What Is A Mobile Friendly Website

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Times have changed, back in 1997, there were around 1 million websites and fast forward 10 years and there were in excess of 150 million.

Bearing those figures in mind,  mobile-friendly websites are going to increase beyond all expectations.

There are now more than 3 billion mobile phones in use worldwide.

We are fast approaching the time when a person’s first internet choice will be made through a mobile device. 

With these changes happening at an extraordinary pace the business world is left with no choice but to adapt to them.

Mobile devices are far exceeding the PC, in connecting to the internet and by not having a mobile-friendly website your business will suffer out of all proportion.

People who are looking for information and services from the internet, want them fast and with because of the progression of technology, it is now possible for surfers to access any information or service they require, through a cell phone.

Any website that has not yet made requirements for mobile usage, is going to miss this opportunity in attracting customers.

A mobile phone is everyone’s form of communication.

If your website is not mobile-friendly the chances are your rankings are going to dip.

Having a website that is viewable on a mobile device is so important that Google introduced an algorithm for mobile-friendly sites back in 2014/2015 and stated then that all websites should be easily readable on a mobile device whether it be a smartphone or iPad/tablet.

Google released an update to their algorithm in May 2016 affecting all sites that are not mobile-friendly.

So check that your website is mobile friendly and has a responsive design.

You will have a very good chance that your hard work will be indexed in Google’s mobile search engine.

Steps to take to make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Google Is Your Friend, Use It To Check if Your Site is Mobile Friendly

There is a tool that Google provides that will check your site to make sure it is responsive and mobile friendly.

This can be found in the Google search console and is automatic if you have this installed  (which every serious webmaster should have).

Your results will say one way or the other if your site is mobile-friendly, and if not Google will give you a list of errors that would need to be fixed.

Errors need to be fixed

In some cases, the errors may be quite minimal like content or style formatting. These can be fixed in a few simple steps, within your theme.

But if the issues are far greater in as much as the Mobile Viewport is not set, leading to the user having to scroll to view content, then a change of theme would be the best answer.

A Responsive Theme

Most website themes nowadays are built with a responsive action.

A responsive theme is exactly that, it will respond to whatever device your website is viewed upon.

If it detects errors that need fixing, a responsive theme will automatically fix them, leaving you with a mobile-friendly site.

WordPress provide plenty of good, free responsive themes if that is the CMS you are using or alternatively, there are some very nice paid themes all of which are now responsive.

The bottom line is if you want your site ranking well, checking your website right now is a must.

Reasons Your Site Should Be Mobile Friendly.

Smartphones: Smartphones have become very popular and easily affordable over the past few years.

They are becoming the first choice when people are looking to buy a mobile phone.

Since devices are so good for handheld browsing and with the increase in sales, it makes common sense for website owners to have their site easily browsed on these devices.

The popularity of mobile internet:

Studies have shown that about 40% of the people who have a mobile phone are using them to access the internet in some form or another at least once a day.

Imagine the opportunity this gives to businesses to tap into this mobile phenomenon.


You’ve seen them, people on trains, buses, back of taxies, they are all browsing while travelling.

But say they are looking for their favourite site they would normally find on their PC at home, but find it is not compatible with their device, they are going to end up searching for a site which provides the same service yours does and is mobile friendly, that’s another customer lost.

SEO: Having a mobile-friendly website will also help in your SEO. Mobile friendly sites will improve rankings on all search engines.

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

A mobile-friendly website is a website that is easily displayed on any hand-held device. It should also contain these features:

A Mobile friendly website

  • Loads fast – sites that load slowly cost the user more usage time.
  • Easy to read – mobile phone screens in comparison are 1/5 the size of a PC.
  • Easy to navigate – menu space is limited on mobile devices
  • Minimal scrolling – both vertically and horizontally
  • Avoids using Flash –  Apple iPhones do not support Flash

Things to Keep in Mind

There are many reasons why your website should be mobile-friendly. 

Mobile devices are the popular choice for many people today, and you would want your website to be accessible to as many people as possible.

While making a mobile site responsive, you need to keep certain things in mind.

People use mobiles for browsing as time savers. If a site takes too long to load, then they will very quickly click off that site and find one that is.

You need to keep the page size small enough so it loads quickly on mobile networks.

There is also the consideration of text size. Don’t try to get all the information on one page by reducing the text size. Mobile screens are small and it becomes difficult to read the text if it is too small.

Also, clickable links become a difficult task. Any clickable actions should be large enough to contemplate. Make sure that navigating your site can be done easily.

Google wants to try and put Mobile users first, don’t lose out, make sure your site is responsive and mobile friendly.


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