What Is An Email List

The first thing we have to establish is “What is an Email List” and then ask “Why Build an Email List”.

An Email list is a collection of potential customers email addresses that they have willingly given in exchange for information, a freebie, or even maybe a PDF file that they have downloaded containing something of interest.

If you have any sort of presence online offering a service or any type of Internet business, then without an email list you are leaving money on the table.

“The money is in the list”.

You have no doubt come across that term in some form or another on your journey through building your online business.

Ask any of the top Online entrepreneurs their most valuable asset and more than likely they are going to tell you it is their Email List.

Why Build An Email List

Your Email List should be your main priority as soon as you have got 2/3 pages of content published.

If you haven’t thought about starting an email list, then you really should put it at the top of your TO DO List.

There really isn’t any need to wait until your business is attracting major traffic. Start as early as possible.

Let’s say your site is generating a modest amount of traffic, 50/100 visitors a day to your affiliate marketing website.

When these people visit your website and they don’t make a purchase from one of your Affiliate Links, there’s a pretty good chance that you will never see that person again. 

But let’s say they do buy from one of your links. 

That could probably be the only time they will visit your site and you will have lost the chance of at least trying to keep in contact with them for future promotions.

That’s 50/100 potential leads that have been lost forever.

Creating a way of collecting Email addresses from anyone who visits your site is going to give you your very own personal list of interested customers. 

Those potential customers can be contacted at the drop of a hat when you have a new information that you want to promote.

How To Get Started

To start collecting email addresses, you are going to have to acquire certain tools and a few carrots.

First off you will need a good email autoresponder service.

There are many out there such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp among others.

You will find that most of these Autoresponders give a Free “Get to know us” period, after which they become a paid subscription.

MailChimp offers a free plan that allows Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month

There are other Free Responders to get you started but whether they give the same level of service as a paid program, I wouldn’t like to comment.

I have always used Aweber.

I personally find that Aweber has all the tools that you would ever need and some really good tutorials for those that are completely new to the Autoresponder process.

Once you have chosen your preferred Autoresponder, it should be quite easy to use their tools to create a simple opt-in form. Similar to this one. Make it as Simple as Possible 

simple opt-in form for an email list

Notice I have just used the Name and Email Adress fields.

Lead Magnet

Just because you place an Opt-In form on your website doesn’t mean that your readers will automatically fill it in.

You need to entice them with a dangling carrot.

Give them a good reason to join your list. This is a lead magnet.

Offer them a FREE PDF on a training program or a FREE Ebook covering more information which is relevant to your business.

Whatever you decide on, make it a FREE offer

As your list grows and you get your Email series timetable established make sure the content you send out is a mix of information and sells.

If you constantly send out sales Emails you will quickly lose your subscribers. Nobody likes being spammed. 

The Money Is In the List

Obviously, the larger your list can grow the more potential you will have to earn from it. 

It is widely thought that each Email subscriber has the potential to earn $1 per month, imagine getting those figures into the hundreds or even thousands.

That’s why you will hear and read successful entrepreneurs claim that the money is in the list.

Always remember that any list of subscribers you build up is your own personal property.

No power on earth including Google’s new Algorithm rollouts can affect your list. 

It is your key to success, even when your rankings drop in the search engines you have your list to continue your business.


Start building your email list without delay. You just don’t know how much it will be worth this time next year.

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