As a member for over 4 years now, I think I can say some things about WA. The training/value rate is one out of a billion. To the point, and good to follow for everybody who understands basic English. The technical support team is as fast as lighting. And to mention the community support, they are in one word awesome. There are always people around willing to help out with issues.
People will also be interested in the earning model, I presume, and when I began, I thought, will I ever make money? My answer to that is YES! And when I can do it, as a plain housewife from the Netherlands, you can do it too. Just stick to the training, do as you are taught, and you can make money too!
Besides hosting and website templates there are dozens of great features on the WA platform. And the nicest thing of all, you can check them all out for free, because the first 7 days of the starter membership has all premium features included. So, what are you waiting for? Check this amazing platform out, right now!


Robert Allan

My name is Robert Allan, and you wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I have a disability.
I also work from home and earn an income from the internet.
Not for me going out in the cold dark mornings with rain or snow making getting to your Job a nightmare. No way people. I stopped doing that over 10 years ago. Now I have the lifestyle I have always dreamed about. And believe me its not all about money.
With Wealthy Affiliate you are not promised instant riches or overnight success. You will not be a millionaire in a few months because what you get out of the program depends entirely how much you are willing to put into it.
Do you want the flexibility and convenience of a job that doesn’t require any commuting or working for someone else every day for the rest of your working life? Then the decision is yours.
I advise you to do what I did back in 2014 and signed up right away.
I wish you success.
Robert Allan



My story is a little different then other members simply because when I discovered the WA back in 2012 I’d already been making a fulltime income online, and doing so as of 2005.

But I’m sure glad I did find the WA.

First off this is a true community, everyone that I have encountered is looking to learn and to share what they know so everyone can reach their goals no matter what they are.

I’ve personally made some great friendships as well as some very lucrative business connections.

But beyond that, from the additional information that I have learned through the WA’s training and through other even more experienced members.

The wealthy affiliate has helped me triple my income in the last year alone and I am on track to do it again this year.

And beyond all the tool, the training, resources, support and constant innovations and updates.

No matter what your level of experience in the online world there is something for everyone in the WA.

As soon as you think you’ve learned everything or know everything about online marketing that’s when you’re going to get into trouble and see your business slide backwards.

I have zero intention of ever leaving the WA – simply because it provides me with the latest information of online marketing to keep scaling up my business each and every year and to stay ahead of my competition.

And for the price of a yearly premium membership – that’s a steal.

I believe in you