The Best Website Builder for A Small Business-SiteRubix Review

Review of SiteRubix website builder

SiteRubix website builder

How Websites Should Be Built.

Overall Ranking:10/10
Price: Free
Owners: Wealthy Affiliate

What is SiteRubix?


SiteRubix is not just the most powerful website builder on the internet, it is also the best website builder for a small business and offers so much more that you won’t find with any other platform.


I give this program a 10/10 because it covers every aspect needed to build an awesome website.

Although SiteRubix website builder is free to use a free account has to be set up, and to enhance the experience further a free account at Wealthy Affiliate needs to be set up, which takes you further on your journey teaching you how to build out your website.


For newbies without any website creating knowledge or experienced webmasters who want to add to their portfolio


Training is given via video and text instruction step by step 


A fast and efficient support service 24/7 and direct contact with site support


Free to use for anyone with no upsells


No other website building platform comes close to SiteRubix in my opinion and not sure why you would want to look anywhere else

Let’s have a quick look at what SiteRubix can do for you.


SiteManager. Your Personal Website Base

The SiteManager is where you build, manage, make improvements, and access your websites that are built at Wealthy Affiliate

 All your websites come with their own screenshots, information about your websites installed, security features and update information.


SiteBuilder. Simple But Powerful.

SiteBuilder is a leading website creation tool that will have you up and running with your very own WordPress websites in literally seconds. Watch the video for proof.

Site builder speed challenge

No matter if you are building your first website, or subsequent sites, this is where you start to get your WordPress website installed properly. This means you get the best security, and quality WordPress specific hosting, with a platform that you can trust.

You can build 2 websites on the free domain or 2 free sites on any domain of your choice. As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you get the option to build 25 FREE websites and 25 websites with your own domain names.


All Your Domain Needs Under One Roof!

When buying a domain name within the SiteRubix platform, everything is included, thats  EVERYTHING. There are no upsells like every other domain service out there. What you get with your Wealthy Affiliate domains is everything that is required to build a website – including privacy.

  • You get full privacy and domain protection.
  • You get full email accounts included with each domain purchase.

With SiteDomains everything is included all in one place…at ONE price.


SiteFeedback. A Community Helping You To Create Awesome Websites.

SiteFeedBack is where you request reviews and feedback on your websites from other members of Wealthy Affiliate..

This is a credit based system of give and take which gives everyone a platform to monitor the progress of their hard work.

To earn credits you offer feedback on other websites, and you use these credits to ask for feedback on your site. Simply choose the website you want to get feedback for, click a button and you will get helpful, honest and constructive feedback for your website.


Getting comments on your website, is so important to an active website, the more comments you get the more you going to come across as having a much more active website to your visitors, this is also going get much better rankings in Google.

Again this is a credit based function of give and take to get other members to comment on the context of your articles rather than as in feedback they comment on your site in general ie:  layout, aesthetics etc.

The metrics that Google looks at when determining your rank include engagement within their search results. If you are actively getting comments on your website, then you will definitely improve your rankings.

 E Mail

This function is only available with your own domain, SiteRubix is a sub-Domain therefore doesn’t have an email function.

 With Site Email you can set up your website email address, but also forward that address to your main email provider. 


SiteSupport. Build Your Websites With Confidence.

SiteSupport is the technical support for your websites built here at Wealthy Affiliate and is the lifeline for your website.

You will run into technical issues at some point in building and maintaining your website. It happens, but with SiteSupport you can rest assured with the knowledge that if and when anything goes wrong, your site is monitored and maintained 24/7/365 behind the scenes. So if something breaks SiteSupport will go into your website fix it and you will be back up and running without fuss in the shortest possible time.


SiteHealth. Now You Can See How Good Your Website Is Performing.

SiteHealth is a real-time analysis of your website in all aspects including content, user engagement, your activity, and quality of your site.

SiteHealth will give you a very clear focus of where you need to improve your site and where you are doing things well. This is a complex algorithm that has been developed based on what makes a website “healthy” and successful.

This is a perspective of your website NEVER incorporated by any other website builder in the world and is something that will be of benefit to your site tremendously!

If there is another website builder in the world that is that advanced I have yet to come across it. 

Have a go for yourself, it’s free and it will show you exactly what I have been talking about.


Enjoy and remember if you have any comments or questions about my page please free to leave your contribution in the comment box below.

Thank you.

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