How To Start An Internet Business At Home -Pt 11- Making Money Online From Home

So if you have been following this series you should now be at the stage where you have a website that’s attracting a lot of traffic and you are now in a position to start making money online from home. 

Having regular traffic to your website is awesome, but that traffic isn’t going to bring you an income by itself.
Next, we need to figure out the best way for you as an individual to turn those visitors into a living.
If you are thinking that making money online at home is difficult, you are not alone. It is.
But with some hard work and choosing the right method, it will become straightforward.
The hardest part is getting a constant flow of traffic to your site, and with that said there is no reason why the following strategies will not work for you.

  •  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the most popular and effective methods of making money online at home.
It is also very cost-effective as there is no initial financial layout, and you get paid for advertising other companies products.

How it Works

  1. Let’s say your chosen niche is all about cats.
    You have written an article about Cat Litter.
    You would then look for companies that produce quality cat litter.
    To do this just type Cat Litter + Affiliates into the search bar and up pops companies that have affiliate programs pertaining to Cat Litter.
    Apply to join their program and when accepted you will have access to all their advertising paraphernalia.
    Search for any products about Cat Litter and add the link provided to your article.
    Within the link they provide will be your own personal ID code, so that when someone clicks on the link within your site and buys an item, the company knows where the purchase came from and pays you a commission for the sale.
    Amazon Affiliate Marketing
    Amazon is the worlds largest online market store and is a very good place to start your search.
    They allow you to promote their products and again a commission is paid for each and every sale.
  • Sell Banner Space

So the first thing you need to understand about selling banner space on your website is Traffic Volume.
A brand new website that isn’t attracting a lot of traffic isn’t going to get very far in offers from companies to advertise on your site.
Like any business advertisers want a lot of exposure, and they will want to know that they are getting value for their money.
Seeking out the right advertisers is another step you would have to consider.
Going headlong into accepting any advertising banner may not be beneficial to your site.
For instance, you wouldn’t want adverts to do with Dogs if your site is all about Cats.

There are 3 earning potentials with selling advertising space.

  1. Impressions
    This is simply a surfer just seeing your page. Normally sold in units of a thousand.
    So if your Cat site has information that appeals to surfers and they click through to your article, for every 1000 visits you get paid whatever fee the advertiser is willing to pay.  No other action is required to monetize this way. But traffic is essential.
  2. On Click.
    Those surfers that come to read your blog on cats see the advert and then actually click on it. earns you revenue.
    The amount you earn is again set by the amount the advertiser has set, it could be anything from $1 up to $10 depending on the worth of the project.
  3. Per Sale
    So sticking with your article about cats and the surfers visiting your site, then click on the ad and go through to the advertisers’ website and actually buy something, you will be paid a commission for that sale. The commission paid can vary from 5% up to 10% or even 15%.

Placement of any ad is going to be key to your success in achieving any sort of income from the advertisers.
The most prominent placement is above the fold(the section of your website that is immediately shown when someone views it).
Other profitable placements are with the content, these tend to get seen more often than say on the sidebar. 
Content and size of a banner can also play a pivotal role in grabbing the readers attention.
Leaderboards (720×90)Leader Board 720 x 90 are known to perform better because of their prominence (in the header of the website) and protrude more because of their size.
It is also known that rectangles (300×250)Rectangle 300 x 250 are good performers, especially in sidebars. 
Skyscrapers (160 x 600) Skyscraperalso do very well in sidebars.
Then there are “Pop-Ups”.  these are those annoying ads that POP UP every time you go to certain websites before you have the chance to read what you have searched for.
Personally, I find these intrusive, but there are some webmasters that swear by them and have a lot of success.
Pop-ups are a personal thing and I will leave you to make your own mind up as to where to use them or not.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)

There are a couple of ways you can go about selling Ad Space on your site.
You can go looking for your own Advertiser or you can use an Ad Network.
If you are going to look for your own advertiser, you need to look for a company that isn’t going to be selling the same commodity as your website is all about, that is only going to take $$ out of your own pocket.
Using an Ad Network is the easiest way, as there is not any searching for advertisers.
Just join an advertising agency, load up the codes that they give that pertain to your website and they look after everything from there on in.
The only downside is that the agency set the amounts that you get paid, normally Pay Per Click, or Pay Per Sale.
The best example I can give you for this method is Google Adsense, but again a lot of traffic is needed to make this method worthwhile.

  • In-text Ads

Sometimes Banner ads don’t quite fit into the design of a website and look pretty intrusive.
In-text ads can overcome this by having certain words within your article hyperlinked to an advertisers website.
When a reader hovers over the highlighted link they will have the choice to visit the advertisers’ website.
Some very popular sites include:
Infolinks is one of the easiest to get started with. You will be in control of the ads shown on their dashboard and they have a minimum payout at $50.

Viglink is a bit different in the way it works. It adds links to certain words but it will turn that link into an Affiliate link to the advertiser.  Viglink is associated with many affiliate networks.
So in other words, if the link refers to a sporting item and the link takes your reader through to their website, you automatically become an affiliate and are paid a referral commission. You can read more on Vigilink here
Vibrant is another popular in-text advertiser that is easy to infiltrate with your content.

  • Product Reviews

Product reviews are becoming an essential part of the online shoppers’ strategy.
As online shopping grows more and more people are relying on reviews of the article they are about to buy.
So when writing any review, try to be as realistic as possible and tell it as your own personal experience.
People are relying on your opinion of the product before they purchase. 
Your website or blog will no doubt have a common theme, and there will be software or hardware items that you can possibly review.
It is possible, by contacting the companies that produce those products, they will provide you with these articles so that you get first-hand knowledge before writing the review.
A fee can be charged for placing the review on your website, getting massive coverage from your audience.

  • Sell a Digital Product


If you are an avid writer, then writing and publishing your own Ebook is the easiest and most beneficial way of making money online at home.
With the popularity of digital readers like Kindle, people are downloading quality reading material every single day of the week.
The great benefit here is that to get your book published to a wider audience you won’t have to rely on a publisher and you get to keep up to 70% of the sale price. Learn more about How to self-publish your book through Amazon.


If photography is your niche, then having your own Photo store could earn big bucks for you.
Shutterstock, probably the largest online photoshop in the world had sales in excess of $120 million and around 750 million members worldwide.
Obviously, there’s no way you can compete with those figures but it gives you an indication of the might that quality images have.

Videos and Courses

Video courses are becoming extremely popular and are a way for people to keep the information to hand for easy access.
Health instructional courses, keep fit, learning to code, surfers are looking to be taught almost anything and they are willing to pay for the privilege.
Creating your own Instructional website with Video and text lessons on courses that you are an authority on can earn you a lot of money.
Using third-party marketplaces like Udemy or  Coursera are fine if you haven’t got your own website, but bear in mind that they also take a cut which can severely diminish your profitability.

Web Elements

Website elements can be a very lucrative source of income if you are a graphic designer.
The business of designing Themes, Wallpapers, Logo’s or pretty much anything to do with website design, is bringing in large amounts of revenue.
Premium website themes are being downloaded at tremendous rates and can pay anywhere between $9 and $99.

  • Freelance Writing

Is a must for the avid writer.
If you enjoy writing then Freelance writing is the way to go, having said that if writing isn’t your forte then it may be advisable to give this one a miss.
This is one of the most popular strategies for making money online from home.
If you become successful as a freelancer you could be looking to earn anything from 50 cents to a dollar per word for very proficient authors.
Building up a portfolio of work is key to getting accepted by Freelancer companies, from there you start to build your level of proficiency and level of charges.


Making money online from home is fairly easy and straightforward, but bear in mind it isn’t going to be enough to use any of the methods outlined above without growing your audience, giving value in what you are doing and working on your conversion strategy.
It can be very hard work but with dedication and enthusiasm, the rewards can be vast.

Here is a nice video explaining ways to make money online from home.

I hope this Part 11 Making Money Online At Home has given you an insight of how to go about making a decent living from an online business.

If you have any comments about this or any other part of this series please leave them in the box below.


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