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We’ve all got a hobby or a passion or just an interest, so why not put them to good use and make some money from what we like doing every day. With my Money Making Hobbies I want to show you how you can eventually make a good living from what you like doing most.
The largest shop window in the world is the World Wide Web and to make a living from your hobby or passion is to tell the world what you have to offer.
The principle behind making money on the Internet is to inform people before selling.
Building a website around the topic that you are about to embark on isn’t rocket science, in fact, it will become the easiest part of your venture.
You can have a fully functional website up and running within 60 seconds. Learn more here
The process of Money Making Hobbies is through Affiliate Marketing, whereby you advertise items relevant to your chosen hobby from companies within that market.
If you feel that your hobby or passion is a little bit obscure and that it may not be something that you could make a living from, believe me somewhere out there in cyberland there are others that have the same interest.
There are 3.75 billion people that surf the internet every single day of the week, and anything bar anything will gather a following for you to succeed.
An online business can be built out of absolutely anything that exists on this planet.
Did you know there is even a website about Pink Elephants?
So whatever your passion there is an income to be made from it. Let’s explore some common hobbies:


Money Making Hobbies - Websites and Blogging

A website and a Blog site can be two different entities,

A website is virtually a store that sells products and/or services.
Having a website is the perfect media to self-promote and advertise.
People go to a website of their choice that will offer the products that they want to buy or they will pinpoint a website about your bricks and mortar establishment, to find out more about your location and opening times.
As most websites are static in nature, there is little or no interactivity between the website owner and viewer, therefore little or no relationship can be forged.

A blog is personal content interactivity with potential or even existing customers that have an interest in what you have to say.
This interest can come in the form of questions and answers, of information that is highly relevant to the subject of the blog.
A blog will be updated on a regular basis with helpful, valuable, informative and interesting content to keep existing customers happy and to attract new customers.
Keeping your blog up to date, you will soon become an authority within your niche and people will rely on you for answers to their problems.
In essence, a blog is designed to add helpful and informative content that is helpful to interested parties, a blog is not a selling platform and readers will soon abandon you if you decide to take that route.

But there is a solution and the answer is the all in one where website and blog collide. I call it a :


Creating an Online Business needs the infrastructure of both a Blog and a Website so that you can build static web pages and interactive posts.
Using software such as WordPress as a custom management system makes the whole function a possibility.
You now have the opportunity to create a website on your chosen topic incorporating web pages giving general information and posts which would cover different aspects of How, Why, Where, When, What and Who.
This type of website gives you the chance of advertising and selling.
But a word of warning, advertising, and selling before you have given great information will only result in disaster. People don’t like being sold to by a stranger.
Get to know your customer first by offering them quality content about your subject.


Money Making Hobbies - photography

As a photographer, be it professional or just as a hobby, there are many options open to you to build an online business.
Being a professional photographer you have more than likely got a bricks and mortar retail unit offering portrait photography, outdoor events such as weddings, celebratory parties, graduations etc. and advertising within your shop with business cards and flyers.
Imagine the prospect of increased business with your own website, showing off your best image portfolio and placing all your services under one roof.
The beauty of a website is that you can be as broad or as narrow as you like in terms of coverage.
Obviously, you wouldn’t want clients that need your services living at the other end of the country, but building a local business website with a country domain and local URL extension would keep your coverage as near or far as you could cope with.  Example:,

As a hobbyist photographer, you have several options open to you via stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Flickr, iStock, BigStock, and by setting up an account and adding your portfolio to sell to potential clients.
Another option is Photoshelter, where again you can open an account upload your images and establish your own pricing. Their pricing ranges from $10 to $45 per month depending on your requirements.

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Money Making Hobbies - Writing

Not many people excel at good quality writing, but if this is your forte then the possibilities of making a good living online are tremendous.
Website owners have quite a hectic daily schedule in maintaining and working on their websites to keep them up to date, and one of the most important tasks is refreshing the site with fresh content at least twice a week.
Sometimes this can become too heavy and they look to outsource maybe one or even two articles a week to professional writers to lighten the burden.
As a quality writer, you can sign up for outsourcing companies like iwriter, eLance or even Craigslist.

There are many companies that would offer you the chance to show your skills and earn good money from your endeavors. Here’s a list of some of the best Content Writing Services.

Content writing doesn’t have to be the only limitation of your prospective online work.
Other options open to you could be proofreading or even editing.
For the professional or hobbyist writer, there is a market out there for your skills.

Graphic Design

Money Making Hobbies - Graphic Design

Your skills as a Graphic Designer are sought after in abundance by most Online Businesses.
They are looking for Landing page designs, Logos, advertisements, and other options would be brochures, magazines, and flyers for bricks and mortar businesses.
By creating your own website and telling the world what you can produce, with your own portfolio samples of your work, this is definitely a niche that can be tapped into.
There are sites that you can enroll with to advertise your skills such as Upwork,  but there are also Graphic Design-Specific Job Boards some of which are:

Authentic Jobs,  Behance,  Creative Hotlist,  Krop,  Smashing Jobs 

Graphic Design is definitely a market that you should pursue, the financial rewards can be very beneficial for the really talented designer.

Healthy Lifestyle

Money Making Hobbies - healthy lifestyle

This is truly one of the evergreen niches around.
Millions upon millions of people around the globe are into a Healthy Lifestyle.
Keeping fit, eating healthier, organic foods, exercising, you name it there is a lucrative market out there for it.
If your hobby or even passion is health related in any way, shape or form, then there is a niche that you can tap into for a very nice online living.
You have the opportunity to become Affiliated with thousands of health-related companies that are willing to pay you for leads and sales of their products.
Start by creating your own website, and because the Health niche is such a vast topic, hone in on a specific section that you are knowledgeable about. Start writing articles on your chosen subject and add your Affiliate links to images or text to start the ball rolling earning an income.

Creating and/or Editing Videos

Money Making Hobbies - Video Making and Editing
Did you know that YouTube is now the second Largest Search Engine on the internet?
It processes more than 3 billion searches every month with over 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute of the day.
Youtube is now larger than the other 4 major search engines combined, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL.
There’s no wonder there is such a demand for quality video creators and even video editors.
So if your hobby or just a pastime is making videos whether they be music, instructional or just plain anything at all your options for making a very good living from this activity are enormous.
There are many businesses that now prefer the option of promoting their products via video, and if your ability to produce or even edit videos is your passion, there would be no better time for you to opt into this growth and produce a very lucrative income source.

All sports

What an opportunity this is to produce an income out of a passion that you already possess.
If you are into any type of sport whatsoever there is a market to tap into.
How Do You Go About This?
Create a website around your favourite sport, start off with an introduction page about how you got into this particular sport and why it’s the best sport in the world.
Then add 3/4 pages headed up, let’s say, Instruction, History, Major Teams/Players, Latest News.
You then go about writing 2/3 posts for each heading. Once you have some content published, seek out Affiliate companies that are associated with your sport and once applied and accepted start to advertise products with the Affiliate links and any sales made via the Affiliate company yields a commission for you.
The best thing about this hobby is that an income can be made from just about any sport you can think of, so if you are interested in more than one sport, just rinse and repeat.
This is actually one of my favourite topics and if you would like to see how I tapped into this niche have a look at my golf site here.

Web Design

Money Making Hobbies - Web designing

Do you have the know how to build and design websites?
Maybe you are already doing so for friends and family.
Why not make a good living out of your skill and knowledge.
There is a ready-made market waiting to be tapped into for people like you that can help businesses get their message out there on the World Wide Web.
Small businesses don’t have the time to worry about things like websites as they are too busy running their day to day business activities.
That’s where you come in.
Getting your message out to businesses in your local area first to get the ball rolling before you expand nationally.
This can also be said for ordinary people that don’t have the knowledge that you possess for building a fully functional website.
Build a website concentrating on your passion and you may be surprised how lucrative this business could turn out to be.


Money Making Hobbies - arts and crafts

Here’s a hobby that I know many people are into, and it is a hobby that can quite easily be turned into an Online Business.
If you are not into building your own website to sell your wares and tares, (although you should seriously think about it, as a more profitable exercise), then there is a company called Etsy, where you can actually sell your goods.

Proofreading and Editing

Money Making Hobbies - proof reading

This may not be a hobby, more of the fact that you are an A class student in English grammar, spelling and Vocabulary Enhancement.
One of the most off-putting aspects of any website is poor grammar and spelling.
Which is why more and more companies need the expertise of a proofreader to check out their content and edit it where necessary.
Proofreading doesn’t have to be solely reliant on the internet.
There are opportunities in the offline world that need these services as well.
Companies or individual people that produce any written material would benefit from your expertise, form advertising platforms, books(Printed or Electronic), marketing, anything that is in the written word there is a very large market to create a profitable business from.

Buying and Selling

Money Making Hobbies - buying and sellingHere is an option that many people have as a pastime.
Travelling around car boot sales looking for bargains that can be snapped up and then sold on eBay or Craigslist, or maybe your own website.
For the purpose of this blog, I have another option that could be considered in the form of Drop-Shipping.
Drop-Shipping takes on the old adage of Buy low Sell high, but the beauty here is that you don’t have to hold any stock, and there isn’t any packaging and posting. All that is taken care of by the Drop-Shipping company.
So how it works is, you enrol with a company selling goods at cost price, advertise the item at the price you think fits the bill and when you have been paid for the item, you then order and pay the company who in turn sends out the item to the customer.  If you buy an article for $10 and sell it on for $15, you pay the company their $10 and $5 is your profit.
There are some really good companies that provide this service, some of which include:
Big Buy,  Doba, Sunrise Wholesale Salehoo and Wholesale Central.

Buying and selling is a great pastime but can also be turned into a very profitable business.


Money Making Hobbies - Pets

Any Domesticated pet is a very popular search term.
If you are crazy about any type of domestic pet, whether it be Cats, Dogs, domestic Birds, Freshwater Fish, Marine Fish, Rabbits whatever, then you have the opportunity of making a really handsome online business from your knowledge.
People love their pets and are forever seeking information on how to look after them in certain situations, how to train them, how to spot ailments, what’s the best collar to buy, they are searching for absolutely everything to do with their pet.
By building a website around the passion you have for your pet, writing up articles on different subjects and offering solutions by adding items to purchase form your chosen

A Web Store

Money Making Hobbies - Web StoreEver dreamt of having your own shop, selling exactly what your passion is?
What better way than having an online store that is open 24/7/365, with no staff to run it except you.
The options open to you are enormous, online shopping is becoming the norm, with more and more people tapping into the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their front room.
If this appeals to you get some more information from sites like Woocommerce and Shopify. 


Having your own website can be fun as well as a profitable investment. But having a website that is about your Hobby or a Passion you have in life makes it even more exciting.
If you are really interested in building an online business then you should seriously consider what is already a purpose in your life.
With the knowledge you already have makes for better user experience for your audience, because you will be writing from the heart.

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