How To Start An Online Business From Scratch

How To Start An Online Business From Scratch and make money online.

Here we are going to take you step by step on how to start an online business from scratch to ranking in the search engines. 

And then making a profit from all your hard work and believe me it is going to be hard work.

The first thing to establish is:

Why we want to build a website.

Ways to start an Online Business from scratch - The Beginning

Unless you are in the vast minority and only want one as a hobby, then the only reason to own your own website is to make money.

To make money Online you have to become an authority within the Niche you have chosen.

By that I mean you have to give your potential customers value in the product you are promoting by creating informative and engaging content.

To “Sell” before you have given any value to the product will decrease your chances of anyone buying from you.

If your site is full of promotions, without quality content you will find people hitting the back button very quickly and frequently.


When you start an online business from scratch, normally the first thing you will be thinking of is making money.

This is all well and good.

But people come to the internet for information.

And if you can “Help” them to make their mind up in their choice, by “Informing” them of the quality of the product you are selling, you will have a much better chance they will buy from you.

Try to create a relationship with people, by offering them a credibly informed article that answers their questions.

They will put their trust in you and more than likely to buy from you.

If you simply SELL to people, the chances of your business succeeding will be very slim.

So How Do You Start Your Online Business From Scratch?

Choosing a Topic (Niche)Ways to start an Online Business from scratch - what's my niche

The first thing I ask anyone wants to start an Online Business, is “What do you want to build your business around”?
Choosing a Topic for your website is going to be a major step to creating a successful website.

Your online business should not become a chore.

Earning money online should be enlightening and fun.

This is where choosing a niche that you are passionate and interested in and will make all the difference, you will enjoy working with it.

If you get enjoyment from the task you undertake then the more productive you are going to be

Choosing a DomainWays to start an Online Business from scratch - choosing your own domain name

Choosing the right Domain Name when you start an online business from scratch can be so beneficial to the eventual outcome of your Online Business:

Try to keep it as simple as possible without using shortened or abbreviated words such as 4 (For) or U (you).

A simple Domain Name makes it easier for customers to remember it.

If it is possible to use your keyword within it without making the name too long, even better.

For example

Not only does this make sense to searching customers it will also give you a greater chance in the search engine rankings.

A Local Business

Another point to consider if you are looking for Local Business is to maybe target your area in your Domain Name.


This gives the added function of being a name people will remember.

Make it Memorable

A memorable Domain Name is paramount to your business.

Don’t just think of a Domain Name and go with it. 

There are millions of names out there and although the registrar may indicate that the name you have chosen is available, there may be a case that the one you have selected could be copyrighted by another company. 

So before you buy it do some research on it to save you time and money or even a legal battle ending up costing you out of pocket expenses and your Domain Name.


Depending what business you are in the Domain Name extension could come into play.

A Domain Name extension is a suffix which comes after the name ie .com, .net, .org.

The .com is by far the most used suffix and is added by almost all Domain Names, but then finding your choice of Domain Name with a .com extension could become very difficult.

So you could consider using .net, or even .org.  Other extensions that can be used are:

  • .co:  usually used with a country extension as in
  • .info: can be used for informational sites.
  • .biz: for business or commercial use, eg, e-commerce sites.
  • .me: used for blogs, resumes or personal sites.

Remember there are various versions of the Domain Name that you have chosen and it is always a good idea to consider purchasing these other versions.

If you are lucky enough to find a .com consider also buying the .co version.

If you don’t there is always the chance someone else can buy the exact same DN but with a different extension.

So get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Build a website (Your Window to the World)

Ways to start an Online Business from scratch - build your own website
Build Your Website

Now you have your Niche sorted and hopefully, a really good Domain Name registered and paid for.

The next step is to start to build your own Traffic producing website.

Here you are going to have to acquire a program to build your website.

I am not saying that this will complete a website that is going to start earning you revenue.

This website builder will produce all the back office stuff for you so that you can concentrate on filling out your website with quality content.

I have and always will use SiteRubix for building my websites.

It is a very powerful website builder that can produce a fully functional basic website to start building out in under 40 seconds.

Plus they give to 2 free websites to play around with while you are learning.

You can try it out here for free,

Build A Foundation With 3 pillar pages


Your about page gives the reader an insight into who you are, your intentions for your website and how you intend to help them with your quality content.

So make it interesting and be frank and open with it, which can also instil some trust from your readers.

Privacy Policy

Here is what a Privacy Policy page says about you. (from

“Privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses and manages a customer or client’s data.”

So basically, it is informing your visitors on how their data will be used when they visit your website.

It is very unlikely that anyone will read your Privacy Policy but most affiliate programs, PPC networks, and advertising programs including Google Adsense make it a requirement.

You can get an example of a Privacy Policy here.


This page should be reflective of your website name.

It should give the viewer an insight into what your website is all about.

Explain what you intend to achieve from your site and how you are going to help them.

KeywordsWays to start an Online Business from scratch - choosing the right Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that surfers actually type to find the answers that they are searching for.

These keywords become very important for you to get your content found by surfers.

The idea is to get a keyword/s that has plenty of people searching for it/them on the internet but also with as few as possible websites using that keyword/ s.

It is no longer any use just using a one-word Keyword. 

Keywords have to have specific meanings.

By typing in “Shoes,” you are going to get a plethora of suggestions about Shoes.

But by being more specific by adding extra explanatory words:

  • Ladies Shoes
  • Ladies Red Shoes
  • Ladies Flat Red Shoes
  • Ladies Open Toe Flat Red Shoes.

Hopefully, you get the idea. These are known as Long Tailed Keywords and that’s exactly what they are.

These are the type of phrases that the modern day surfer will type into the search bar to find specifically what they are looking for.

Imagine if you went into a conventional shoe shop.

You probably would know exactly what you are looking for, so you wouldn’t start at the beginning of the shop and waste your time looking at all the shoes on show.

No, you would go straight to the racks that are showing the style that you had in mind.

It is the same with the keywords of your article.

Give the surfer the exact combination that you think they are looking for.

Using a good Keyword Research Program will help you enormously here.

You can search online for a Keyword Research Program, there are many out there.

Personally, I use Jaaxy, as I find it the most comprehensive program I have used.

Composing Relevant And Engaging Content

Remember that Content-is-King when you start an online business from scratch

This is so important for getting your website recognized in the major search engines.

The business these search engines are in is INFORMATION.

They are there to provide quality relevant information on any subject their users are searching for.

So your content has to be unique and written for the people, not the search engine bots.

A page full of boring text will soon make your readers hit the back button and more than likely never to return.

When writing relevant and engaging content, you need to keep your readers interested.

Here are a few points worth noting to keep your visitors engaged.

Write in small paragraphs, keeping the sentences to no more than 6/7 in any one paragraph.

Try to keep sentences to a maximum of 20 words.

  • Separate the topics of your post with Heading Tabs using H2, H3, H4.
  •  Always use a dark text (Black or Dark Gray) on a white background, this makes it so much easier on the eyes.
  • Try to write as you speak. Don’t try to be a William Shakespear. Writing naturally gives readers a better user experience.
  • A captivating headline draws your readers in. Be creative with your headlines.
  • Everyone likes a picture. By using relevant images in your content, it breaks up the monotony of a page full of text.


Ways to start an Online Business from scratch - Using Links

Linking to or from your own website shows Google 2 things.

Firstly that there are other pages/posts relevant to the article you have submitted.

Secondly that you are giving your readers more relevance from an outside source(website).

Linking to other posts/pages of your own website also gives the reader a better chance of staying within your website for a longer period of time.

This impacts on your bounce rate within Google Analytics. 

The lower your bounce rate the better Google likes it as it may show that your article is being absorbed by readers rather than just flicking through it.

When linking to outside sources always make a recognition to the website you are linking to.

For example, if you use Wikipedia to give an explanation relating to a subject, then always add “From Wikipedia” and link to the page via their URL so giving the reader another option of understanding.

Quick little tip. Make sure the link opens in a new window. Otherwise, the reader will be leaving your website. (Think Bounce Rate).

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Most search engines have put together a mathematical system called “algorithms”.

These send out “spiders” and “bots” AKA (robots) to crawl your website to see if your website is comparable to other websites in being useful, relevant, informative or really not a lot of good.

Google uses around 200 ranking factors.

It would be impossible for me to list all the ranking factors, as #1 I don’t know them all and #2 Google keep the majority of them close to their chest.

But the important ones when you start an online business from scratch is to be aware of things like website/Domain age, keywords, backlinks, fresh and unique content and relevant information.

Why You Need SEO To Survive.

If you want to make a profession out of your website then you need to have Google and other major search engines on your side.

Therefore you need to follow their rules and guidelines and make your website pleasing to both visitor and search engine.

Without the search engines, you have no business, simple as that.

It takes time and patience to perfect Search Engine Optimisation, but you will find it can be one of your greatest assets.

You won’t learn it all in one go, it will come to you as you venture through your education. 

But optimising your pages for SEO and updating them now and again will tell the search engines that you are serious about your chosen niche and that you are in it for the long haul.

I also know that SEO can sometimes be very frustrating.

But, essentially, what they are doing is forcing us to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of people searching for quality and relevant information.

 Create an account with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
These will both give you valuable information both about your traffic behavior and the state of your website going forward.


There are many many ways to monetize a website and realizing your goal must be the main focus. Here are a few examples:

Email MarketingWays to start an Online Business from scratch - email marketing

This is probably one of the most powerful marketing aspects of the Online World.

Building an email list should be a priority whether you are going to go solely into Email Marketing or not.

An email list will help you build a solid brand and help bring readers back to your site many times.

There are different ways Email marketing can earn you money.

Direct email promotions, delivering free reports that can be monetized and obviously driving traffic back to your website where you make money from other methods.

Affiliate MarketingWays to start an Online Business from scratch - affiliate marketing

I know that affiliate marketing is one of the most clever ways to monetize a website and works brilliantly when jointly used with email marketing.

Any top marketer you will tell you that email marketing is their most profitable income source.

Mixing that up with Affiliate Marketing and you end up with a very profitable business.

Nowadays most companies in any industry have an Affiliate program. (more on that later).

So if you are just starting out and looking for ways to start an online business from scratch, Affiliate Marketing could be a very wise choice.

Create & Sell Your Own Digital Product

If you can create and sell your own digital product, this can be a very lucrative way of producing an income.

Being an expert in your Niche, all you need to do is create a Word document describing the How to and do’s and don’ts of your subject, turn it into a PDF file and sell it.

You will be surprised how many people want the exclusive information you can provide.

Sell Advertising Space

The most popular and easiest way to make money from a website is by placing ads on it.

By now everyone knows what an ad looks like, and the downside is that most people avoid clicking them unless they really want to know more.

But having said that adverts come in many different guises.

Pay Per Click, Pay Per 1000 Views or Pay Per Time Frame.

The most common of these is Google Adsense’ but to earn any significant amount of money you have to be attracting a lot of traffic.

It all depends on you. When you start an online business from scratch this could be just an opportunity to make a bit of money on the side to get started.

Selling Services

If you are in the service industry then creating your own website is a very popular technique for attracting more customers.

The best way to attract people to your services is to create a website designed around your business and adding a page specifically for services.

Within that page, you can layout the services you provide with a buy now button.

Review Products as an Affiliate

Product reviews make great content on any website and if the product has an affiliate program, you can make a lot of money. 

To find out if the Niche you have chosen has Affiliates, type into the search bar your Niche and then add +Affiliates.

This will then give you choices of Affiliate programs.

Reviewing products can cover anything from software to sports equipment, health products, toys even holiday venues.

Anything and everything can have a review.

People buying over the internet nowadays are more likely to look for someone else’s experience in using a product before they make their own mind up.

So a Review blog can be very rewarding.

Publish a BookWays to start an Online Business from scratch - publish an ebook

If writing is your passion, then producing Ebooks can also be very rewarding.

Buying electronic readable material is big business and writing a series on an interesting topic can earn you a substantial income for years to come.

There are many Ebook publishers out there notably Amazon who have the Kindle Ebook reader. 

Here you can publish your work to the millions of these people that own a Kindle Book Reader.

PS. I hope this article has been of some use to you.

Ways to start an Online Business from scratch - Kick the 9-5 Habit

If you would care to leave a comment in the box below if I was able to help you It would be much appreciated. 


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