The Purpose Of A Website​

The Purpose of a Website should be to help and inform people of a question or interest that they may have.

The purpose of a website will differ depending on its target audience. While some websites are geared towards offering useful information, others are geared towards selling products and services, while others still are designed for entertainment purposes.

Here are purposes of some of the most common types of websites on the Internet.

Practical Information/Informative Websites

Information-centric websites are designed to convey specific, useful information to the target audience so that readers learn something new or understand a particular subject better.

The websites center around actionable information and typically contain instructions, directions, guidance, support information, tips, and tricks, fix and repair etc.

Entertainment Websites

The purpose of a website designed for entertainment purposes is to provide the audiences with entertaining information.

Examples of such websites include those that cover movies and the arts, celebrity news, gossip websites, humorous websites, online magazines, etc.

Entertainment websites are designed to be easy to navigate and are updated frequently to keep users coming back for more.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are used for selling products and services to users.

The most successful e-commerce websites are highly optimized to maximize purchases.

To achieve success, e-commerce website needs to integrate all the latest upsell and closing techniques that have been proven to increase the chances of a visitor making a purchase.

Building a successful e-commerce website requires many important elements such as simplifying the checkout process, making the website attractive and fast, reducing shopping cart abandonment, remarketing to past visitors that have not made purchases, removing friction during the purchase process, upselling users on related products, having a mobile-friendly website design, incentivizing buyers, and many others.

Service-Oriented Websites

The purpose of service-oriented websites is convincing visitors that they need to become customers of the service company.

This is usually achieved by positioning the company as an experienced, trustworthy, and dependable provider in the target market.

To do this, the company should provide articles and videos demonstrating their knowledge, customer testimonials, visual portfolio, and so on.

Visitors usually review the websites of potential service providers to pre-screen them before making any phone calls.

During the process, they are trying to find the best company to meet their unique needs.

They are attempting to determine whether the company has a good reputation, how long the company has been in business, and the quality of work they are likely to receive.


A blog is designed to provide a regularly updated web page or website.

It is usually run by either a small group or a single individual and written in a conversational or informal style.

It is quite easy to start a blog online using various free platforms such as WordPress.

You will find numerous professional and personal blogs that can give you insight into other people’s personal lives and are entertaining to read.

Blogs can be used for entertainment or information purposes or even used as online journals.

Companies also regularly use blogs to keep their customers updated on what is happening with regards to the business.

The best thing about blogs is that they are quite easy to maintain even for untrained people with limited or no technical knowledge.

Social Media Websites

Social media websites are designed to make it easy for family, acquaintances, friends, co-workers, or even complete strangers to share and connect.

They make it easy for people to build up networks of connections with others to share experiences, interests, photos, preferences, etc., and keep in touch too.

Social media websites can be used for either commercial or personal purpose.

Businesses often rely on social media to establish direct connections with their customers, which helps them receive feedback on their services and products and this allows them to learn more about the wants and needs of their clients.

The Bottom Line

The purpose of a website will be different depending on who you are trying to reach.

But the main purpose should be to inform and entertain.

There are many many websites with this sole notion in mind and there are many many websites with the sole purpose of making money. (Full of advertisements and banners).

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have the intention of making money.

After all, that’s what we are all in the online business for.

But your sole priority should be to help people first and then the financial rewards will follow.

That’s what is all about.

Sole Purpose

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