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5 Ways to Make Money Working from Home

Today’s Internet-centered world arguably has a long list of both pros and cons.
One of the most significant advantages to the massive growth of the Internet is the multitude of new opportunities it provides.
Today, people are making money in ways that were never before possible—or even imaginable.
Thanks to the Internet, you can earn a part-time or full-time income from the comfort of your own home.

Making legitimate money from home does require an initial investment of time, and in some cases, money.
Genuine, sustainable work from home opportunities come with a fair amount of work—at least initially.
Whether you’re looking for a part-time side hustle or a full-time income, identifying the area that plays to your existing strengths can help you generate an impressive passive income.

Passive income is a term that describes automatic, recurring funds paid to you without much maintenance.
Passive income literally flows in while you sleep, travel, or work your day job. Establishing passive income streams also gives you more of the most important asset you can have: time.
While there are dozens of lucrative working from home ideas, there are five credible, confirmed methods that have helped millions of people earn money without leaving the house:

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1. Host a Webinar

Webinars are one of the most efficient ways to generate a passive income.
While live webinars are lucrative, they only create a short-term payout. Pre-recorded webinars, or automated webinars, are available to be viewed over and over again.
To record a webinar, you first need to have a valuable product, service, or message to offer to potential customers. Many successful automated webinars sell high-quality digital products or in-demand consulting services.Webinars

The sale price of a webinar can vary widely, based on how much value it provides.
Webinars that provide highly desirable products and services can easily sell for several thousands of dollars.
Selling automated webinars becomes easier as you establish an audience and spread awareness of your brand. As people become familiar with what you provide, you can raise your price point.

2. Start a Blog

Blogging is a social internet trend that has exploded in recent years. Blogging has become one of the most reliable ways of generating a passive income. Starting and maintaining a high-traffic blog is no simple task, but the income potential is remarkably high.Blogging

An established and popular blog can generate money in several different ways.
You can sell digital or physical products passively, or get paid per click from affiliate links on your blog. The key is to find your niche and appeal to the personality of your target audience.
Blogs grow with time and a reliable flow of interesting, valuable content. Blogging is one of the more work-intensive methods of generating a passive income.



3. Build a Drop-Shipping Business

Commerce is rapidly moving out of the physical realm and into cyberspace. E-commerce income isn’t limited to big chain retailers. Anyone can take part in the e-commerce marketplace by establishing a drop-shipping business.
You can start drop-shipping with very little monetary investment. No inventory is required, which means no upfront payment for products.Make money online Drop Shipping

As a store owner of a drop-shipping business, you never physically touch the products that you sell.
The products are warehoused by an external company and they only ship when they’re purchased by a customer in your online store.
The product is delivered with your name on it though, so your business is still promoted to the customer. With virtually zero overhead, it’s much simpler to start an online store than a brick and mortar shop.

The key to building a strong drop-shipping business is advertisement and brand promotion. Social media will play a crucial role in generating leads and attracting new customers.
You can build an online store through a site like Shopify, and source low-cost products from sites like AliExpress.

4. Write an eBook

Another of the most profitable working from home ideas is writing eBooks.
To be successful as an eBook author, you should first identify a niche market. The eBook’s topic can be just about anything, but it should be something that you’re knowledgeable about.
As with any online hustle, you’ll only be successful if you provide something of value. There’s a lot of competition online, and you must set yourself apart.Write an Ebook

An eBook should be 60 to 80 pages long and full of compelling content.
You can sell your eBook on a platform like Kindle, or through your own blog. Selling an eBook on your high-traffic blog will generate leads and maximize your long-term income.
If you don’t have the marketing chops to advertise and sell your eBook on your own, Kindle may be a better option. Amazon sends you a payment each month based on your sales figures.


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5. Teach an Online Course

After an online course is published, it requires almost zero upkeep. You may have to add or alter content to keep your course relevant, but that’s about all the additional effort it will require.
Online course builder sites, such as Udemy and Teachable, provide course templates, student management systems, and even some marketing tools. The framework is already established—you just need to add your unique course content.Online Courses

You can create an online course in just about any subject area. You can be an expert in computers, language, medicine, or anything in between. All you have to do is provide knowledge that people are willing to pay for.
Again, stay within your areas of expertise. Trying to “fake it” to publish more courses will negatively impact your reputation and tank your sales.

Traditional Jobs Embracing Remote Workers

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to take on an entrepreneurial work from home adventure, there are plenty of more traditional jobs that can now be performed by remote workers.

Jobs that previously required employees to come to a worksite are quickly transitioning to the online realm.
It’s more cost-effective for companies to hire remote workers, given the huge reduction in overheads.
The rise of startup companies has fueled the remote worker wave, too, as small startups seek to keep costs as low as possible.

There are entry-level jobs that can be done at home and are quite popular among stay-at-home moms and freelancers.
These jobs include: transcribing, survey taking, customer support, website design, tutoring, and copywriting.
There are several internet job boards that are entirely dedicated to remote workers.

If you’re not keen on working from the computer, there are other ways to make money from home.
By becoming an Airbnb host, for instance, you can actually make money with your home. This rental site enables you to list your home for travellers to reserve for short and long-term stays.
Another non-digital way to make some money is by offering a service in your area. Dog walking or housesitting, for instance, can earn you a nice side income.

Working from Home is the Future

Oftentimes, people dismiss opportunities to make at-home income as get-rich-quick schemes or unreachable dreams.
In reality, the exact opposite is true.
More and more people are discovering ways to generate income through constantly evolving working from home ideas.
The more passive income streams you have up and running, the more profitable you will be over time.

Making money from home does take some effort and patience.
Like any other entrepreneurial endeavour, you get back what you put in. If you make the initial investment and grind it out through the growth phase, your work from home income streams can flow indefinitely.

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  1. Hello Gordon,

    I have my own blog websites but I really enjoyed reading your suggestions here. I am partial to blogs but I have considered other areas such as e-books in the past. I had not really considered building my own online courses but now you have me pondering that too! That would be kind of fun! The 10 steps in the link you provided were very useful for figuring out the details of creating an online course. 

    Thanks for getting my creative wheels turning!


    • Hi Jessica, so pleased you found this article helpful. There are so many opportunities for making a good living from the internet, and although Blogging is probably the most popular I feel other sources shouldn’t be ignored. The world is turning to the Internet for information and “How to….” do things, so Online courses are becoming ever more popular.
      Thanks for stopping by and your comments are very much appreciated. 

  2. Hey Gdodd, I decided to check out your website on running an online business because I’m running an online business and I could use a lot of help.  The 1st thing that caught my eye was that your site is simple.  The first paragraph told me that there are ways to get started.  So I knew the site would elaborate on that, which is cool. 

    The subject of running an online business is major.  Most of us have no idea what we’re doing, but we keep searching.  So I’m curious.  When you decided to create this site did you want to focus more on help clarify the path or help others get ideas?   

    I look forward to exploring more about running an online business on your site. Thanx Again for Sharing-Tu 

    • Hello Tu, am pleased you found my site easy to navigate, that is one of my main adjectives, to make my site as simple and as easy to understand.
      My main task when creating my site was to help those that wanted to build an Online Business, with as much information as possible with the knowledge that I have gained over the past 4 years. As my knowledge increases so my site evolves, a never ending story.
      Thanks very much for stopping by, your comments are of great value and appreciated.

  3. Hi there, I totally agree with your take on working from home, it’s definitely the way of the future – but the future is here and now!

    I’ve made my full-time living working from home for years now, and of the methods you mention I’ve done everything except host a webinar. These days, I concentrate on my Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing businesses.

    I think an important point to make for your readers is that just because you work from home, you don’t have to think of it as only making small amounts of money, A good, home-based, online business can earn you way more that a traditional job, it just takes time, effort and dedication to build it up.

    Always join a good program and get mentorship to help shorten the learning curve!

    Thanks again for the informative post.

    • Thanks for stopping by Les, I think the point is made that working from home can produce a profitable and constant flow of income and I do also point out that to gain that constant flow takes time and effort.
      I appreciate your comment.

  4. Thank you for this excellent list of ideas on working from home. There are so many choices out there – one needs to take action and at least try to achieve better life/work balance. 

    Some people might be scared off by the training that needs to be done, but actually it is not difficult at all to get a training in any of the categories you’ve suggested. 

    I started at the place called Wealthy Affiliate only six moths ago as a complete newbie, and now I’ve already build two online businesses. It has not made me rich (yet!).

    What is very important to remember these business are a long term strategies not a get rich quick proposals. 

    My advice to anyone thinking if they should go into online business is to go for it, learn something new and see where that takes you!

    • Hi Alenka, thanks very much for stopping by and reading my article. It’s true that any new venture has to be taken seriously if there is going to be any gain at the end, and I’m obviously very aware of how amazing the training for any Online Business is at Wealthy Affiliate. I can only echo your advice to anyone starting an Online Business and stay for the long haul as it takes time to establish oneself.
      Your comments are appreciated.

  5. Out of the five options you have covered in the article above, I’m really interested in starting up my own blog (on movies if possible!).

    The problem I have with it though is that I was never really that academic in school, and I fear that the content side of things will become a little too much for me. On top of that I know absolutely nothing about coding a website etc. 

    How did you overcome these initial fears with this blog? Where did you find the education/help you needed to create such a lovely looking website?

    • Hi Chris, I got to tell you I was in exactly the same boat some 4 years ago when I decide to give this online world a crack, but luckily enough after 2/3 bad experiences trying to get a foot in the door I came across Wealthy Affiliate and honestly never looked back. It’s the teachings they provide in all aspects of the business that has got me to where I am now and  any initial fears you may have will evaporate with time an dedication. 
      The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is also that you do not have to be at all computer literate as everything is laid out on a plate for you, and a community that honestly is second to none when it comes to helping each other out. Stick with it Chris and it will all come good.
      Thanks again for the comment much appreciated.

  6. Hello, 

    I think that starting a blog is the best way to make money online and use it for affiliate marketing. I personally prefer affiliate marketing more than drop shipping because with affiliate marketing you can add value to your visitors by sharing your experiences with them. Hosting a webinar would be difficult for the average starter person, most people are camera shy and they don’t have any special skill to share on a webinar.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Dreamgirl, I have to agree that Blogging with a purpose(ie Affiliate Marketing) is so much fun if you are totally committed to the niche you choose. Everyone has different personalities to be able to tackle different topics of Online Business and I’m not sure that I would be a webinar enthusiast, but for those that are confident enough to go before a camera it is a very popular way to make money online.
      Thank you so much for your comment it is very much appreciated.  


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