product you are offering.which direction to take

Your page should direct them to your final call to action, include texted hyperlinks to relevant posts or pages, guide them to a final sign-up form.

If you leave your customer guessing what to do next, they are going to abandon your site.


6. It’s outdated

When was the last time you took the trouble of reviewing your site?

Websites that are maintained and kept up to date build trust and credibility.outdated site

Obviously, I am not saying that you should update your site every month but if it has been months or even years since you last added anything, then maybe you should be looking to freshen it up.

The aesthetics of websites are evolving all the time, so if your site hasn’t had a facelift for a year or two, contemplate changing the look to a more modern structure.


7. It’s annoying and cluttered

I’m not sure about you but the most annoying thing I encounter on a website is a video that starts to play as soon as I click on the site.

I find it intrusive and utterly annoying. The first thing I do is hit the back button. Is this your site?

Another thing that you should avoid is a page full of ads and banners.

The purpose of your site is to get YOUR message across to potential customers without distraction.chaos

There’s a reason why Google Adsense only allows you to have 3 ad spaces per page of their ads and that is because they believe that more than 3 ads on any page will distract the viewer from the actual content of the page/post.

Keep your site clean and clutter free, spread your text out, break long sentences up into smaller paragraphs and use white space. 

Keep in mind the first point I made here, that more and more of your visitors are using mobile devices.

This means that your site should be easily viewed on a phone or tablet without the viewer having to scroll through a bundle of ads to get to the important bits.

If you want to learn how to get more website traffic, use these 7 tips and you will see a significant upturn in your visitors.

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