Working From Home Scams

Working From Home Scams And How To Avoid Them.

Working from home is becoming more and more popular, but I’m afraid the more people trying to create an honest living from the internet, the more there will be the sites that try to leverage money from them for inadequate and useless offers.

So how do you avoid work from home scams?

The point of owning a website is to earn money online, but most people will get drawn into the shiny object syndrome at some point in the lives.

There are so many tempting offers out there that it can be very easy to succumb to that tempting video, advert or landing page, only to discover that the product you have subscribed to isn’t worth a penny.

How Can You Tell If That Offer Is A Scam?

Even if the offer isn’t a scam in the true definition of the word, there are many people that have bought products or subscribed to schemes that leave them feeling ripped off, you don’t actually receive what the offer portrayed until you upgrade.

I will try and show you how to discover if a website is a scam. Some telltale signs are so obvious even a blind man could see them.

7 Ways To Tell If A Website Is A Scam:

1. Claims of “Let’s make lots of money” overnight

Ok so along comes that very enticing promise of a secret way to earn $1000’s in a very short space of time.

Come on let’s face it, if there was a way to earn $1,000s of dollars within days of downloading a program, do you really think it would be a secret?

It just simplyhave patience isn’t true.

Yes, you can earn $1000’s with an online business but it takes a time to achieve results like that. 

You need an established website and presence before you can make sales. If you want to be a success, you need to be patient.

2. That annoying video you just can’t stop.

I find these the most annoying of all.

You’ve probably come across that landing page that immediately starts playing a video with nowhere to escape out of it.

There is not a  “get me out of here I’m being scammed”  button, and nowhere else to click on the page except the “Buy it now!” call to action button.

Now here is a very good chance that this is one of those working from home scams and you are about to be from home scams

Actually, these videos contain no more than a lot of repetition of fake earning potentials and actors/actress’s giving fake interviews of how well they did with the program.

When you come across pages like this, steer well clear, it’s a pretty good indicator that the product is a scam.

3. So How do I contact you?

Any program worth its salt should come with a good support strategy.

So if you want more information about the product and are finding it difficult to access contact details, this smells of bad customer support.

If you are going to be investing your money into something, you have every right to know that there is going to be someone there to help you if it goes wrong.

The same goes for email contact.

If it takes more than 24hrs to reply, this is an indication of bad customer support, and that can only mean they are not really considering your interests and are just seeing you as a money-making venture.

4. Trust me I’m A Guru

Definition of Guru?  “An influential teacher or popular expert”, I always worry when I see a program being offered by someone proclaiming to be a Guru.a guru

Why would someone have to upsell themselves to sell a perfectly good program? 

No, my take is that if they are upstaging themselves it is a smokescreen for a scammy product. Give it a wide berth.

 5. And there’s more

This is the most annoying one. It’s really absurd that an offer of $19 to download a program that is going to make you $ 1000’s overnight attracts people’s attention.

But that is the reality. An offer for something at a really low price.

That is until you subscribe and then you learn very quickly that the cheap price tag comes with another price tag to get to the next level and then another until your initial outlay of $19 becomes nearer to the region of $ from home scams

These are Upsells a cunning way of enticing you in at a very low price and then making you add more to the program to actually get the full value of what you subscribed to in the first place. Always Try Before You Buy

 6. It Must be Good, Look where those people are working.

You’ve seen them, those enticing pictures of people sitting on a beach with their laptops, soaking up the sun while they work, those large mansions with flash cars sitting outside.

Mmm, well maybe is possible to run your business from the beach,work from anywhere with an online business you place of work is your computer so as long as you have an internet connection, anywhere is possible.

But to advertise a program with stacks of money or sun-drenched beaches poses the question “why aren’t you seeing what the program consists of”.

If you see a program that has to advertise with images like this, have second thoughts, it probably consists of a scam somewhere along the line.

 7. 60-day guarantee? Yeah Right!

Many legitimate companies give a money back guarantee so that if the customer has a change of mind within the time frame given they are happy in the knowledge that the item can be returned.

Although having said that it is very wise to read and digest the T’s and C’s attached to the said back guarantee - work from home scams

That said not all companies are that honest.

They will use the money back guarantee as a selling point to get you to sign up in the hope that you will forget to cancel the subscription when you decide you don’t want the item.

Getting your money back is another story, they will put all the barricades in front of you with excuses as to why you have violated the Money back guarantee.

Is it really worth the hassle? 

The Last Take

If you have ever been scammed you were probably left feeling stupid and angry.

We’ve all had those experiences at some at some point in our online business ventures but you need to put those mistakes behind you and learn from them.scam free - work from home scams

There are some really honest and reliable programs out there that will teach you how to earn money online, it’s just a case of sorting out the right from wrong and by following the tips I have laid out for you will go some way in helping you to be scam free.


So there you have it, my top tips on how to spot those Working From Home Scams!

A philosophy I work by to avoid being scammed is always TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, free to use should be free to use so if they can’t give you a free trial of the program before you decide to subscribe then chances are you are about to be scammed. 

If you still want to make money online and want a safe place to learn how to create a legitimate business, risk-free, then check out my Review of Wealthy Affiliate.

This is where I got started and it is my top recommendation to anyone starting out or needing a fresh perspective on making money online.
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