How To Achieve Online Success

How To Achieve Online Success and Escape The 9-5.

To have a successful Online Business you need to work the hours and not treat it like a hobby.

Let’s break it down into perspective

If you work in a 9-5 job you are working 8 hours a day, let’s say 5 days a week.

You are putting in 40 hours a week for your pay packet. 

You work 52 weeks a year equal to a little over 2000 hours of hard work.

But how many 2000 hours of work is it going to take to see an increase in your yearly take-home pay? 

When would you expect to see an upturn in your weekly/monthly pay packet? 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? or with inflation probably a year. 

So why would you expect anything different with an online business, bearing in mind that you have put in an average of 40 hours per week to achieve the take-home pay you receive.

The Online World, Not What It Seems.

The problem is people who start out building a business online have different views and expectations, from the internet.

There is this tendency to expect things at a much quicker pace online than offline.

After all, we can connect with each other instantly, we can message each other with the click of a button, information is accessible with a simple search, the instant expectations from the internet are set in our minds.How To Achieve Online Success

That instant mindset transports our thinking into the Internet business world, partly because of this instant expectation but also because of a lot of misleading information and offers out there claiming “instantly make money”.

This is pure fantasy. It is not the reality.

To produce a successful business does not and will not happen overnight.

It can take minimum a few months, sometimes a year, sometimes, even more, depending on the time you are prepared to invest into that business.

The Perspective of Your Time vs. Return On Investment.

Earn Revenue

So let’s put this in perspective, you have to have to be realistic about How To Achieve Online Success.

You write 3 blogs a week for your website and each blog takes an average time to create of say 1.5 hours.

So you have spent 4.5 hours a week on the most important part of your business.

There are going to be other things that take up time associated with your business (Research, Keyword research, social media marketing, etc), but basically writing your blog is the main tasks that you are doing.

If you put in 4.5 hours per week into your business, you can get a lot out of it.

The problem is your progress is going to be a lot slower than those that invest 40 hours a week into their business

If you are only managing to do part-time your income will be less than those doing full-time.

I know all this sounds obvious but it is also reality.

If your day to day job was only 4.5 hours a week how do you expect to earn the same as the guy doing 40 hours a week?

4.5 hours vs. 40 hours!

In reality, 4.5 hours per week can lead to a sustainable and full-time income, but with time.

Take the 3-month timeline, that is really only 54 hours you have invested in building out your business.

Why would you expect a full-time income at that point or even any income?

You are still building the foundation of your business

I’ll tell you why.

There are companies out there that claim instant success. 

They will show pictures of expensive cars and big commissions and tell you how quickly you can become part of these awesome riches, drawing you into the idea of instant success. 

This is known as the shiny object syndrome.

If you are working on your business for 4.5 hours a week you are just getting the foundation in place.

Think about it, after 3 months you have invested 54 hours of work, just over a full working week and you wonder why you are not earning a full-time wage?

Imagine What 20 Hours per Week Can Achieve For Your Business.

Let’s increase your production time spent on your website to say 20 hours a week.

You could probably create at least of 5 posts on your website as well as manage your social media engagement and any promotions you need to do.

After just 6 months investing this amount of time, you would be looking at a website with over 100 posts on it.

A website that is beginning to get constant traffic and one that is more than likely heading towards becoming a full-time income. You are beginning to learn how to achieve online success

Now you are in a position to go far beyond that.

What Impact Would It Have If You Invested 40 Hours per Week?

So let’s go one stage further and see how the investment of working full-time your website and exchanging those 40 hours a week that you were working in your 9-5 job, to 40 hours a week working on your Online job.

The production of your content would be increased to 7 posts a week.

A lot more time for thorough research and producing better articles, increasing the possibility of your posts being ranked higher, which in turn produces more traffic and then more conversions.

You have more time to spend on getting comments and Social Media engagement on your site.

There is going to be more time to research better images to enhance your site.

These little things that you didn’t have time for before, become achievable and will make for a better user experience.

With all your hard work for a year, you are going to have a fully fledged website earning you a nice income.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You now have a significant foundation to carry on growing your business and one that has the potential to bring in the income stream you are expecting.

That is How To Achieve Online Success

Where do you go from there?

This is not the time to sit back and admire all your hard work.

Now is the time to start investing some money into delegating some of the laborious work, such as article writing.

Outsourcing these jobs can be beneficial for your time to spend on promotions and advertising.

You could even give more time going through your website to see where you can improve things.

All these things become possible because you spent time and effort, in the beginning, setting up your business. 

Can It Ever Happen….

If you give yourself a month and 15-20 hours a week to build a business it is going to be a long hard struggle and maybe never happen.

That is one thing that I can assure you of.

I don’t want to appear blunt about this but that is the reality.

If you really want to know How To Achieve Online Success it takes a lot of time and hard work, going in with your eyes shut will only cause you frustration and heartache.

Being realistic about the process of building an online business will have a long-lasting financial success for you.

Being serious about an Online Business involves a credible teaching program, that will take you step by step in producing a profitable lasting income to achieve a successful Online Business and stand you in good stead for years to come.

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