What Is Article Marketing

The purpose of Article Marketing is for companies to publish information in the form of posts to their websites and to Article directories.

The information would be relevant to their online/offline business and would include some form of advertising.

The advertising should be subtle in the form of Internal links or images leading the reader to the main content of their website.

More importantly, Article Marketing is designed to attract a large amount of traffic to help increase sales for their products or services.

It is widely regarded as one of the most successful marketing ploys a business can use, as it is also one of the most cost-effective.

Starting Out

To make a success of your Article Marketing you need to attract your audience.

When surfers search for answers to a problem they type their question into a search bar.

This question becomes a KEYWORD/PHRASE

This should be your starting pointkeywords

The key is finding the most valuable keyword/phrase to give you every chance of ranking for your Article in the top positions on the search engines.

The top positions give you a much better chance to get your marketing voice heard.

Easier said than done, you may say. Well, it would be if you were left to your own devices, but help is at hand in the form of Keyword Research Tools.

Basically, you are looking for a keyword/phrase that is going to attract visitors but has the least amount of competition from other websites.

If we take this article as an example and I put – What is Article Marketing – into a keyword research tool, I find that the average monthly visitors is 3165 and the competing websites are 264.

These figures tell me that if my article reaches the top 3 places in Googles search listings I could expect around 542 visits a month.

Another way of checking how many websites you will be up against is to types your keyword into the search bar within speech marks ” “.

“what is article marketing” returns   131,00 results

but if I then go right to the end of the search results to the very last page            I find that actually there are only 180 competing sites.

This is because Google deems those sites to be the most relevant in relation to that keyword.

Finding the right keyword is paramount in getting your Article seen by your prospective audience.


Finding The Right Balance Between Sell and InformFinding the right Balance

Article Marketing isn’t all about selling your product, you need to gain trust from your audience before they will ever think about buying from you.

So your Article should be written in such a way that it engages your reader and informs them of the problem that you are trying to solve for them.

Try to write as if you were sitting opposite a colleague or friend and talking in a friendly intimate manner.

This type of content creation will keep them from getting bored as in a long tedious page of text.

Add relevant imagery to your post. Everyone likes a picture. Images help to keep the concentration level up.

Use subtle links to your product through your images or as text links, in such a way that the reader isn’t overwhelmed with a big sales blast.

Gain their trust with a helping hand before you sell.

Writing quality content that has a user experience in answering their questions and not for your own purpose will gain that trust and give you a platform for further connection.

Using Social Mediasocial media

If you want to get your content out to the world quickly and to an interested audience, then there can be no better medium than Social Media.

This can become a very important and lucrative way of attracting traffic to your site.

If you haven’t already got accounts set up with Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter, it is advisable that you get started with them now.

By not using Social Media you really are leaving money on the table.

All the world and its mother use social media in some form or another and it would be silly not to have a bit of the pie.

Joining groups on Facebook, creating circles in G+, creating boards on Pinterest or just tweeting on Twitter will establish your brand help to build up a following and increase traffic to your site.

Always follow the rules and T’s and C’s of the social media platforms otherwise you could get yourself banned before you start.

How To Link Your ArticlesLinks

You have now written an in-depth detailed article on your blog, so what do you do now apart from publishing it on your site.

Using the same keyword create a shorter unique version of the article and place it in an Article Directory.

There are many Article Directories on the net that also allow Affiliate links, notably:

  • EZineArticles.com
  • Squidoo.com
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • GoArticles.com
  • Buzzle.com
  • ArticleSnatch.com
  • ArticleAlley.com

Again stick to the rules and read the T’s and C’s carefully.

Do not copy and paste a section of the main article, as that will be deemed duplicated content and Google frowns on duplicate content and your rankings will suffer.

Within the shorter version add links back to your website and your first article.

Any subsequent articles you write for an article directory should contain links back to your original article and any other relevant articles you have written.

Relevant internal links are good practice as it keeps the reader on your site longer.

Search engines rank sites that they see as surfers taking an interest in by the amount of time they actually stay on the site.

Final Thought!

Article Marketing is all about informing people of the issue they have searched for.

But it is also about marketing your products without full on in their face selling.

First and foremost write the article for the reader, not you the marketer, with subtle links to your product.

Kick the 9-5 Habit

Enjoy and remember if you have any comments or questions about my page please free to leave your contribution in the comment box below.

Thank you

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