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Finding The Best Keywords Research Tool 

     is essential for producing a profitable website?

Keywords are one of the major factors in SEO, for getting your site seen by surfers looking for your particular topic.

Therefore keyword research is vital to your presence in Google or any other search engine.

But a Keyword Research tool should give you more than just a search platform for finding keywords to enhance your chances of ranking highly in the top search engines.

Any keyword could become irrelevant if there are another 300/400 sites trying to rank for that same word/phrase.

You need to dig deeper to find keywords that will benefit your hard work and that aren’t being used by the world and its mother.

This will give you the chance of at least getting onto page 1 of Google. 

Long Tailed Keywords.

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases which are very specific to whatever a customer is looking to buy. 

Whenever a customer searches for the exact search phrase, they are looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. 

In almost all cases, such a very specific search is far more likely to convert to a sale than general generic searches that tend to be focused more toward the type of research that consumers would do prior to making a buying decision.

They are doing their own research.

There’s an alternative view on Long Tailed Keywords here

But whichever Keyword you are looking for I believe the best tool for your research is Jaaxy.

Let’s find out what Jaaxy can do for you?

Jaaxy isn’t just the internet’s leading keyword research platform, it offers much much more.

What It will give you:

The average number of searches that the keyword receives in search engines per month.

Jaaxy - Average Search



How many visits to your website if you achieve 1st-page ranking. Ideally, this should always be above 50 

Jaaxy - Expected Traffic



Number of Websites ranked under the exact keyword. Ideally, you want to look for competing sites under 300.

Jaaxy - QSR



Quality indicator Red (don’t touch) Amber ( not brilliant but not bad) Green ( Go for it)



Jaaxy -KQI


Score based on traffic and competition indexed from 0-100  the higher the better


Jaaxy -SEO


Finding an exact match Domain.

Domains that are available relevant to the Keyword you want to use.

Once you have decided on your Niche and you have completed your keyword research, it is advisable to buy a domain with the keyword within.

Again this can be done within Jaaxy.

Just head over to the Domain section and there you will find which .com .org .net etc is available.

You can then immediately buy your Domain before anybody else snatches up from under your nose.

No need to go searching Domain Registries.


Jaaxy -Domains


Finding Other Keywords That Are Related To Your Search


Jaaxy -Related


As you can see from the charts above this keyword search engine offers a vast array of information on any keyword.

But it goes much further than that.

Wondering where your keyword is ranking in Google?

Jaaxy - Site Rank

Within the Site Ranking feature, It will search the first 20 pages of google and show you where your article containing that keyword is ranking. Give it 4/5 days for Google to crawl your site.


Keep a list of all your favourite keywordsJaaxy -Saved Lists

When searching keywords, don’t settle for the first one that catches your eye.

Continue searching but keep all your findings in an easy to find list.

The keyword list feature enables you to keep a list of favoured keywords for comparison and choose the best keyword for your project.

Different methods of keyword research.

Alphabet soup

Jaaxy -Alphabet Soup

This feature is a powerful inclusion to your search results.

By clicking on this tab and typing in any search term the results are going to give you keywords preceding or proceeding with the letters of the alphabet A-Z.

For example, A “way to make money from home”, and  “make money from home” with Amazon.

  Better way to “make money from home” and “make money from home” Business. 

 Can Imake money from Homeand “make money from home”  with Confidence. Hope you get my drift.



Search history  never lose a search

Jaaxy - Search History

Your Search History keeps a record of every search you ever did, so you can refer back to older searches to remind yourself of the quality and benefits of that keyword.


Search Analysis Details

A Powerful Tool to establish the competition for your keyword/phrase.

Find out where your competition is ranking, what their listing looks like, meta description etc and all the details of their page, very useful for comparing details of your own page. 


Brainstorming  gives you what’s trending in all the major search engines and is a powerful tool for niche research and keyword research with any given trend

As listed you can see, the rank is shown from Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends so that you can keep up with the latest trends.

This is a great tool to use for an article that you want to write to maximise traffic for your website.

Jaaxy -Brainstorming



Jaaxy -Training



All of the above sections are detailed in a full training program in easy to follow step by step guidelines in text and video.

Jaaxy really is the #1 Keyword Research Tool on the internet.

You should give it a go, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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