How To Write Great Content For Your Website

I can’t stress enough the benefits of how to write great content for your website will enhance your chances of better rankings.

There has been much talk about the fact that no one reads, people just scan, because no one has the time to read a whole page, they just want to read what interests them. 

But surfers do read if the article is well laid out and keeps their mind focused on the subject in hand.

Anybody searching for information online will consider their options and choose articles that are of great quality, relevant to their search inquiry and that gives them the answers they are looking for.

Yes, they will scan, so descriptive headlines become that more important to keep them on your page.

When you’re creating quality content for your readers, the aim is to focus on their problem and requirements and give them the answer.

By being sensitive to the problem and providing an answer with value and relevance, builds your credibility and trust, which then enables you to establish your authority on a given subject.

Keeping Your Reader In Mind.

a readerThe most important focus of any content, whether it is text, images or video is that you create it with the reader in mind.

Real human beings are reading this content so you want to create an article that is relevant and interesting, that holds their attention.

Never run away with the idea you are writing for search engines, you are not. 

It is your quality content that people want to read that ultimately please the search engines and get you rankings.


The fear of being perfect.

nobody-is-perfectWriting quality content doesn’t have to be fearful. You don’t have to be a William Shakespear or JK Rowling to produce good quality content.

Learn how to write great content for your website by writing as you talk, being perfect will only hamper you. Being yourself in how you write, the ideas you have, and how you form your content will work for you.

Consider these points when you begin to write your content:


  • Jot down your thoughts first before you write them out.
  • Write small sections at a time, don’t try to write a book.
  • Don’t aim for perfection.
  • Make it enjoyable, try to write with humor and have fun with it.

Take a break now and then. 

By stepping away from your laptop your thoughts will still be with the article you are writing and more ideas will spring to mind.

Writing and creating good content is essential to the success of your website.

Quality Content is going to lead to getting ranked, the trust people will have in you, traffic.and ultimately success in building an online business.

So to sit at your laptop and write content without the fear of perfection is an important factor.

How to write good content for a website takes work. 

You need to keep it fresh and up to date. It needs to be thought out. You need to have a plan in place so that you have content to ready to publish on a consistent and regular basis.

Remember your content is the most persuasive way your business has for intertwining with your customers. It’s going to be permanent. An advertisement in a newspaper or magazine lasts for 1 day, your content is working for  24/7/365.

How Can Your Content Get Found Online?

Your website/blog is the base of all your activities online.

Filling your website out with quality content that readers want to read because it gives them answers to a pending problem is the root of your online presence.


But you also have to please the search engines and that means getting your SEO in shape and that starts with enticing page titles and meta descriptions.

Getting the search engines to like your work is a major factor in getting ranked and getting ranked means more traffic and more $$$.

From there, you can connect to the different social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Flipboard, all of these can give you outlets to get your presence known throughout the online world.

Sharing your content on social networks gives you the chance of reaching those that may not necessarily search for your subject in the search engines but may trigger a thought that tempts them to read what you have to say.

Advertising is another really effective way to promote your content.

Again through Facebook or Google, the two largest online interactive mediums can be of great benefit to see your traffic rise. More traffic more $$$.

High-quality content gives your readers the information they need with authority and credibility.

It has to be thorough, interesting and not just 2 or 3 paragraphs. Google loves lengthy informative content and after all, being, as they supply over 65% of all online searches, you need to get in their good books.

On average web pages in the top 10 of  Google search results for any given Keyword is around 2000 words. Google loves content.

What Kind of Content Coverts?

As I have already explained, the higher your word count the better chance of succeeding, but a whole page of words can get boring to the human eye.

These words have to be broken up with white space, in other words, do not make sentences or paragraphs too long.

Adding images will also help to keep the interest alive, people love pictures, but they have to be relevant to your content.

Going back to getting your SEO in shape, it is important that search engines know what an image is all about, so make sure you add “Alt text” to them so as to describe the image.

Search engine bots don’t crawl images they only crawl text. Never publish a web page without some sort of image.content-is-king

With those images in place, it means that you can now pin your blog article to a Pinterest board or upload the image to Facebook with a link to the article.

Also adding videos to your content is a great eye catcher. Finding relevant videos on YouTube and embedding them into your content keeps your reader’s attention more active. and makes for a better user experience.

Basically, all the work you’ve created on your website and blog sets you up with fantastic opportunities to share links and snippets on social networks.

It is also important to remember that all your content remains fresh and updating it at regular intervals is paramount.

How to Create Great Content?

Your website should contain your content, written by you and only you.

Even if you are writing about a universal product, the information you provide should be original and written in your own words.

The same goes for any images you use, do some research on your competitor’s sites and try to come up with images or videos that are not on someone else’s site.

People like to buy from people, not robotic salesmen. So talk to them like you are sitting down next to them having a general conversation. Be friendly and offer them content written in a believable way.friends having a conversation 

If you are promoting your company be transparent, use images to show that you are real people, It’s friendlier and portrays trust.

Share information about the problem solvers within your company, Use your content to let your customer know how alert and caring your company is about solving any problems they may have.

Inform your customers, Don’t Sell 

Any business blog is a chance to show a somewhat more casual and personable side of your company, It’s where your content should come alive on an ongoing and frequent basis with relevant content.

This is where you can include the mindset of your  employees and suppliers, explain procedures that are in place to protect customers, display a new product line or even your customer success stories,

The goal here is to share content that engages readers and provides them with relevant, meaningful purpose whether it’s motivation or a direct answer to any questions they may ask.


The determining principles for any great content include unique, fresh and consistent content that engages your readers. It informs and doesn’t sell sell sell. It educates, It recognizes the importance of the questions you are regularly asked and it longs for being shared. 

Learning how to write good content for a website is very powerful and essential for your website and blog.

Well constructed content will help build your brand and permits you to stand out from the crowd.

Tell people why you exist, what your beliefs are and what values you have.

It enables you to interact with potential customers. Potential customers mean potential sales.

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Enjoy and remember if you have any comments or questions about my page please free to leave your contribution in the comment box below.

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