How To Start a Small Online Business [What To Look Out For]

It's got to be the hardest thing in the world to try and convince someone who wants to know How To start a small online business from home, that a program you are trying to promote, is not a scam.

Most people now are well aware that there are programs that entice you in with lucrative promises of making you lots and lots of money, for a small outlay.

Then once you sign up you are left to figure out how the program works or there are more up sales before you can progress.

You are not alone.

I know,  I've been there.
Got caught twice with the so called get rich quick schemes.
I understand your scepticism.
This is exactly why I want to explain what to do and what not to do when you start an online business from home.

Just another scam.

There are probably more scam sites than true and honest ones, but finding the true and honest ones is really difficult because of the psychological aspect that "it must be a scam."

Especially when the program tells you that it is free, immediately alarm bells start to ring and the old adage "there's no such thing as a free dinner" springs to mind.

But with time and research, you will find programs that are honestly trying to lead you in the right direction for starting an online business at home, without wanting to scam you.

People are out there that want to help you create a website business for yourself without skimming off the top.

So How do we know what to look for?

Well let's start with what we are NOT looking for:

  • We are NOT looking to pay for a program before we are sure it has all the right ingredients for the product we want to produce.
  • We are NOT looking for a video that lasts about 30 minutes of which there is no fast forward.

So you have to sit through it and gives you all the BS about how each Tom Dick or Harry made so many thousands of pounds after only 1 month of using this formula.

Showing you screenshots of paychecks, and telling you how it changed their lives overnight, and for $97, no wait, for a one-time offer if you download now for $47, really, it isn't going to happen.

Sure they have shown you how it works, sure they have given you evidence( faked ), and sure they have given you testimonials ( faked ), but what they haven't done is given you the chance to have a go before you commit yourself.

  • We are NOT looking for someone who is going to take a percentage of all our income. ( MLM, Pyramid selling).

Why should we work out butts off for hours and days and weeks for someone else to get rich?

No thank you, we may as well stay where we are in our 9-5 job, as there is no benefit.

If we want to work for ourselves then it is ourselves that reap the benefit, not someone else.

  • We are NOT looking for someone else telling us this is exactly what we are looking for so sign up now to get your free bonus.

We want to make our own minds up as to what we want not to be told.

We are looking for a program that will let us try it out, and even join free for a certain amount of time to enable us to make our own mind up as to whether that program is what we are looking for or not.

Then once inside we don't want the pressure of up sales put in your face straight away. 

We want the pleasure of feeling our way around and getting to know the place.

Another contributing factor as to whether we would get ourselves involved in the program is the help and support that is available when we need to know something that we are unsure about.

We want to see if it still going to be there ongoing or do we have to upgrade to get that benefit.

Personally, if my sole intention is to commit to a program that will hopefully teach me how to make a living working from home, I need to know that I am going to be taught and supported right to the end.

Not having to buy another part of the program to finish my work.

Websites once built, do take time and effort to mature, and I would want to know that I have someone there to turn to in 3 months, 6 months even a years time if I needed assistance in any way.

This is what we should be looking for.

As stated we want a program that is 100% free to use( see my evaluation of free to use) for a period of time so as to allow us to navigate the site and see if the program is what we are looking for.

Of course, a program like this is not going to be free forever, if the program has any substance it has taken a long time to produce and the builder needs to be compensated.
But we need to make our own minds up as to whether or not to contribute to the program.

  • We want a program that is going to start right at the beginning, ie: how to initially build a website, we don't want someone giving us a built website to work with.

We want to be able to use the best content management system (WordPress) to build our own website, so we know it is going to be built how we want it.

How do we know what to write, we are new to this game?

  • We want a program that will teach us step by step how to create content to put onto that website.

How do we make money from the website?

  • We want a program that will also guide us through the process of actually being able to make a living from that website.

How about help and support in years to come?

  • We want a program that will not leave us high and dry once we have subscribed to it as a member.

We want the support and help in achieving a finished article from educated and successful entrepreneurs, that are always on hand to help.

When Starting an Online Business from Home you need a teaching program that will give you all the criteria that a proper helpful tutorial platform should give you.

Follow my lead, I want to help you join 10,000's of satisfied members that are earning a living from the best credible teaching program in the world.

Just try it out for a week with no commitment.

Try it Free for 7 Days

I would love to hear your comments if you have ever been subject to a fraudulent program, so please take the time to contribute by leaving your thoughts below.

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