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Lets start at the beginning

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where those who use it can learn, from a very in-depth Credible Online Business Teaching Program, how to start, build and run a successful affiliate marketing business or any form of online business.

The training is user-friendly, laid out in text and video form for easy understanding. There is also a very active community of members who help each other to succeed.

How Long Has Wealthy Affiliate Been In Existence?

owners of Wealthy Affiliate

WA was founded way back in 2005 by 2 college friends, Kyle and Carson, as a Keyword Research Platform, but in the 12 years since they have gradually built Wealthy Affiliate into one of the very best and most comprehensive online business training platforms and communities on the internet. With their own innovations in adding a world class website builder (SiteRubix), over 70 training lessons, a state of the art Keyword Research Tool( Jaaxy) and weekly training webinars, there really is no better place for beginners (and those with experience) to learn how to run a profitable online business.

What Benefits Are Gained By Becoming a Member of Wealthy Affiliate?

The benefits gained are both great and small. First and foremost when you first join up you will gain access to their fantastic training in the form of 10 starter pack lessons. You will have your own website built out of SiteRubix and you are not obliged to upgrade to the premium membership, you can stay a free member for as long as you like.

There are 2 official training course:

online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1Online Entrepreneur Certification ( For those wanting to create their own Niche Website).

WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Starting Your Foundation PHASE 1     Affiliate Bootcamp ( For those wanting to promote Wealthy Affiliate).

The training comes in abundance not only through the training courses but by the members themselves.

Another most significant benefit and one that has long-term value is the community. Every one of them is active within the community, they are helpful and will encourage one and other with all the knowledge that they have gained, not only from WA but from outside sources as well. The range of knowledge comes from beginners right the way through to professional online entrepreneurs.

I’m Not Sure I Have The Writing Skills To Write Good Content?

freelance writing

To write good content doesn’t take the skills of a William Shakespeare or JK Rowling. Writing skills are will certainly help and are very useful, but they are not essential.

The most important thing is having a belief in yourself and a passion for the topic your website is all about.

If you write naturally, in the same tone as you speak your audience will grasp how believable you are, and with that belief, you will be more successful

People buy goods or subscribe to newsletter based on trust not judging you on how good a writer you are.

Obviously, your content has to be written in such a way that readers can understand your logic and be enthralled by what you have to say, but there are outsource sites like Upwork and Fiverr that can help you if you really feel like you are struggling with putting pen to paper so to speak.

I’m Not Really Computer Literate. How Can I Create a Website?

build your own website

Well first of all creating a website is the least of your worries. That is all done with 4 clicks of your mouse and hey presto you have the basic structure of a website.

Have a go for yourself and see how easy it is:

The majority of people who join Wealthy Affiliate are not tech experts. In fact, many of them have never created a website before. That’s the great thing about the training here. It takes you through this process a step at a time and the lessons are very easy to follow. People of all ages and from all walks of life join Wealthy Affiliate every day.

I have to tell you that the majority of people who join the Wealthy Affiliate program will not have any computer knowledge. In fact, many of them wouldn’t have the first idea of how to create a website.

That is where the online business teaching really comes into its own here. It will take you through the whole process a step by step in a very user-friendly format, with text and video walkthroughs.

People from all walks of life and all age groups join Wealthy Affiliate every day.

Will I Really Earn Money If I Join Wealthy Affiliate?


That completely depends on you and you alone.

The training courses at Wealthy Affiliate are laid out in such a way that as a complete novice you are gong to be starting at ground zero.

By following the training to a letter and putting in the work, you can definitely make money. Like any business dedication and perseverance comes into play but given time, it is possible to replace your current 9-5 job and have a full-time Online Business.

The strength of your business is completely up to you in how far you are willing to go. There are some people that use their online business as a part-time venture to supplement their regular income and there are those that turn it into a full-time business going on to make really big money.
Here are some real stories of success all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate: Success growth at Wealthy Affiliate


As a footnote here, there are over 3 billion active internet users worldwide, just imagine what a massive ready made marketplace that is to click into!

So How Much Is All This Training Going To Cost Me?

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

To whet your appetite Wealthy Affiliate gives you 7 whole days of premium membership which include the first 10 lessons of their Getting Started Certification course. This initial membership is free and as a starter member, you can remain free for as long as you like.

But to enhance your education, there are multiple advantages to upgrading to the paid membership program. 

This allows you to complete all the training (and Another 70 lessons) and have continued access to everything the platform has to offer.

You get a bonus discount on the first months Premium Membership fee of 56% paying just $19 if you decide to upgrade after the 7 days free look around, then the monthly fees are $49 per month or a yearly payment of $359 per year a saving of over $200.
Update January 2019- Wealthy Affiliate introduce a 6 monthly billing cycle at a cost of $234 which is = to £39 p/month giving a saving on the monthly cost of $60. A nice discount for those who can’t quite afford the yearly plan.

Will I Have To Give Over Financial Details When I Join?

no credit card needed

No, not at all.

When you fill in your free account set up form, there are not any financial details asked for. Free to use should be Free to Use.

Your free account set up form is simply to ask for a username and password to access your account. Once you have filled those items you are ready to start your adventure.

The only time any financial details are asked for is when and if decide to upgrade to premium membership.

Will I Need Put In A Lot Of Hours To Make It Work And Make Money?

working from home

It is a misconception that everything that involves the internet happens at the click of a mouse. While that may be true when searching the net or buying online I’m afraid to own and run an online business requires hard work and effort. 

If you are looking to make instant money with very little effort, it is going to cost you a lot of money buying into high priced programs that offer the earth and deliver very little. The majority of those programs are designed to extract as much money out of your pocket as possible. will

To have a sustainable Online Business requires learning, effort, dedication and patience to see it through. Anyone and everyone can be successful if they are first shown how, and then dedicate themselves with a commitment to succeed.

Can I Promote Wealthy Affiliate Does It Have Its Own Affiliate Program?

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the highest affiliate marketing commission payouts at almost 50%. 

 Referral earnings

If you decide you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate rather than focus on another niche based around your passion, there is a specific Bootcamp program specially designed for promoting WA. Again there are 5 Bootcamp courses with 10 lessons to each course.

But it isn’t necessary to do the Bootcamp course to promote WA, this can be done through your own niche site or to friends on social media, and still get paid for referrals.

Should I Consider Wealthy Affiliate?

work from home


If you are a complete beginner and are serious about establishing your own online business that could possibly lead you to the true lifestyle of freedom, a regular income, then definitely give the Starter Membership a go. Just see what you can achieve in the first 7 days and then make your own mind up.



You will never know unless you try it.



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