Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate? Part 1

(Last Updated On: 15th February 2018)

Why should I choose Wealthy Affiliate…..

as my platform for learning how to start and build an online business?

Simple: Because Wealthy Affiliate incorporates everything you need to start your online business, all under one roof.

learn how to build a successful business


Let me take you from start to ………. there is no finish because Wealthy Affiliate never stops evolving.

It is very important to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is not. 

  • It is NOT a get rich quick scheme. 
  • It is NOT a pyramid scheme.
  • It is NOT MLM.

Wealthy Affiliate is a teaching program that takes you from the very beginning of setting up your online business through every step to produce a profitable business that you will be proud of.

So Let’s Get Started.

When you first encounter Wealthy Affiliate you will be presented with “Create your free account” page.


You will find the form quite self-explanatory.

  1. Enter your First and Last names
  2. Add your email address
  3. Choose a password
  4. Choose a username, whatever you want to be known as within the community
  5. Click the green button and you are set to go.

This is a free account setup and you will not be asked for any credit card details

Once inside you are presented with your first opportunity to get started on your online business.

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will see the menu of all that goes on within Wealthy Affiliate, the button you are interested in for starters is the green “Get Started Here”.Get started





When you click this button you will get into the first of 10 free lessons with video instruction that will get you up and running.

Notice the light blue button? SiteRubix website builder

This is where you will create the first of your 2 free websites. But everything is explained in the first part of your education.


What you will be learning in your 10 free lessons

Lesson 1   You will be getting a nice warm welcome from one of our owners Kyle, who will give you an in-depth summary of what can be achieved at Wealthy Affiliate!

Lesson 2  This is where you will get tuition on Understanding How to Make Money Online

Lesson 3  This lesson will guide you through the steps on Choosing a Niche

Lesson 4  Here is where you are going to building your OWN FREE website.

Lesson 5  Then you will be shown how to Set Up Your Website

Lesson 6   Search engine optimization is very important for getting your site ranked in all the major Search Engines, this is where you learn how to do just that.

Lesson 7   Keywords are probably the second most important factor after content, to building a worthwhile website, this is where you learn all about keywords, and finding content Ideas from Keywords.

Lesson 8    Now you are going to understand what pages are all about within your website, and you will create your first 3.

Lesson 9   The King of all website creation CONTENT, but not just any content, you are going to learn how to create good quality content.

Lesson 10  This is where all your hard work takes shape. Look back and reflect on what you have achieved, before heading off into the next round of tutorials.

This is not a get rich quick scheme for the owners, it is a build your own business scheme for the members.

This is what you get when you choose Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope I have opened your eyes a little bit about this awesome program if so there is more to come.

Meet me on the other side for Part 2 of Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate?

Please leave any comments you may have or questions you may like answered in the box below and I will be only too pleased to chat with you.





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Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate? Part 1
Article Name
Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate? Part 1
Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate? Part 1
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Running An Online Business
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